What tools do we need to make bamboo bird cages?


Bamboo bird cages are more common bird cages in the market. Generally, we need to make bamboo bird cages in order to coordinate with tools, scrapers, carving knives, hand drills, hand saws, brushed boards, alcohol lamps and other tools. The method of making bamboo bird cages is relatively complicated. First of all, choose bamboo materials, then make bamboo materials into fine bamboo strips, and finally make bamboo strips and other accessories into bird cages according to the shape of the bird cage. Let’s take a look at the commonly used tools and bamboo bird cages to make bamboo bird cages and make bamboo bird cages with Xiaobian.

What tools do we need to make bamboo bird cages

Bird cages can be made from materials such as bamboo, wood or metal silk. Among them, bamboo bird cages are more common in the market. Let’s briefly introduce the commonly used tools for bamboo bird cages:

1. Scorn knife

Scorn is one of the foundation tools of bamboo workers, for splitting and breaking materials. The scorn blade is thin and sharp, and the back of the knife is slightly thicker.

2. Scraper

The scraper is a special tool for scraping the wax layer on the surface of the bamboo material.

3. Carving knife

The carving knife is a tool for repairing cage heads, bamboo shoots and other parts. The carving knife is very useful and cannot be separated from the whole bird cage production process.

4. Hand drill

The bird cage must be drilled, so the hand diamond or electric drill is an indispensable tool, but the main drill used in the production process is because it is relatively stable and it is not easy to pull the hole drill.

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5. Hand saw

The hand saw is a tool for the feeding, which is used to see the pole or processing the tenon. Common hand saws are two types: woodworkers and steel saws. The woodworkers are sawn tooth rough and thin, and are used to see the rough material. Steel saw is the clover with a saw, the jagged fine and dense, and the looseness of the sawbi can be twisted to adjust it to adjust it to process fine materials.

6, drawing board

The drawing board is a special tool for processing bird cages. Take a steel plate with a length of 15cm, 10cm wide, and about 0.3cm thick at home. The diameter of the diameter of 2, 2.5, 3.5, 4, and 4.5mm is drilled at a certain distance between the steel plate. Then use the diameter to use the diameter The larger twist drill into a concave shape, so that the side of the round hole into a blade (the angle of the blade is at 60 degrees), and then use oil stones to sharpen the blade surface.

7, steel circle mold

Steel coil model is a special tool for processing the circular bird cage circle. When it is self -made, it can be welded with 4cm wide and 3cm thick and 3cm thick.

8. Alcohol lamp

Alcohol lamps are used to adjust the circle. When making ordinary bamboo bird cages, it is not necessary to use it. The temperature of the alcohol lamp is high, grilled fast, and it is not easy to bake bamboo.

How to make bamboo bird cages correctly

1. Choose the superior bamboo material, the bamboo born of 1 to 2 years, tender and loose, and it is easy to deform after making bird cages. It is not advisable to be used as a material for making bird cages. The old bamboo born for more than 6 years is rough due to rough texture, and the surface of the bird cage will be relatively rough. Therefore, 3 to 5 years of bamboo is the best, and it is best to choose 3 to 5 years.

2. How to make bamboo bird cages? After finding a bamboo material, scrape the wax layer on the surface of the bamboo pole with a scraper, and then split the bamboo pole into a slightly larger bamboo strip than the pores of the bar.

3. Put the thick bamboo strips into the holes of the drawing plate, clamp the tip exposed by the wire tongs, and pull the bamboo strip through the plate holes. If you repeatedly pull it several times, you can pull it into a fine bamboo strip with a diameter of 2-3 mm. Essence

4. What is the method of making bamboo bird cages? According to the shape of the bird cage, the framework is made of a frame or a bamboo ring. When a square cage is made, a square structure can be combined with a square tenon structure. After the framework is made, you can wear a cage strip, or make a side fan first, and then combine it into a cage. The production of the round bird cage is relatively complicated and difficult. First, it is necessary to process the cage circle. Whether it is the bottom or the top circle, the bamboo strips need to be placed in the outer plate. After the bamboo strip becomes softened, use a rope to tie the bamboo ring with steel molds tightly and hang it in the shade of the back. Then drill the cage ring and cage strip with small eyes, nail the two on the cage with bamboo sales, use two long cage strips to wear the horizontal frame and the two ends of the cage door to make it Can move up and down.

5. After the frame or bamboo ring of the bird cage is made, the basic shape of the bamboo bird cage comes out. At this time, the producer needs to connect the aluminum alloy bars, wood carving, screws and other accessories, make cages and grabs, and install it. Finally, the bamboo bird cage can be brushed with a varnish.