In 1981, she sent 20 yuan to students to buy cotton shoes. After 26 years, the student: Send you 100,000 and a house


In 2007, a restaurant in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia seemed to be holding a banquet. Many people came. The atmosphere was harmonious and bustling.

It turns out that this day is the 60th birthday of retired teacher Zhang Xiurong

Her students gathered together and hosted a grand birthday banquet for her. The young people who used to grow up have long grown up, and have their own work, family, and maybe they have changed their appearance and posture, but Zhang Xiurong can still distinguish from their eyebrows that they are alive and ancient.

Zhang Xiurong

When the banquet arrived halfway, a call interrupted everyone’s laughter and fun. Zhang Xiurong answered the phone. Originally, because of the strange phone call disrupting everyone’s joy, his frowning brows slowly opened up, and his mouth gradually relaxed from the tight state until he unconsciously showed a kind smile.

It turns out that on the other side of the phone, Zhang Xiurong’s most impressed student, named, called

Chen Zhide


Chen Zhide said: “

Teacher, I’m Chen Zhide, do you remember? I’m sorry, you have to rush back today, but I should rush back, but there is a temporary situation and delay. Here I wish the teacher a happy birthday! 60 longevity, blessing such as Donghai and Shoubi Nanshan, every day is happy.


Then, he lowered his voice a little mysteriously and said to Zhang Xiurong, “

Teacher, you have a great grace to me. This time I specially prepared a gift for you, and I will give you when I come back.

Being able to receive students’ birthday wishes, Zhang Xiurong is already very happy. It is only Chen Zhide’s polite words, so he laughed and replied: “

You still remember the teacher, I’m already happy! When you finish your busy, we will gather again.


A week later, Zhang Xiurong looked at the students sitting opposite, and what he brought.

100,000 yuan in cash

The students said that they need to use these money to buy a house for the teacher.

At the same time as moved, Zhang Xiurong was also startled, and suddenly he couldn’t cry, thinking: This is too expensive. How much kindness is the grace of student days, is it worthy of a set of real estate as a return?

Teacher Zhang Xiurong: A piece of ice is “educating people”

In 1973, Zhang Xiurong, a female student from Wuchuan County, Hohhot, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, held the former alma mater-

Wuchuan County First Primary School

The appointment information returned to the arms of his alma mater and started a career in a math teacher in the junior high school of the first primary school.

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In the era when the reform and opening up has not yet sprouted, the entire land of Shenzhou is still in the difficult situation, not to mention Inner Mongolia, located in inland remote areas.

Zhang Xiurong’s hometown of Wuchuan County, due to the characteristics of the terrain of many mountains, is also in areas where industry and agriculture are extremely backward, and once became one of the well -known poverty -stricken counties.

After going out to study, after seeing the ever -inconsistent world outside, Zhang Xiurong made up his mind to let the children in their hometown get out of the barren situation. While using knowledge to enrich the mind, they also armed themselves with knowledge. One force, even for the construction of the motherland.

As a result, Zhang Xiurong, who had practiced the ability of teaching and educating people, returned to the place where the land and thought were very barren with such an ordinary and great ideal. In the first five years of real practice teaching, Zhang Xiurong accumulated rich practical experience.


In September 1978, with the wave of reform and opening up policies, Wuchuan County First Primary School ushered in a new semester. Correspondingly, the teaching team also adjusted and improved.

Zhang Xiurong ushered in his new work challenge -at the second grade of mathematics, and at the same time, he was the class teacher of the second (3) class.

When facing the head teacher, most children always have a conflict that respects but fear. As everyone knows, the seemingly serious class teacher in front of them is also facing them nervously, for fear that they will not get the children. I like it, I can’t make a force for their growth.

Zhang Xiurong is the same. Looking at the batch of immature students in front of him, recalling that in the era of more difficult reading, her ideal flames in her heart were more vigorous. Correspondingly, her nervousness was deeper.

She cherishes them.

In the first class of the school, she asked the children to introduce herself. Joined in private, the good children of the two brothers and sisters and two sisters in the whole day, in such a not formal occasion, they were shy, got up with blushing, and said their names with twist, and then shrank. Sit back back.

At that time, Zhang Xiurong, who was still young, looked at the little radish head with a funny way, leaving a deep impression on one of them.

The child’s patch on the child is surprisingly much surprisingly

Wearing such clothes, but trying to restrain my shyness and deliberately introduced themselves, letting Zhang Xiurong see a rare courage.

She remembered that the boy was named Chen Zhide.

Different from now, parents can’t wait to win all the burdens of their children except learning. It was not easy for students to go to school in the morning. After rushing home in the evening, they had to help their parents take care of some work to cook and feed the livelihood.

In order to provide children with better learning conditions,

After school, Zhang Xiurong always accompanied the children who wanted to consolidate their homework to stay in the classroom, re -sorted out the difficult knowledge points, and answered their questions one by one.


The gentle and thoughtful young female teacher won the love of children with its own flexible teaching methods and the meticulous concern of the classmates.

Persuaded hard, reserved students who were forced to drop out of school

Soon, the study of a school year was over, and the children hurried time to enjoy the last holiday that could play freely before the middle school entrance examination. Immediately after, the new semester came. On the first day of the school, Zhang Xiurong counted the number of people in the class as usual.

At this time, there was an accident.

Zhang Xiurong had to take out the roster and checked it carefully. Then he found out that Chen Zhide, who was always dangling in front of himself, was gone.

Does anyone know, where did Chen Zhide go?

“She asked in the class, shook her head in response to her. She had to nod helplessly and plan to have a home visitor on the weekend.

Chen Zhide’s family is from Yinjiagou Village, 5 miles of Wuchuan County. At that time, there were no convenient transportation such as bus and other convenient transportation. Come here.

Zhang Xiurong belongs to the former, and Chen Zhide belongs to the latter.

By the weekend, Zhang Xiurong ran five miles in a bicycle and came to Chen Zhide’s door.

The first thing that came into view was the dilapidated and sloppy earth house in front of him. The family constraints were placed on the bright side. Zhang Xiurong had a little guess in his heart. Then, pushing away the old wooden door, was welcomed by Chen Zhide’s father, and looked at the illness of Chen’s mother who was sitting on the bed, and many children around the left, Zhang Xiurong almost guessed the reason why Chen Zhide disappeared.

The mother who lingering the sick couch, a brother and four sisters means the economic pressure of this child.

Zhang Xiurong watched the Chen family’s father, slowly spoke, and Da Ming came.


Father Chen said that there is no money at home to let the children continue to study. Chen Zhide has reached the age of the third grade. It is a young man who should subsidize and contribute to the family.


My father didn’t read the book and didn’t understand the power behind the knowledge, but Zhang Xiurong knew it!

The two lines of tears flowed out of the face instantly, and she was distressed at the beginning: “

Knowledge can change destiny!

But Chen’s father just looked at her at a loss, a little bit inexplicable. Zhang Xiurong hurriedly wiped his tears, quoted the scriptures, analyzed the significance of reading one by one, and exhausted his tongue, and Chen’s father was said.

Although it was not fully understood, I looked at the saliva that the teacher had spent, and looked at the urgent look of the son aside.

Knowing his family conditions, Chen Zhide, who returned to the school, took up twelve points of spiritual investment. Compared with before, his eyes revealed more ambitions, more seriousness, and more responsibilities.

Half of the teacher’s salary cotton shoes

After a year of hard work, Chen Zhide was admitted to a key high school in Wuchuan County with the first grade.


He imagined and planned with joy. After three years of high school and four years, he was able to rely on knowledge to reverse the poor situation at home and let the entire family live a good life. However, fate is always at a critical time, giving you the heaviest blow.

When the joy of entering high school had not yet dissipated, Chen Zhide’s mother died of illness.

He endured his grief, cooperated with his father to set up his mother, settle the four sisters in the family, relieve their grief, and give them support and encouragement. He performed very strongly until he saw Zhang Xiurong, the gentle and considerate teacher of this mother became red.


He took the crying cavity: “

Teacher, I have no mother.

But life will not stop, life will not, the gear of time is always rotating slowly, you can only set up everything and continue to move forward.

Chen Zhide, who was a high school student, worked even harder. However, he did not forget Zhang Xiurong’s kindness. Even if his studies were difficult, he would visit her on weekends and holidays. He was unable to give the teacher material help. At most, he did a job of housework and speaking with the teacher.

His mother had passed away, and he regarded the teacher as his mother’s existence.

Finally, in the summer of 1982, the day when he decided to have a life–

The college entrance examination is here.

Chen Zhide’s psychological quality is pretty good, calm and calm, play normally, live up to expectations, and obtained

The second place in the county

Hiroya grades. After that, you can fill in volunteers and wait for admission.


On the day of the notice, Chen Zhide excitedly ran to Zhang Xiurong’s house and shouted: “

teacher! I have been accepted, and I have been accepted by Changchun Institute of Geology!

Zhang Xiurong was waiting for the news early in the morning. No one saw it. He heard his voice first, and a smile on his face.

After a college student, the father of the Chen family was also very happy, and began to clean up his son’s luggage early early. The farmer’s mouth was stupid. He couldn’t say any straightforward blessings, but a big man carefully considers his son’s daily needs for his son, and his feelings overwhelmed.

With everyone’s blessings, and with a good outlook for the future, Chen Zhide came to Changchun.

However, the good times didn’t last long, and the hammer of fate knocked on his head again.

When Chen Zhide would adapt to college life, the news came from the family -his father died of illness.

The death of his father brought the dual blow of the family spirit and material. Chen Zhide’s tuition fees disappeared instantly, and the sisters who were still in their hometown never rely on it. Although some relatives helped to help, it was not a long time after the fence.

Now, all the burden of the family falls on Chen Zhide alone.

Therefore, for others, enjoying the university career of knowledge and youth happily, in terms of him, he has become a rush to constantly urge himself to grow and mature.

In order to save money, he had to shrink his clothing, and he had to provide tuition fees by part -time job part -time jobs.

Soon, the winter of Changchun came. Although the snowfall is beautiful, the temperature of minus thirty or forty degrees is really inadvertent to enjoy these beautiful scenery.

The winter in his hometown is also here. Zhang Xiurong, who is in his hometown, rubbed his hands in the cold wind and remembered students from afar. After the student goes out, there is less contact with her teacher.

Coincidentally, Zhang Xiurong hurriedly caught him and asked Chen Zhide’s situation in a closer look at the students studying in Changchun. The classmate read it openly,

It is said that in order to save money, he only ate one meal a day. In winter, there is no money to buy clothes. The snow on the side of Changchun is so thick. He does not even have cotton shoes. Mowing

Zhang Xiurong was very distressed, but her salary was not much, and she couldn’t afford the cost of raising an additional college student. Thinking for a long time, she glanced at it just sent out

40 yuan wages.

She hurriedly found an envelope, took out 20 yuan into the post, and had to run to the post office. When I went out, I was afraid that Chen Zhide would not accept it, so I returned again, found the paper pen, wrote a letter, and said, “

Classmate Chen Zhide, these 20 yuan are for you to buy cotton shoes. If you do n’t accept it, you will not teach you this student in the future, and you should not look at me anymore.

The seemingly unreasonable sentence is behind this teacher’s care and care for the students.

After receiving the teacher’s money and letter, Chen Zhide’s eyes were red and red. He didn’t want the teacher to spend, and couldn’t bear to live up to the teacher’s heart. He had to take 5 yuan, bought a pair of cotton shoes, and returned the rest of the money.

Chen Zhide was buried in his heart forever.

At that moment, he made a decision-

Taking the teacher Zhang Xiurong as his mother.

After graduating, Chen Zhide was admitted to the Daqing Petroleum Research Institute for further studies and studied

Doctoral degree

In 2003, he officially entered the job. With the blessing of academic qualifications and knowledge, Chen Zhide’s workplace road has been smooth. From a younger staff to management, the economic problems that have troubled him have been completely resolved.

Since then, it is a smooth and stable day.

On Zhang Xiurong’s 60th birthday, the students of the second (3) class gathered together and organized a birthday banquet for the teacher. Chen Zhide was dragged and could not come. And failed to see Chen Zhide on his birthday, Zhang Xiurong also missed.

Unexpectedly, a week later, Chen Zhide sounded his door and looked at many mature students.

Essence Chen Zhide took out 100,000 dollars that had been prepared for a long time, and told the teacher that he had asked the local classmates to see a good house and wanted to take the teacher to live in the building.

Zhang Xiurong quickly waved his hand -this gift was too expensive and she couldn’t afford it.

But looking at the gift, Zhang Xiurong’s eyes made a little tears, recalling the piles and poured out of her mind: when she persuaded Chen Zhide’s father, Chen Zhide’s eyes and joy, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude When Chen Zhide lost his loved ones, the pain in his eyes; the student shouted that when the news of her college admission, the joy of each other overflowed with each other …

Zhang Xiurong

Zhang Xiurong

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The feelings of the teachers and students are beyond the friendship of a pair of cotton shoes that are delivered in the snow, and it also exceeds the friendship of a real estate as a return.This is the secret of a teacher and the heart of benevolence. This is also a child who has lost his relatives and helpless. He is the most lofty respect and love for the teacher who helps his hands in the most difficult time.