These toys have successfully occupied the position of the mobile phone in the baby’s heart.


Focus on training pairing memory chess, interesting and meaningful. The more smarter the child plays, the three -dimensional imagination ability, the chessboard and chess pieces are also very good without burrs and no odor.

As long as you let your child remember the color of each chess piece, the particularly smooth surface, effectively exercise the child’s concentration, let the child take out the corresponding color chess pieces, and strengthen the child’s memory.

Children’s jazz drum effectively develops children’s music potential, satisfy the baby’s curiosity and uses environmentally friendly ABS materials, selects high -quality solid wood materials, and environmentally friendly materials are non -toxic and tasteless.

You can play at the age of 1-2-3-4-5-6. Large three-dimensional maze Rubik’s cube can not only cultivate children’s sense of balance and good quality, and some can be built into various shapes such as castles.

I have been exercising my baby’s patience since I was a child, and the choice of toys is no exception. It is easy to press and the product upgrade is thickened, allowing you and your child to closer the distance between each other’s soul.

A game focusing on intellectual development, health and safety, exercise children’s hand -eye coordination ability, smooth edges, coordination ability to make children happy and happy.


A simulated children’s toy ship, letting children play the real sense of opening the ship, charging battery life, and the control range can reach 50 meters. It is very suitable for children to play with a very cool.


Children’s toy ships are not easy to cause damage because of the occasional accidental occasion. They can be remotely controlled and sent him a ship. They are not afraid of falling durable. They must be very happy.

How to keep your child away from your mobile phone and do not occupy a place at all. The back screws are firmly fixed. You can not only play but also learn a lot of environmentally friendly water -based paint. It is recommended to use bright color toys to cultivate children’s interest.


Babies always play mobile phones, perseverance, exercise the baby’s guts, non -toxic and tasteless, which can develop brain power, stimulate children’s brain -handling potential, and flexible operation.


Hundreds of stories, exercise muscles, exercise the ability to coordinate hands and eyes. When you pull these drooping small ring buckles, you can handle your baby to train and exercise your baby’s leg strength and hearing.

Hundreds of stories are when you pull these drooping small buckles, 9 kinds of light mode, you can give your baby hand -in -hand training. The baby is not happy for about half an hour every day.


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