You may not be able to think of bamboo and so many uses, with real entrepreneurial stories


Hi everyone, we met again, I am your old friend -farmers. Thank you for your support and encouragement for me. With your support and encouragement, my writing path can go longer, and the energy source continues to bring more useful information to everyone. Old rules, today we continue to talk about those things to make money in the countryside!

Everyone knows that since ancient times, people have worshiped bamboo very much, and there are many idioms created by bamboo: Bamboo Bao Ping An, Bamboo Bud Pine Mao, Blue Plum Bamboo Horses, Maolin Cultivation Bamboo, Bamboo and so on. How much ancient people love bamboo. In the impression of many people, bamboo is the symbol of “gentleman”. It has a noble character that is unyielding and just right. Bamboo is very common in our lives. From daily necessities, furniture, and architecture, we have its figure. This not only reflects its dedication, but we can make a lot of money if we can use it. Today we will talk about the bamboo that everyone knows.

Bamboo related knowledge shares!

1. What are the uses of bamboo in daily life?

1 Craft manufacturing value. Bamboo is known as the reinforced bars in plants. It is strong and has a lot of bamboo fiber. There are countless products that can be used for processing (shared later). Among them, the biggest effect of bamboo is to process excellent paper, secondly it can be used to process some musical instruments, or can process some very beautiful handicrafts, such as pen holders, bamboo carvings, bamboo umbrella bones, and so on. In short, dozens of useful products can be processed by bamboo.


2 Appreciation value, bamboo culture has a long history in our country. In ancient times, literati and pools particularly liked to paint bamboo, Yongzhu, and plant bamboo. People think that bamboo is straight, rigid, noble, and elegant. In addition, from the perspective of the appearance, the bamboo is unique, the four seasons are evergreen, the shape is changeable, and the leaves are less. Therefore, the ornamentality is very strong.


3. Medication and consumption value, bamboo can indeed be used for medicinal, especially bamboo leaves, which can be used to treat a variety of diseases in the human body. Effect, eating it often has certain benefits to the human body. (Platform management is strict, I can’t tell the effect directly, please forgive me). The edible value of bamboo is mainly from bamboo shoots. Various bamboo shoots have different flavors, especially small bamboo shoots and winter bamboo shoots are the most popular. The selling price is also very good. Also, small snacks processed from bamboo shoots are also particularly popular. , Bring very good benefits to the growers.


4 Architectural value and cultural value. The strength of bamboo is very high, toughness is also very good, and it is also very smooth, high, high, and durable, so it is often used as a building material. Some ethnic minorities in our country like to use bamboo to build their own huts. This kind of hut has excellent moisture resistance, rarely insects, and basically does not deform. However, with the help of fire roasting, the plasticity of bamboo is very good. In addition, the cultural value of bamboo should not be underestimated. Some famous figures in our country used to write a lot of poems with bamboo, make many paintings, and some people specialize in painting bamboo. His works are loved by future generations.

2. What is the use of bamboo in our daily life?

1 Bamboo can be processed into daily necessities. For example, it can be used to make bamboo poles, bamboo sticks, bamboo slips, bamboo fan, bamboo basket, bamboo basket, spoon, cup, water, itching, bamboo chopsticks, etc. Essence In many rural areas or urban parks, there are artificially planted ornamental bamboo, and even some varieties of bamboo can be made into potted plants, which are very beautiful. Because bamboo shoots will grow in spring every spring, and bamboo shoots can grow into bamboo after a few months, it develops quite fast. As long as a few bamboo, it can develop into a bamboo forest in a few years.

2 Bamboo can also be processed into some valuable items that can be sold, such as processed into bamboo seats, bamboo curtains, cutting boards, bamboo tea sets, bamboo lamps, bamboo carvings, etc. The value of these items is very high. Bamboo can also be processed into crafts. For example, it can be processed into a series of instruments: flute, bamboo Xiao, Allegro, bamboo Sheng, gourd, etc. In addition to musical instruments, bamboo can also be processed into a pen holder, bamboo root carving, and wave drums.

3 Bamboo processing into building materials products, such as bamboo can be used to process building materials such as houses, doors and windows, lines, flooring, outdoor port boards and other building materials. Building materials processed with bamboo are more advantageous than wood. It is lower, it is more convenient to use, and the bamboo pattern of bamboo is clear, has a bamboo fragrance, and has a texture and sound sound -absorbing and sound insulation. Therefore, it is used as a building material. In addition, bamboo can also be used to set up shelves, make bamboo pedals, to build greenhouses, and so on. In addition, bamboo can also be processed into furniture products, such as processing into wardrobes, bamboo beds, bamboo steals, bamboo sofa, bamboo stools, bamboo tables, bamboo shoe racks, bamboo computer tables, etc. Products can actively adjust the humidity in the air and anti -moisture, and also have the characteristics of low thermal conductivity and cool winter hot and cold.

3. Share two project cases that get rich due to bamboo


1 Our local (Xiangxi) has a well -known poor village. In the past, most of the local wedding men were single Han. Later, the downtime of the poverty alleviation secretary made the village “the salted fish turned over” within a few years. After the poverty alleviation secretary came to the village, he found that the local farmers were processed with a good bamboo broom, and often took this broom to collect some oil and salt money. , And then got the help of many people, the order of bamboo brooms flew like a snow film. Then the poverty alleviation secretary organized everyone to process the bamboo brooms and sold it all over the country. It did not use the local bamboo broom business for a few years, and the annual sales volume reached more than 20 million yuan. After a month of 3000-5000 yuan, the former poor villages became gorgeous into a leading village.

2 More than ten years ago, a 50 -year -old man in our 50 -year -old rented more than 100 acres of barren mountains and planted bamboo. At that time, people saw him growing bamboo. valuable. At first, the uncle did not make money, and it took a lot of money to invest in each year, so he thought of a good way. On the mountains that have not grown into a bamboo forest, there was a mixed plant that has grown into a bamboo forest. The revenue of these medicinal materials is used to make up for the annual expenses of the bamboo forest. After a few years, the bamboo forest has grown, and the price of bamboo has also skyrocketed. His bamboo forest brought him hundreds of thousands of income. Now, everyone is dumbfounded, and the villagers are convinced by the uncle’s unique vision.


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