What are the living room hanging clocks? Do you really know the location of the living room?


In the design of the living room, in order to make the family have more time concepts, many people will install the clock in the living room. But you know

The location of the living room

Where is the right? Come and take a look at the relevant introduction.

Living room hanging clock size selection

1. It depends on the area of ​​the living room. Generally, the diameter of the living room with a living room of about 25-30 square meters is about 400mm. 30-40 centimeters are eye-catching, and it is more elegant in the living room.

2. It is best to decide according to your room type and layout. 40 cm in length and thirty cm wide. Now there are few positives in the living room for 40-50 cm of 40-50 cm to choose numbers and dazzling planes to hang in the living room. It is elegant.

3. It is recommended to use the European -style modern and simple hanging clock. The Arctic Star hanging clock is very good. According to the size of the living room, the size of the hanging clock is more common. 12 inches and a piece of A4 paper are almost the same size. If you buy a clock, at least 12 inches, see you hang in that position, compare it yourself.

Living room hanging clock shape

The shape of the bell is diverse, with traditional squares and circles, as well as a variety of aliens such as triangles. In Feng Shui, different shapes represent different Feng Shui attributes, such as circles are gold in feng shui, square soil, rectangular wood, polygonal water, and triangular types. Some will adversely affect the owner.

It is more suitable for hanging clocks: gold, wood, and earth. This type of hanging clock will help the owner’s fortune, and the hanging species of the other two attributes should not be hung in the living room.

What brand is good for the living room?

1. Lisheng Rhyhm

The Lisheng Jiezhong bell in Japan was founded in 1950. In more than half a century of years, Japan’s Lisheng dominated in the world clock field and is the world’s first brand. Japanese Lisheng, Japan, is famous for its superb craftsmanship and accurate walking. It is known for its high -quality, high -quality, high quality, high quality, and leading the trend of clocks, and win the love of consumers in various countries.

2. Seiko Seiko

Japanese Seiko was founded in 1881. The company was originally named at the time of the service department and officially changed its name to Seiko House in 1892. In 1924, the watch of the first precision brand was released. In 1969, Seiko Astron35SQ launched the world’s first pointer quartz watch. In 1995, Seiko cooperated with Japan Oriental Watch Company to build a joint venture factory.

3. Overlord POWER

China Shenzhen Bawang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988. The Bawang Company focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of precision electronics, precision watches and precision molds. Its products are exported to all parts of the world. After nearly 20 years of hard work, the company now has world -class processing production facilities and equipment, and is steadily growing into a modern enterprise. In 2005, the company was rated as the “China Famous Brand” manufacturing enterprise; in 2007, it was awarded the honorary title of “private leading enterprise” by the Shenzhen Municipal Government.


4. Kather Kaiserin

Catherine from South Korea’s Catherine Industry Co., Ltd. is a well -known first -line brand of clocks and watches in the world. The product is novel and unique in shape. Award at the clock exhibition.

5. Arctic Star Polaris

In 1915, the domestic clock industry leading enterprise, the clock industry is bright stars, enjoys a reputation in customers and the market, Yantai Taipei Polar State State -owned Holdings Co., Ltd.

Living room hanging bell Feng Shui taboo

1. The living room hangs the clock and avoid the inside

Let’s take a look at the ease of the living room. The orientation of the living room is not suitable to facing the living room, but it should be more appropriate to adjust it towards the door or balcony. The reason is that if there is no one in the living room, the airflow is static, so that the hanging clock can make the air flow from the air flow. Exercise increases the vitality in the living room.

2. The living room is not in the middle of the door

However, although it is better to facing the door towards the door, once the location of the living room is not suitable for the middle of the living room, the reason is that the bell is harmonious as “end”. It will feel unlucky, so it is better to hang the clock next to the door.

3. Hanging bells on the living room should not be on the sofa


The clock should not be hung above the sofa, otherwise, people who often sit in this direction are easy to be restless, and their bodies are prone to problems. In addition, the color of the hanging clock is best red, purple or red, and the shape is the most suitable.

4. Bell should not be placed on any door


Generally, it should be placed towards the open place, such as outside the window. Because the bell also has the effect of fighting evil spirits, if there is a evil spirit outside the window, the bell can be faced with the evil spirits when the items are resolved.

The above is

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The location of the living room