Car curtains sunshade is practical?


Many private cars are very hot in the summer. More comfortable. So, the bus sunshade is still good or sunshade? Let’s take a look at the introduction of interesting nets!

First, is the car curtains sunshade is practical?

The advantage of automobile sunshade is that it can block the sun and reduce the heat in the car to a certain extent, but it is necessary to pay attention to:


1. Car curtain sunshade can only be added to the rear window, and the glass is not allowed, otherwise it will block the sight of the rear view mirror, even the light-transmitting curtains, it will still have an impact;

2. This explains why the traffic police will dismantle the sun, because the owner is mounted on the front window because the owner is installed on the front window;


If you really feel that it is very bright to sit in the front row, we can post a layer of solar film on the glass, not only can effectively block some calories, but also to a range of explosion, this is two things.

Second, the car sunshade is still good, it is still a sun block.

From the perspective of sunscreen, the sun is better, which reflects too sunshine. There is a certain temperature control in the car in a short time, and there is a certain protective role in the accessories in the car, reducing aging fading; automobile sunshade It is used to block the sun, only to block the shade, in direct shooting in the sun, there is no difference in the temperature of the sunshade in the vehicle in direct sunlight.


Excerpted from: Trual common sense of car

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July 3, 2021, July 18, 2021

Car curtains sunshade is practical?