What are the face?


A round of the moon hangs the star river, Changying in the world is hundreds of love

Another year of the Mid -Autumn Festival

The Mid -Autumn Festival is also called “Mooncake Festival” by netizens

Mooncake is a must -have food for the Mid -Autumn Festival visit to gift giving gifts


However, when you face the choice type

I will definitely be in trouble, I don’t know how to do it

What style of moon cakes do designers choose to send customers?

What style of moon cakes to choose as a leader?


What kind of moon cakes are the most suitable for girls?

What style of moon cakes are the most face -to -lead?

Today I brought it to you

5 explosive moon cake gifts

No need to tangled anymore!

It will not make an error in the delivery!

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A bite of the slurry 丨 The treasure moon cake that is bigger than the face

Taste BACK | So Big Mooncake Gift Box Version

Reasons for recommendation

Fire to the fourth year of the taste Back Internet celebrity moon cake, 15cm is larger than the face, and


Won the Oscar International Flavor Medal in the Gourmet World

, The C position in the moon cake industry is indeed it!

A pound holding a heavy pound in his hand is full of satisfaction.

Don’t look at the big moon cakes that are just nagging, but inside it is full

8 layer




, Taro puree, hemp potato, meat pine, salted egg yolk …

In recent years, all the ingredients of net reds have been arranged, and you can eat 8 levels of surprise taste in one sip.

And this year has also launched 2020


Limited version of Tao Tao Queqi Cheese

Taste, when you listen to the name, you start drooling …

Not to mention that when you eat it in your mouth, the tip of the large granules can be found at the tip of the tongue.

Imported lush cheese mixed Q polypotatta to make cheese hemp potato that will explode, and it is simply into the soul.


Compared to last year, this year’s formula upgrade will be even more

Sugar -controlled sugar

In the end,

Sweet 18%,

Zero anti -fatty acid

It is delicious and healthy, and the whole family can rest assured to eat and satisfy.

Gift box

A Mid -Autumn Festival is attached

Moon rabbit


Hand -made material pack, finish the moon cake, do it,


You can make two cute origami Xiaoyue Rabbit, put it in the moon cake box, and a Mid -Autumn Festival Moon Rabbit work is completed.

Method of purchase

This is definitely a great Mid -Autumn Festival gift for girlfriends/young people

Original price: 139 yuan

Limited time special price: 119 yuan

National Treasure Master Custom

My heart · Palace Food | Boxing Box Mid -Autumn Festival Gift Box


In the final analysis, Mid -Autumn Festival is still the traditional festivals in China for hundreds of years. In the palace, Mid -Autumn Festival is also an annual important festival. This box

Moon cakes from the court

Are you sure you don’t want to taste it?

Different from ordinary carton and wooden boxes, this Forbidden City gift box is used

All metal creation

, Golden Gift Box is dignified and full of texture in my hand, very expensive.




China is proud of traditional treasures

, There are three models of Blessings, Gili, Ruilin,

The patterns are derived from the patterns on the court royal tool, making food a collection of eternal heritage.

Selected in the box

Cantonese lotus yolk


Coconut and Soviet -style rose cherry

Six three -flavored moon cakes are placed in the beautiful brocade box, it is simply

It is comparable to the ancient emperor of the emperor

So delicate.


Moon cakes come from

Guo Rongjin, a well -known Chinese food creation master -Guo Rongjin

Former US President Clinton

Former Prime Minister Fukuda Kangfu

Hatoyama Yukifu is his fan


It is a box of real

Royal Grade

It’s right.


After the moon cake is eaten, take the paper packaging paper,

You can also place jewelry

, Essences, cosmetics, stationery, etc., the face value kills other storage boxes.

This is suitable for leaders/customers to show their respect


Original price: 318 yuan


Limited time discount price: 218 yuan

Use the shadow to interpret the traditional Mid -Autumn Festival story

Oriental Gift | A good show moon cake

The Mid -Autumn Festival of family members, especially the situation where children are present,

“Eat” and “Play”

Can’t fall, how to play traditional culture in new ideas depends on the creativity of the moon cake gift box ~

After eating moon cakes to play shadow

In traditional festivals, collide with traditional culture, and act with family and children

A good show

Create more beautiful memories on the reunion night, which is the biggest wish of this box of moon cakes.

A good show moon cake gift box contains 8 moon cakes

4 strokes

Moon cakes were founded in 1956

Taiwanese pastry

Laifu Hall

There are spiced beef, egg yolk pine, Nanyang fragrant coconut, bean paste hazelnut

Four flavors,

There are sweet and salty, and it is not greasy to taste.

The stage inspiration comes from romantic

“Tang Ming Emperor Traveling the Moon”

A total of settings

Wind, flowers, snow, moon

Four scenes, will

Tang Xuanzong and Yang Guifei

The story of the story is talked about in the way of shadow.

After eating, you can quickly build your own shadow stadium, and experience it with your family and children

Non -legacy culture charm

This one is suitable for leaders/customers/friends to show respect and connotation

Original price: 258 yuan

Limited time discount price: 228 yuan


Eight -style eight -style eight stuffing eight pieces


Vulgar painting

| Eight -square moon cakes

The mouth of the food, never

Not satisfied with the taste of a region

It is the ultimate goal to eat the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

This goal will let the vulgar paintings say this year

Eight -square moon cake

Come and help you achieve it.

Simply put, Bayang Moon Cake is a map of moon cakes for the motherland built for food.

Eight moon cakes come from all directions of the motherland, representing the Mid -Autumn Festival culture and dietary characteristics of different regions.


Beijing -style, Jin style, Tianjin, Cantonese, Yunnan, Taiwan -style, Lu -style, tide type, eight flavors

And it is still created by the eight non -legacy old names

Chinese old name “Lao Dingfeng”: Wuren Moon Cake

Emperor Daoguang Clicked “Xiangdezhai”: charcoal spicy beef moon cake

Millennium ancient temple “Shengquan Temple”: Taoshan Matcha Zhen Guo (vegetarian) moon cake

Hong Kong old name “Tsuen Sheng”: Taoshan Red Wine Moon Cake

Flavor Taiwan “Gu Yuezhai”: Milk Yellow ice skin

Ethical characteristics “Dian Yizhou”: Cloud Leg Moon Cake

Chinese famous cake “bridge pier”: tide -style ancient moon cake


Non -heritage Chinese time -honored “dual synthesis”: Egg Moon Burning Baiyun Crispy

The wooden gift box is simple and unpopular, and the wind is wrapped out. When you open it, you will find that this is

A hand -painted moon cake map

It is like wrapping the Chinese flavor in memory.

This is suitable for older or young men and girlfriends

A box of moon cake eight -square flavor


Original price: 239 yuan


Limited time discount price: 199 yuan

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Taiwan from the old shop of 60

Natural Creation | “Le Cake” meat pine traditional Taiwanese big moon cake

The significance of Mid -Autumn Festival lies in reunion, and the significance of reunion is of course sharing.

One -person moon cake is not as good as a group of people a moon cake

This natural creation

Great Moon Cake

The perfect satisfaction of you who love to share can allow everyone to sit and share delicious existence.

A “music cake”



Equivalent to more than a dozen ordinary moon cakes

, Enough to eat a table, when the Mid -Autumn Festival reunion, relatives and friends sit around a table to share a moon cake, think about love ~

The whole cake is a large word “music”, which is made of hand -made, meaningless. Inspired by the traditional big cake “happy cake” from Taiwan,

The old Taiwanese time -honored “Fu” was born in 1956.

The taste is meat pine yolk match

Q played hemp potato




Taiwan taste

Mung bean fragrant

The stuffing of the bottom, knead in it

Pine pine egg yolk sea moss

The companion, the middle filling heart was also wrapped in the Q bomo of hemp potato, stacking out

Multi -layered taste

, Take a bite

Fresh and not greasy

Gift box design retro atmosphere is very young and fashionable

, Special design compilation handbags can not only be used as gift bags, but also one

Practical Totbag

, You can use moon cakes to be used.

This is a suitable for young/trendy/right taste

And suitable for big family reunion to share together

Original price: 188 yuan


Limited time discount price: 158 yuan

▽ ▽ ▽

After watching so many models that make you refreshing


It’s moving! Intersection Intersection

Hurry up and buy it! Intersection Intersection

Send leaders 丨 Send customers 丨 Send employees 丨 Send objects

It’s the most special Mid -Autumn Festival gift!

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A bite of the slurry 丨 The treasure moon cake that is bigger than the face

Reasons for recommendation

Reasons for recommendation

Reasons for recommendation

Reasons for recommendation





Method of purchase

Method of purchase

Method of purchase


Method of purchase

National Treasure Master Custom

My heart · Palace Food | Boxing Box Mid -Autumn Festival Gift Box

Use the shadow to interpret the traditional Mid -Autumn Festival story

Use the shadow to interpret the traditional Mid -Autumn Festival story


Oriental Gift | A good show moon cake

Oriental Gift | A good show moon cake


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Taiwan from the old shop of 60

Natural Creation | “Le Cake” meat pine traditional Taiwanese big moon cake