How to create a high -value home environment? Use the right color


What are the enviable homes that have become popular on the Internet? The spacious and comfortable environment is definitely one of the reasons. It is also important to create a free breathing. Of course, the unique style cannot be ignored. In addition, is there any other place worthy of our attention? The answer is simple, that is the color.

For those who are good at decorating the home environment, if you want to make your home comfortable and beautiful, the color is a very important part. From the bathroom, kitchen to the bedroom, every link is particular. Under the premise of being unable to renovate the home, to make the home renewed, the easiest way is to use those different colors of items to improve the status quo. More importantly, when you choose this method, you can not only force yourself to throw away a lot of unre practical things, but also not spend huge sums of money.

Ultraviolet light: Occasionally embellishment of single products will make the home look more flavorful

Although it is selected as the popular color of the year 2018, this color is actually not easy to use in the layout of the home environment. Once the color is not a bright color system, if the large area is used, it will make the overall color look darker. The assistance of a large amount of light can be effective. Secondly, this color is actually slightly mysterious and melancholy. If it is used too, it may have a certain impact on people’s emotions.


The impact of purple carpet on the home environment is also quite obvious.

Want to chase popular, but do not want to be clumsy? It doesn’t matter, choose other colors of the purple system appropriately, or simply use ultraviolet light in a small area.

A purple cushion on the living room sofa, a pair of purple flowers on the coffee table or a purple sofa with excellent texture will be a very good choice. If you want to be different, then you might as well consider the purple and other colors. Combination, such as a diverse carpet, will make the environment at home completely different.


Gagang powder: probably the most popular color of this year’s kitchen

Before taking care of the kitchen, I would like to ask yourself, do you really prepare for the kitchen? The answer from the beginning of the new year is likely to be sure, but this moment of impulse does not last for a long time. Usually, if you can persist in this idea for half a year, it is very difficult -the reason -the reason for the reason -the reason is the reason -the reason is the reason -the reason is the reason -the reason is the reason -the reason is the reason -the cause Without him, the kitchen full of oil fume was cleaned, but it was really troublesome.

Philips Philips launched the dogwood pink series of small appliances this year, which has increased the value of the kitchen more than a little bit.

The value of this pink hot -watering machine is also quite high. If you are anxious to deal with the oil and smoke in the kitchen, it is better to set a different approach. The steam sprayed by the hanging machine to dissolve the oil. Maybe it will be easier to clean.

But if you really want to start your own cooking life, then it is best to prepare a little beauty kitchen props for yourself. After all, high -value kitchen supplies can easily mobilize your desire to cook. If you just happen to be the kitchen If the space is not small, then the combination of a very popular dogwood pink kitchen small home appliance this year is probably the dream of every girl -gentle and girls, and it can also be compared with the original color of the kitchen, which becomes full of attraction. Power -after all, whether it is a practical perspective or from the perspective of camera, this is a great choice.

Well -known chef Wei Han said that when he was making dumplings at home, the most commonly used preservation film paving method was used to keep the kitchen tidy.

Of course, if you are really worried about the greasy and heavy cleanup work brought by the kitchen, we also have a very clever kitchen to compile secrets to recommend it to you. Although this approach does not seem to be fashionable, it will indeed organize this piece to organize this piece The incident is simple. The well -known chef Wei Han shared his own kitchen secret at the listing activities of Renault’s consumer goods. “Plastic film is a very useful item. No matter what you want to do, you can spread it in advance, especially in particular, especially It is when you want to make some pasta at home, the role of this kind of kitchen supplies is even more obvious. You only need to put the plastic wrap on the table in advance, and then you can rest assured that the next step is to cause a headache to make a headache. In the end, the cleanup work will only become one step, that is, tore the plastic wrap directly. “

In addition, you can also consider changing the food that needs to be stir -fry to steaming to eat. As long as you add an electric steamer to yourself, you can keep wiping yourself from wiping the splashing oil. The stove and wall work is liberated.


Blue: There is always a heart that can move you


Faintly speaking, blue is the popularity of home furnishings this year. In fact, it is a bit general. After all, it is subdivided. This year, blue in the tip of furniture can be divided into several types, green stone blue, water duck blue, Klein blue, etc. Each one makes people feel a little confused.

The blue series of home products will not give people a sense of melancholy, but will increase a quiet sense of literature.

Compared with purple, the advantage of blue is that it is easy to match. Whether it is a combination of different shades of the same color or other colors, it will be easy to have good effects. At the same time, if the items are single products If you choose well, then even if you use it in a large area, it will not make people feel obtrusive or strange -put a water duck blue fabric sofa at home and change a blue chandelier. Increasing some literary style will never make people feel depressed and negative.