Will this really be eliminated by the market?


In the past few days, Tmall’s bellyband received a bad review, giving our bellyband a bad review, saying that our bellyband fabric will start. I felt particularly wronged in my heart. In fact, we really made every product with conscience.

The fabric on our bellyband is not an ordinary cotton, but an organic color cotton. It is the highest -level variety in cotton. The color of the fabric is the original color of cotton. And this kind of cotton is rare, so the price of fabrics is very high. Now the entire network may use such a good material to make a bellyband. At the time of ordering this fabric, the manufacturer also communicated with us whether to add auxiliary agent, because the market was basically added. But if you want to add this note, you will not meet the baby standard. Because our bellyband is wearing it. So we are resolutely not allowed, and each of our fabrics have test reports. The moxa adopted in our bellyband is all authentic three years. It can be said that Xiaobao who has been within 6 months If the cold and runny nose caused by the cold, use an Ai vertical bellyband in the early days, with a cold sweat, nothing.

Although our products may not be good enough for details, we are never ambiguous in terms of materials. All Ai in our factory is the wild Dragon Boat Festival of the Shennongjia. It is never adulterated. The original source is clear. People are doing it. But when I do n’t understand these, I often contemplate, entangle, I do n’t know whether such persistence is right or wrong.