CG-23 ultrasonic wind speed wind orientation sensor (wind speed wind direction instrument) -Base wind


product description

Yifeng ultrasonic wind speed wind direction sensor is a wind speed wind direction measurement instrument developed based on the ultrasonic principle. It uses the sending of the receiving end to calculate the wind speed and direction of the time or frequency (Doppler transformation) of the receiving end. This sensor can measure the instantaneous value of wind speed, the wind direction, and support the current, voltage signal output, and RS485, NB-IoT, LORA, GPRS and Ethernet.

The whole machine shell is made of ABS, which has the characteristics of light weight, no mobile components, and solid practicality, and does not need to maintain and calibrate on -site. It can output wind speed and wind direction at the same time. It can be connected to the acquisition device that has RS485 or an analog output in compliance with the computer, data collector or other.

CG-23  超声波风速风向传感器(风速风向仪)——易风

1. Functional characteristics

◆ No turning wind speed restrictions, zero wind speed work, 360 ° without angle restrictions, can get wind speed and wind direction data at the same time;

◆ The pursuit inverted design, no mobile components, small wear, avoid rainfast interference, wind sand resistance, extend the service life of the equipment, and measure the accuracy;

◆ Using random error recognition technology, under the wind, you can also ensure the low discrete error of measurement to make the output more stable;

◆ Engineering plastic shell, carry lightweight, easy to install and disassemble;

◆ Signal access is convenient, supports two signals, numbers and simulation;

◆ No need to maintain and calibrate on -site.

2. Scope of application

Wild item is widely suitable for wind speed and wind direction measurement in the fields of meteorology, ocean, environment, airports, ports, laboratories, industrial and agricultural and transportation.

CG-23  超声波风速风向传感器(风速风向仪)——易风

3. Work and storage conditions

Work temperature: -40 ~ 85 ° C working humidity: 0 ~ 100%RH

Storage temperature: -40 ~ 125 ° C Storage humidity: <80%(no condensed)

⊙ Working principle

Ultrasonic wind metering is an application of ultrasonic detection technology in the gas medium. It uses ultrasonic to spread the speed of air flow (wind) in the air by ultrasonic waves to measure the wind speed. Compared with the conventional wind cup or rotor -type wind speed instrument, this measurement method is characterized by the entire wind measurement system without mechanical rotation components, which is an inertial measurement. Therefore, it can accurately measure the high -frequency component of the gusts in the natural wind.

Ultrasonic wind speed winding sensors use four ultrasonic probes to send and receive ultrasonic in the two -dimensional plane, and measure the wind speed and wind direction through the time difference between the transmission of ultrasonic spreads in the air.

technical parameter

Wind speed

◆ Measurement range: 0 ~ 30m/s (customized)

◆ Measurement accuracy: ± (0.2m/s ± 0.02*v) (V is the real wind speed)

wind direction

◆ Measurement range: 0 ~ 359 °

◆ Measurement accuracy: ± 1 °

◆ Power supply: 12V or 24V DC

◆ Static power consumption: 26mA

◆ Work power consumption: 55mA

◆ Protection level: IP66

◆ Signal output:

CG-23  超声波风速风向传感器(风速风向仪)——易风

Voltage type: 0 ~ 2V, 0.4 ~ 2V

Current type: 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 20mA

Type 485: MODBUS-RTU

GPRS type: UDP, public network, professional network IP, providing server receiving software, automatic receiving, data deposit into the SQL sharing table.

(Note: The current and voltage type can only be read for instantaneous wind speed and wind direction parameters; in addition to the readable air speed and wind direction, the 485 type can also read the wind speed, the average wind speed, the equipment voltage, and the wind level parameters.)

size and weight

Standard size: φ160*H140 (mm)

The entire machine weight: 600 (g)