It has been popular for 2000, and then set off a low -key luxury retro trend!


The season has become autumn, and the weather is getting colder. When you find that the suspender skirt is too cool, the shirt is not warm enough, the knitted sweater is ventilated, and the sweater is too early. Save the field for you.

In the past two years, the retro trend has not been retired this year, and it has become more and more intense. Velvet is like this, retro and gorgeous Style, which has appeared in the top big shows such as Gucci, Valentino, Louis Vuitton and so on. Whether it is Valentino’s fairy velvet skirt, or Elie Saab’s graceful and luxurious velvet dress, it confirms the gorgeous blooming of velvet in fashion.

This fabric that used to avoid the far away due to the difficulty of being old -fashioned was unexpectedly popular this season, and set off a retro and old fashion boom. It is not difficult to find that whether it is a star or a fashion blogger, a velvet item on the street, whether it is the main body or accessories, the application of velvet fabrics can be seen everywhere.

Even Song Qian and other celebrities and fashion bloggers have fallen in love with velvet,

The goddess Blakelively attacked her golden velvet suspender skirt to make her retro with nobleness ~

The casual velvet suit is not easy to control, but Gigi wore a stylish and relaxed feeling

GIGI weakened the thick texture of the velvet in the baseball leisure outer jacket, and it also felt a little decadent.

Ms. Zhong is simple and neat, and velvet jackets with chest flowers and jeans will not look too formal

The previous life of velvet

As early as two thousand years ago, velvet was the symbol of the nobles, which was very popular in the noble class. It survives with its unique charm and luxury texture and is popular to this day. It has been loved by major brand designers.

Velvet, a retro but slightly luxurious element, always gives people classic and noble impression, but it is vaguely attractive and sexy. With the gentle and gorgeous luster and unique luxury texture, and the lazy and elegant tone, it has become the most fashion element of this fall and winter this year.

Velvet suspender skirt

The suspender skirt has been in the fashion circle in recent years, and has become a must -have fashion item for summer. The lazy and sexy of the suspender skirt has neutralized the gorgeous and mature taste of velvet. It can make you stand out from the crowd in this embarrassing season when wearing a skirt and too hot. Single wearing fashion and sexy, showing the beauty of the curve to the greatest extent, highlighting the femininity;

Hailey Baldwin’s dark green velvet camisole coexistence and elegance coexist

Sora Choi is paired with a locomotive leather coat outside the velvet suspender skirt, handsome and sexy, warm and fashionable

You can also learn the wisdom of the day and day.

Velvet jacket

When I heard this combination, the whole person became hot. In the winter, the velvet jacket has always made people feel “solemn”. In fact, they can also be casual and fashionable. , Make your look look retro and fashionable.

Of course, the fashion darling Gigi & Cara will not fall behind. A dark velvet suit jacket, with a leaky hollow skirt and lace underwear, is really English and sexy.

The robe style also brushed the sense of presence in the series of streets. Gilda Ambrosio’s blue velvet robe, casual and fashionable

Ken Dou may be a loyal fan of the velvet robe, showing her high cold and atmosphere, her good figure hidden under the robe looming

Velvet skirt

The luxurious and elegant of the velvet brings out the dresses out of the cold and honorable sense. This is another dressing field that is different from the suspender

The style is ever -changing. In addition to seductive deep V, there are conservative models, high and low waist, and party service … are also the longest and most diverse items with the longest life span. Recently Woman -like laziness.

Gaga, who has always been exaggerated, wore a black velvet dress, instantly transformed into a sexy goddess, noble and charming

MAX uses the elegance of velvet, slightly suppressing the sexy of the chest device

Mizuhara Kiko puts the velvet out of the strange feeling

Ma Sichun Airport Street shooting, Sandro suspender skirt with white Tee, sexy casual

Stacy Martin participated in the movie awards and chose Miumiu gorgeous velvet skirt

Velvet bag

The velvet bag is simply a low -key luxury existence. The small area of ​​velvet is hidden in your look to create an inadvertent noble spirit. It is also a must -have for the street shooting of many celebrities and fashion bloggers.

Major luxury brands have also launched exquisite and high -end velvet bags one after another

Noble velvet element is very tone in any clothing. If you want to be an out -of -the -box fashion essence and want to be a popular fashion vane, then this autumn and winter is a single product you must not miss. It is like a small secret hidden in the heart of a woman. The lazy and elegant temperament of the velvet elements shows the other side of the woman without reservation.

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