“Leather” is very favored this year! The slimness is thin, but also the temperament.


To say that the most favored coat item this year is “leather coat”. However, many people think that leather clothes are not easy to control, and most of them are discouraged, but in fact, as long as you learn to match, you will find that leather clothes are not only slim and thin, but also highlights temperament. Yao Chen and He Sui have long worn them. What are you waiting for? Come and learn the skills of leather clothes!

The first label of leather coat is: cool! Indeed, He Sui’s pure black match is domineering with a handsome toad mirror. But we can notice that the leather sheet she chose is actually careful. The design of the waist and the hem of the micro -La, modify the figure, even if there is no good figure of a professional model, this design will give people a small waist visual effect. Don’t be too beautiful!

In addition, there are black slim pants and over -the -knee boots, which are also one of the careful machines. The hem of the micro -leather coat covers the pseudo width of the crotch, and the most prone to the whole body is perfectly covered. The rest is “thin and thin!” High -heeled boots can modify the shape of the legs, seem to be slender, and make up for the problem of thick calf. With long legs with long legs, cool and frying is your synonym!


Of course, such a dress is also necessary to avoid lightning. For girls with pear -shaped figure and thick legs, it is best not to try. After all, we are all ordinary people. Long legs like He Sui are relatively rare. However, the leg length is not enough, and the high -pace is coming together. Girls who like the cool handsome style can try.

If you don’t like the cool handsome style, it doesn’t matter. As long as you learn to match, you can also be gentle. As long as the black trousers are replaced with a simple dark brown long skirt, in the Martin boots with a short tube, the second is gentle and gentle.


If you feel that you are not gentle enough, you can also put your hair away at will and bring a big brim hat with the same color. Moreover, such a way of dressing will never step on the mine. The long skirt of the long legs and the calf covers all the shortcomings of the legs. The design of the waist can also show Xiaoman waist, who is just a good match.


If you wear a short waist leather jacket, you can also change another style. In the wide version, girls will not only look uncomfortable to wear, like stealing her boyfriend’s clothes. Instead, there is a very neat temperament, with black suit pants, high -necks, and wherever you go.

It is worth mentioning that such a wide leather jacket is very versatile. Even if there is no suit pants, just put a piece of jeans and even black pants, it is very beautiful.

There are also many female stars in the entertainment industry who like leather clothes, and it is also very tasteful to choose leather clothes. For example, Yao Chen’s leather jackets of the tassel element are all black, but adding tassel elements to give people a bright feeling. Unlike the cool zipper elements, it is more different from the random leisure of wide leather clothes. Although the tassel element is slightly complicated, it is also matched with simple and generous gray long skirts.


In addition to tassel elements, Yao Chen has also tried other styles of leather clothes. The most common and most traditional zipper elements are no exception. The combination of one -step skirt and leather clothes is bold, but I have to say that such a mix and match attempts are really beautiful.


A dark green skirt is a charming and elegant representative. With leather clothes, wherever you go is the focus. In our daily wear, we might as well try this mix and match. Although the leather clothes are handsome, they will also spark a different spark with different styles of clothes.

Pi Yi is very favored this year, and many celebrities and fashion bloggers frequently take it out. Indeed, who doesn’t like such a jacket that is slim, thin, versatile and improving temperament? No matter what your daily dressing style is, the essential trend item in the wardrobe must be leather. With long boots, handsome and cool; with long skirts, elegant and gentle; even a pair of pants are casually, they are all beautiful. Are you sure you don’t hurry up to buy one?

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