Don’t pretend to be hot water for this glass you bought! IKEA glass purchase guide is released


Just a few days ago, when Ms. Liu in Liaoning injected hot water to the IKEA kettle of 39.9 yuan, the kettle suddenly burst, and the kettle body and base were separated …

Take a closer look, this is not the sky blue pot in the “Soma 2018” series!

Fortunately, Ms. Liu “dodge timely” and was not injured.

In the impression, IKEA is destined to have a “fried” almost every year:

· In May 2017, Ms. Wang exploded at the Stevenile glass glass bought at the West Red Store in IKEA, causing Ms. Wang to be injured.

· In April 2016, Mr. Wu burst back from the Brock Cup that had been bought back from IKEA in less than two months.

· In 2014, a restaurant bought a batch of Boks cups at the IK -Yuan Bridge shop. It was not used on the day of the buying back, and a cup was burst.

· In 2013, IKEA recalled Lida Cup because of 20 rupture reports worldwide, 10 of which caused users to be injured.

· In 2011, IKEA also recalled 3 “problems” glass …

Do you think it is unreliable to drink water with a glass?

However, the glass is higher than the enamel tank, lighter than ceramic cups.

Especially the Chinese who love to drink hot water all year round, can’t you buy a glass in IKEA?

Today we will talk about how to choose IKEA’s glass to effectively reduce the danger of “explosion”.

1. Why can the glass explode! Intersection

The glass was cracked, because the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the glass was large.

The temperature difference between the analogy of an allowable sodium and liquid glass is only 50 ° C. In other words, if the room temperature is 25 ° C, injects water above 75 ° C in the ordinary glass, the inner wall is quickly heated and squeezed the outer wall, and the glass may rupture.

The pot of Ms. Liu’s “Soma 2018” series, the bottom of the pot is originally a place with a relatively large stretch of glass, which is relatively fragile, so repeatedly injecting hot boiling water several times is a high probability event.

2. The tempered glass is so strong, why is it cracking?

Everyone knows that tempered glass is stronger than ordinary glass and better heat resistance.

However, the protagonists in 2014 and 2016 in Beijing were the Bokl cups made of tempered glass. The stores also clearly stated that the Bokl Cup was “also suitable for hot drinks.”

In fact, glass is brittle material and has poor impact resistance. Even the tempered glass tableware can’t stand the huge impact. These two explosions are likely to be related to the huge external impact of the cup.

Therefore, the tempered glass must also be used carefully.

In addition, because the glass is cooled, the surface is hardening and contracted. There is a pressure on the inside of the tempered glass. If the pressure of the glass is not equal to the outward pressure, it may be “self -explosive” for no reason!

The domestic high -quality tempered glass (6mm thick) self -explosion rate is only about 0.34%. Buying 3mm thick tempered glass on regular channels is basically no danger. Now the safest daily glass material.

Left: ordinary glass fragmentation example; right: tempered glass fragment example

3. What glass is the safest to use hot boiling water?

The glass that is not resistant to high temperature is generally “-5 to 70 ° C”; but the high-temperature resistance glass made of borosilica material can be increased to 400 to 500 ° C, and it can withstand the instantaneous instantaneous “-30 to to The temperature difference of 160 ℃ “.

Strictly speaking, high borosilicon glass is a “tempered” of glass through chemical methods, which is also a type of tempered glass. The well -known Corning “Gorilla Glass” is to add aluminum -silicon -made scratch and tempered glass.

High borosilica glass is commonly used in electric kettle body

High borosilica glass has good heat resistance and can be used with confidence in the microwave oven and oven. In summer, you like to make flower tea, green tea or something. You can choose this material first!

4. Suitable for your IKEA glass recommendation

The glass that IKEA is selling is basically the three materials mentioned above:

· Ordinary glass

· Tempered glass

· Heat -resistant glass (mainly high borosilized glass)

According to the previous analysis, ordinary glass materials can only be placed in cold drinks and room temperature water, while tempered glass and heat -resistant glass are safer. According to the temperature of the daily drink, we recommend the suitable glass to everyone. When you need to buy it in the future, don’t choose the wrong!

Note: This recommendation does not include toothbrush cups, candle cups, debris tanks, vases and most red wine glasses.

-2 ~ 8 ℃: Drink Drink Drink

Smaskiga Smos Heika Water Cup ¥ 7.9

▲ The cup is not big. When the glass is manufactured, some beautiful bubbles are locked, which is very cool, but it cannot withstand the severe temperature difference.

Thermal heat resistance index: ☆☆☆☆☆ 0 star

Intagande Bingta Gang Cup ¥ 14.9

▲ The entire series is soft color matching, and small freshness will definitely like it!

Thermal heat resistance index: ★ ☆☆☆☆ 1 star

欧Versikt Ouku West Cup ¥ 49/6 pieces

▲ I like this casual ink point very much. You can put Mogo, add a bit of broken ice, and decorate a mint leaves.

Frasera Freorcela whiskey glass ¥ 14.9

▲ This cup feels very good, pro -test!

Thermal heat resistance index: ★★ ☆☆☆ 2 stars

Förfriskning, Favriskin Ning Jiansheng Cover ¥ 169

▲ This is actually a 5.5 -liter beverage distribution. If you often come at home, you can grute a large bucket of lemonade on the weekend, which is enough to drink.

20 ~ 30 ℃: cool and white at room temperature

Godis Gudis Cup ¥ 49/6 pieces

▲ IKEA burst, not much to say, simple and low -key mouth cup.

Thermal heat resistance index: ★★★ ☆☆ 3 stars

Stelna Satener Big Cup ¥ 3.9

▲ Although this “committed”, the design is really good. Now the three discounts of 3 yuan are enough for us to forgive it ~ It is good to put desserts and juice. The key is -——

Super shot


Thermal heat resistance index: ★★★★ ☆ 4 stars

Tillbringare Tirblin Alta ¥ 19.9

▲ In this pot, the Soma pot who is better than the explosion is too close to the people. It is recommended to use a kettle to boil fruit tea. When it is not too hot (below 50 ° C), pour it into the kettle. Then, if you want to drink cold ice, drink it directly if you want to drink warm water. It is very comfortable ~

40 ~ 50 ℃: Drink more hot water

Sanning Sangning Cup ¥ 14.9

▲ This is the only I can recommend to you “

Drinking hot water

“Glass. The Sanning series is made of tempered glass. It is resistant to heat and heat, reasonable price, and elegant patterns. Children’s shoes that pay attention to meal style, you can pay attention to this series!

IKEA 365+ attached lid can ¥ 39.9

▲ 1.5 -liter water bottle, a solid handle, and cute and environmentally friendly cork, are also the explosive models of IKEA, taking pictures is very photogenic. Without boiling water directly, its tempered glass can hold it.

75 ~ 85 ℃ Pake flower tea and green tea

RIKLIG Likelich Tea ¥ 59

▲ This is also a teapot that has been used for more than two years. It usually uses tea for flowers. It is easy to use, but the filter is not very convenient. There are two capacity: 1.5 liters 59 yuan, 0.6 liters 49 yuan. I think 1.5 liters of cost -effective.

Thermal heat resistance index: ★★★★★ 5 star

AVRUNDAD Wolongda double -layer cup ¥ 79/two pieces

▲ Drinking hot tea, you still have to use a special cup! The double -layer glass can effectively heat the heat insulation, keeping the tea temperature and not hot.

IKEA 365+ big cup ¥ 9.9

▲ The cup products of the IKEA 365+ series are basically tempered glass. It can be said that it is a very conscience daily series. If you do n’t pay attention, you can recognize this series. The face value is mediocre but durable and safe.

Behållare Bohol water bottle ¥ 24.9

▲ It is also recommended to recommend this water bottle. The material is a modified PCT, which is actually a plastic, but a high -temperature, semi -crystalline thermoplastic plastic, which can be equipped with high temperature water to 100 ° C, does not produce toxins. And impact. Similarly, it is okay to rest in the freezer in summer.

The disadvantage is that it is not kept insulation, and it will be hot when installing the hot water bottle, but if it is used as a portable kettle, it will be very convenient to connect hot water in public places.

Thermal heat resistance index: ★★★★★+★ 6 stars

If you want to choose other glass brands, you can consider French Luminarc, Duralex of Duralex, and Libbey in the United States. Domestic rich and green apples and other brands have high cost performance and good quality.

5. Livable Tips

Pay attention to these details to prevent the glass from exploding.

1. Clean glass, do not use steel balls.

The scratches formed by the friction of the steel wire and glass will affect the strength of the cup. The surface changes of the cup wall that cannot be seen by the naked eye affects the pressure of the inner and outer wall and will increase the risk of glass cracking.

2. Put the glassware in the refrigerator. Don’t pretend to be too full.

Because the size of the food will be slightly expanded (especially the liquid) after freezing. If it is too full, in the closed state, the pressure of the inner wall of the glass will suddenly increase, and it may also reduce the solid level of the glass.

3. Put the glass tableware in the microwave oven, be sure to open the lid.

If the glass or lunch box has a silicone rubber lid, it will cause the lid to be unable to open it when the microwave oven is heated and deforms; if the wall wall is relatively thick, the pressure difference between the internal and external pressure may cause the glass to break.

Thermal heat resistance index: ★ ☆☆☆☆ 1 star

Thermal heat resistance index: ★ ☆☆☆☆ 1 star

Thermal heat resistance index: ★★★ ☆☆ 3 stars

Thermal heat resistance index: ★★★★ ☆ 4 stars

Thermal heat resistance index: ★★★★ ☆ 4 stars

Thermal heat resistance index: ★★★★★ 5 star

Thermal heat resistance index: ★★★★★ 5 star