Shenzhen Customs reduced taxes of more than 2.8 billion yuan for enterprises in the past April


Shenzhen Customs reduced taxes of more than 2.8 billion yuan for enterprises in the past April

“After the RCEP takes effect, our goods are even more competitive in Japan!” Mr. Chen, a declared clerk Chen, Shenzhen AIA Plastic Printing and Packaging Co., Ltd., said excitedly. In the first quarter of this year, Shenzhen Guangming District enterprises were imported and exported to Japan 2.60 billion yuan, of which 670 million yuan was exported, a year -on -year increase of 24.4%. The effectiveness of RCEP will undoubtedly bring great benefits to the import and export enterprises in Guangming District.

Recently, the General Administration of Customs issued ten measures to promote foreign trade to maintain stability and improve quality. Among them, it was proposed to actively implement tax reduction measures and serve the exported goods of Chinese enterprises to enjoy tariffs on the RCEP members. The problem is to implement the bonus bonus of the RCEP policy.

Shenzhen Customs actively exerts its functions, enhances the degree of convenience of cross -border trade, helps enterprises to make good use of preferential policies for RCEP origin, and promote the high -quality development of Shenzhen’s foreign trade. According to statistics, in the four months since the implementation of RCEP, Shenzhen Guan District has enjoyed a total of about 1.5 billion yuan in imports and exports. In addition to the implementation of the RCEP tax reduction policy, Shenzhen Customs also launched a package of tax reduction policy, covering the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” period of support for scientific and technological innovation tax preferential policies, import taxes first and then refund tax refund, tax late payment and exemption, etc. Since the beginning of this year, a total of more than 2.8 billion yuan in tax cuts for enterprises.

It is understood that from January to April, Shenzhen imported goods was 340 million yuan, and tax discounts were 114.445 million yuan. The main imports of imports include copper products, plastic products, steel, mechanical and electrical products, etc. During the same period, Shenzhen Customs issued a total of 4,956 RCEP origin certificates, involving export value of 1.155 billion yuan, and estimated to enjoy about 57.75 million yuan in tax discounts. , Metal products, etc.

At present, the RCEP certificate exporter issued by the customs is mainly Japan. Japan is the only country among all RCEP member states that has not signed a free trade agreement with my country. Since April 1, 2019, since Japan has ended the preferential benefit of inclusive tariffs on my country, the average import tariffs on Japanese -in -Japan goods have floated about 3%, especially some products such as agricultural products and clothing even floated by 10%. After the implementation of the RCEP, the products of the losses can enjoy different tariff reductions and exemptions, and the enthusiasm of the enterprise’s application for RCEP’s origin certificate is high. From April 1 this year, Japan will implement RCEP’s second tax cut, which will further expand.

It is reported that AIA has exported plastic products such as PE tapes in Japan this year with a total value of 2.334 million US dollars. Due to the export of origin certificate, the tax rate was reduced from 5.8%to 3.2%. “Tariffs have decreased, and the cost of importers in Japan declined, and the competitiveness of our products in the Japanese market will be greatly improved.” Mr. AIA said that since the effectiveness of RCEP, the company has applied to the customs to pass 30 votes to Japan PE PE PE The RCEP origin certificate of plastic products such as tapes is more confident in developing the Japanese market.

In order to actively promote the implementation of RCEP implementation, the Shenzhen Customs promotes the policy dividend in place through policy preaching and sending policies, providing accurate personalized counseling to key enterprises, and guiding enterprises to understand the tax reduction list Product scope, tariff reduction rate, and approved exporters to help enterprises familiarize with the application of information system applications in the management of RCEP origin.

“Customs staff explained the RCEP tax reduction policy in detail in the window, the RCEP origin certificate application requirements, and also issued the RCEP blank certificate to us in advance to help us prepare for us. Let us soon enjoy RCEP. The benefits. “Ms. Yu, Ms. Yu, Shenzhen Bidongcheng Technology Co., Ltd., said. After the RCEP took effect, the company applied for a batch of plastic products exported to Japan to apply for a CEP origin certificate, which enjoyed a 0.4%tariff reduction in Japan with a certificate. After tasted the sweetness, the company successively applied for 26 certificates and obtained nearly 60,000 yuan in tariffs.

After the preferential policy of the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” in 2022, Shenzhen Shengbo Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. was both happy and worried. Most of the materials of the company enjoyed policy reduction and exemption. A total of 928 votes in customs, accounting for 77%. Because it also involved the tax first, the workload was very large. What is concerned about enterprises is that due to limited mobile funds, only a batch of taxes can be paid, and a batch of ways can be returned. The enterprise will also return the funds to the production. It is expected that the entire insurance will be completed by July.

Shekou Customs understands the actual difficulties of the enterprise, helps the enterprise formulate a surrender plan, set up a special guarantee sales plan, followed up to follow up, seamlessly connect with finance, and fast channels for the whole process. To understand the process of the enterprise’s surrender in real time through telephone, WeChat and other channels, and work overtime for the time to retire the insurance time in a timely manner.

“At the beginning, we were worried that the turnover funds were insufficient. I also wrote a report to ask the customs to give us more time to complete, but the later process completely exceeded our expectations. This is really warm for companies with difficulty in the epidemic period.” Liu Ning, the manager of the supply chain department of Municipal Shengbo Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. said. As of the end of April, the entire customs declaration order was completed. After the tax payment was paid in early May, all the guarantee sales case was successfully completed. A total of more than 7,600 million yuan in corporate margin, 150 million yuan in returning insurance letter, saving more than 60 million yuan for enterprises.

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[Correspondent] Bie Lifang Yang Jiaxin Li Yuanyuan

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