Li Ning Pancha Platein Leisure Shoes | Li Ning National Goods Light


Today I have to give the story of the babies to share a Lie Ning’s Pangu Platinum Series is too casual.

It is a New York Fashion Week


Counter genuine spot price is 999 (numerals are also very meaningful)


There is also the nightlight effect is a style of fried street [Laming R]


I love it [shy r] shy r shy r] shoes # 李宁 l | nng [brand] # 古 白金 闲 # New York fashion week show exposure too much love

Mainly the fried chicken wild and slender returns. Hahaha, when I wear the first day, many people still got my shoes I was too successful to pick this shoe.

The panel shoes have a good style novelty and unique style. It is very good for special fried street.

So I have to share it, I really love the mood at this moment.

Li Ning said that the light of China, I want to blow it, hahahaha.