Do what you can do for anti -motorcycles, ride the motorcycle safely, and do good protection.


Do what you can do for anti -motorcycles, ride the motorcycle safely, and do good protection.

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The reason why there is a ban is because some motorcycle users can’t control their right hands and at the same time do not train technically, leading to many accidents. In particular, the carpot iron method of a motorcycle is the driver. When the accident occurs, the driver is exposed to the driver outside the car. It is easier to collide with the other vehicle or other objects, which can easily cause wrist and hand damage. In particular, some drivers collide with the handles of the upper arm or forearm of the motorcycle. They were squeezed by the protruding part of the motorcycle handles, causing internal bleeding in the shape of a pattern shape. Then, do what you can do for anti -motorcycles, ride the motorcycle safely, and do well in protecting.

In the transportation method, the proportion of motorcycle driver’s back injury is ranked first and the palm is second. So it is very important for hand protection. The purpose of motorcycle driver gloves is to provide anti -environmental condition protection under the dexterity of the user’s operating motorcycle controller and switch. In addition, the gloves are protected by the opponent and wrists in the accident. The common danger of motorcycle accidents is motorcycles, collision vehicles, road facilities or road collisions.

Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a glove with good protective performance. Take 22263 Sambia KTC Sabia KTC adventure gloves. The back of the gloves is elastic leather, and the palm of the hand is highly wear -resistant kangaroo leather. It does not fade and sweats. In this way, the problem of being sweaty in the ride, or the problem of unable to hold the handle caused by the smooth force can be solved.

The finger has a unique ACS air ventilation system. The breathability in the cycling is very good, so it is more suitable for spring and autumn and summer weather. There are a lot of perforations in the palm of your hand to ensure the maximum ventilation and keep your hands cool and comfortable. The special leather at the finger can be used for smartphone operations. The finger wiper design and touch screen function are also the trend of palms followed in the new era. It is often protected at the edge of the palm and index finger that is often rubbed, and there are hard plastic joint protection on the back of the hand. Gloves pass the finger joint protection test (refer to joint protection impact test), of course

Standard EN 13594: 2015 “Motorcycle Rider Protective Gloves” certification.

European standard

EN 13594: 2015 strengthened the standard for motorcycle gloves, and it has a higher level of gloves in cycling. Protective gloves are an important protective equipment for motorcycle cyclists. Doing a good ride protection and controlling your right hand is one of the factors that create a good anti -motorcycle environment. Let us do something that we can do for the anti -Model.

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