The baby is destroying the stickers that tears the bed, but has unexpected harvest, netizens laugh:


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Many parents respond, when the baby is asleep, like an angel. When you wake up, like a small devil. All day is not in the way to get destruction, it is destroying. Once the paper towel at home, I have escaped the baby’s little horizon. Baby seems to be full of curiosity, and special love is destroyed.


The baby is destroyed, and the stickers that tear open the bed, but there is an unexpected harvest.

Recently, I saw a baby’s destroyed small video on the Internet. The specific content of the video is like this: Unconsciously, the baby has arrived at the age of love.


At this time, the baby played in bed. Suddenly he looked at the bed and was interested in the sticker of the bed. So the baby is up, torn the sticker on the bed, it is best to find that there is an unexpected surprise.

After the baby saw this “unexpected surprise”, he did not move it, but he looked at my mother with his eyes. It seems to be talking to my mother: Mom, I will help you find my father to hide private money, my mother Come help you see how much private houses have been hidden.

Mother is busy in the video, I want to record my baby’s moment, and the baby actually discovered that this unexpected surprise, my mother was also shocked at the time.

The baby saw that my mother didn’t take the money, so the baby took the money and took the money. If Dad is present at this time, I believe that Dad will have a collapse at this time.

The baby has finished the money, there is a model with the model, it seems that the baby will really be worth a lot. Mom is a video of a video, I am laughing by my baby’s behavior.

In this regard, netizens have also published their own comments:

Netizen 1: This little baby will make up, but his dad is marble, it is estimated that his father will go home to kneel.

Netizen II: So when the little baby in the family is destroying, don’t blame the baby again, maybe he will bring us an unexpected surprise.

Netizen three: Baby, you can get your father’s private house when you get it, you are great, this is the legend: father and son are here?


Netizens saw that this little baby can make an unexpected surprise when it is destroyed, indicating that it is crying. I believe that many parents have a headache for small babies, and sometimes it is really anti-fight. So, how should parents should correctly respond correctly when the little baby in the family likes to destroy?

How do parents should correctly respond correctly when the little baby in the home is destroy?

Learn about the reason why your baby likes to make destruction.

When the baby at home likes to destroy, parents should understand the reason why the baby likes to make the destruction. Perhaps the baby’s behavior is in the parents’ destruction, but for the baby, every time it is a novel discovery.


For example, pour the water to the ground water, you can’t receive it, such as paper can tear a piece … This is a surprise for your baby. So when the baby is destroyed, the parents don’t blame the baby.

Suitably meet your baby’s curiosity.

Most babies like to make destruction, just because of his curiosity. At this time, the more the parents will stop, the more the baby will create a curiosity, so many parents will prevent it.

Parents can suitably meet your baby’s curiosity, such as baby like torn paper, take some old newspapers, let your baby tear enough. Tear paper can not only exercise your baby’s hands-on ability, but also increase your baby’s intelligence.

Items that are harmful to your baby should be put.

The baby is full of curiosity to this world, so it will go to explore. In the process of exploring, parents should avoid the baby’s accident.

For example, some items that have harmful babies, parents must put a high place, and the baby is enough. For example: knives, pesticides, electric mosquito sectors, alcohol, etc., parents should protect their baby’s safety while protecting the baby’s curiosity.

The baby is full of curiosity to this world, so it will go to explore the world, maybe the baby’s behavior makes the parents are unacceptable, but the parents should understand the baby’s behavior, not to make their own temper.

Appropriately meet your baby’s curiosity, not only protect your baby’s curiosity, but also make your baby smarter.

I am a nimmar mother, and the mother of the 4-year-old baby. In the process of raising and educating children, I can ask me if I have any problems, I hope that my suggestion can help you solve the puzzles and troubles of the baby. Let our children grow better!

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