The biggest is more than 40 pounds! Nanning’s one gangs’ illegal electric fishing period …


Guo, a father and son in a village in Shibu Town, Nanning City, organized others to use high -power generators to carry out electric fishing in the Youjiang River waters in order to obtain huge profits. This gang is clear. Some people are responsible for operating generators to generate electricity. Some people specifically operate electric fishing tools to illegally fish for wild river fish in the waters. After Guo’s father and son acquired these various wild fish that were shocked, they took the market for profit from high prices. Recently, after receiving a report from the citizens, the police of the Xixiangtang Branch of Nanning City, with the cooperation of the fishery administration department, successfully killed the illegal fishing gang near the Laokou Reservoir of the Youjiang River, and seized the illegal fishing wild fish on the spot. There are more than 330 pounds.


In mid -April this year, some citizens reported to the Xixiangtang police in Nanning that in the Youjiang Waters near Shibu Town, some people used high -power generators to fish in the middle of the night. The Public Security Brigade of the Xixiangtang Branch immediately organized an investigation. After many days of on -site visits, investigations, and detailed arrangements, the police learned that Guo’s father and son in a village of Shibu Town not only drove the ship by themselves, implemented electric fishing, but also acquired wild fish illegally fishing by other people to make a profit in order to make profits. Essence After mastering the illegal operation time and area of ​​this gang, the police decided to conduct a network collection operation.

At 6 am on May 14th, the police of the Public Security Brigade and the law enforcement officers of the Nanning Agricultural Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade were controlled to carry out control near the Laocou Reservoir of the Youjiang Water and carried out arrest work. At this time, Guo’s father and son and gang members were driving the ship against the shore to prepare to get the wild river fish caught to the market for sales. The joint law enforcement officer saw the time of the arrest and immediately took action. Five people on the shore and the ship, including Guo’s father and son, successfully controlled them. Electric fish tools, and a large number of wild fish illegally captured in the ship’s warehouse.

Electric fish tools seized by the police

After the law enforcement officer counted the scene, there were more than 330 pounds of wild river fish including catfish and grass carp, including more than 40 catties of the largest wild fish, and one or two pounds. The rest was dying. Law enforcement officers immediately put a good fish student, and the dead fish was harmless after collection. Subsequently, the police rushed to the fish stalls operated by Guo’s father and son in the market, and they were waiting for the five staff members who were preparing to buy these wild fish at the scene to control them and brought them back to the police station to inquire.

Staff is harmless to dead fish


Guo’s father and son and others explained that since the Yangtze River entered the fishing period on March 1, the price of wild river fish soared, and they thought about the profit of electric fish. When the two specially picked up in the late morning and night, they used high -power generators to carry out electric fishing in the middle of the river. These electric fishing tools instantly released the current to stun all kinds of fish in the water. Wild fish picked up the boat. Not only that, they also contributed to buy wild river fish caught by others. In the early morning of the next day, they got their own fish stalls for high -priced sales to make huge profits from them.

Suspects of illegal fishing fish are arrested


Li Fu, deputy captain of the sixth brigade of the Nanning Agricultural Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Brigade, told reporters that in order to protect the ecological environment and fishery resources of Nanning’s natural waters, the relevant departments will Fishing for land and water is 4 months. During this time, all the natural waters in the city and the Tongjiang lakes, the waters (except the breeding waters) are prohibited from all fishing operations except for leisure fisheries, entertainment fishing (shipless, boats and other vehicles). Guo and others use high -power generators to implement electric fishing during the ban on fishing, which not only allows the fish to be shocked quickly, but also affects the reproduction of the fish, destroying the ecological environment and fishery resources of the natural waters, and the consequences are very serious. Essence In the next step, the brigade will cooperate with public security, urban management and other relevant departments to strengthen law enforcement inspections on related waters, markets and restaurants, severely crack down on illegal fishing behaviors such as electricity, fried, and poisonous fish to protect the ecological environment and fishery resources of the natural waters of Nanning. If citizens find illegal fishing behaviors, they can call 18076541110.

At present, four people and including Guo and his son have been criminally detained by Xixiangtang Police for suspected illegal fishing. The case is under further trial.

Source: Nanning Evening News