Black T -shirt is simple and not monotonous. Learn these three matching skills in summer.


Black T -shirts are a very common item in the fashion circle. I think most boys have such a single item. The appearance rate is quite high, and it is very versatile when matching.

Although there is not much uniqueness on the upper body, in fact, the flat black T -shirt, as long as it is matched with the pants, the shape will not wear a passerby, it is still very selective.


1. Adjust the way to wear suitable for you

Everyone is an independent individual. It is not only different in appearance, but not even 100 % of the body and proportion. Therefore, you must know how to adjust your mode when you wear it.

① Inner plug can increase the sense of proportions

The way of wearing Nei is not uncommon when matching, and it is also the best choice for many people to create a body proportion. When using this kind of dress, the most important thing to pay attention to is the version of the single product. Do not choose too tight tops and pants to match. This overall shape will be more advanced and can increase the proportion.


② Single -through shape is more casual


If you like to be more relaxed and casual in summer, it is also good to choose a single wear. To create a coolness of summer through loose T -shirts, it can reduce the hot and irritable of the weather. The upper body is very time -saving. Make it with a softer material. In addition to being close to the meat, it is also particularly breathable.

Second, color matching should be appropriate

Not all colors can be well integrated together. In summer, only people who have a good color system can gain more fashion sense when shaping the image. The combination of color is particularly critical for a shape.

① Pure black jackets are all thin and thin


When wearing, the best solution is to choose a large area of ​​solid color. When the unified color is matched, it can reduce the color burden, so the sense of videos of the image will weaken. If you want to be less monotonous, you can add some accessories to embellishment.

Pure black suits may not be very difficult for men with white skin tone, but if the skin is dark yellow, it is better to choose some black T -shirts added with letters. So monotonous.

② Green series can shape different styles

In addition to the classic black and white match, in fact, I feel that green pants are used to match with pure black T -shirts, and the shape is also very good. The combination of neutral color and cold color tone is bright and white.

The style of different degrees of green is different. Light green is used for trousers, which can create a tide effect. It is very charming, but it is easier to highlight the retro feeling when wearing it.

Like dark green is suitable for professional trousers, with a black T -shirt with a more fitted version, a small style can be modified to all aspects of the body. Of course, Oversize -style military green wide -leg pants are also trendy styles at the moment, and most of them can be controlled.


3. Reasonable use of different versions


① The loose version has a slight hip -hop feeling


The black loose T -shirt is particularly conspicuous in summer, which may be because of the effect of the version, so the overall image is full. In summer, with wide -leg pants to create a sense of styling, the design of the high shoulder line is also very thin.


As well as


② Slim design increases business model

In addition to the loose version, the black T -shirt is also crucial to showing the figure. Even if the texture of cotton has strong muscles, it can maintain good comfort. With a pair of trousers to show business style, a pair of shorts are full of sports style.

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