I bought a dozen pregnant books, I recommend these 2 most



Old readers know that when I do anything, I always want to find the best operation method, and I will learn a lot of knowledge. Of course, pregnancy is no exception.

I was on JD, and I bought a dozen pregnant books to the United States before and after, and the postage paid thousands of yuan. Some doctors wrote, written by the parent, written by a nutritionist, a yoga coach, and a stylist written.

Most of them are generally worth mentioning. I think these two books are pretty good, recommend it to sisters.

1. “Sils Pregnancy Encyclopedia”

This book is very similar to the famous “Heidi Pregnancy Encyclopedia”, which is also written by the American childcare expert. It belongs to the encyclopedia. From pregnancy to postpartum recovery, she has corresponding answers that women may encounter.

I also found out that I found that the various physical and psychological discomfort I felt that I felt was very common. Everyone came here.

Prepare a copy during pregnancy. When I encounter a problem, I know how to deal with it. I won’t know it soon.

2. “Thin pregnancy”

This is written by a health expert in Taiwan, and it is also a health consultant in Taipei Flagship Store in Tongrentang, and many stars including Sun Yan and Lin Xilei are calling her.

She has some interesting and very incidental insights. For example:

01. She emphasizes “warm constitution”. It is required that women must use dietary warm palace from the beginning of pregnancy. After conditioning the constitution, she can easily conceive, zero pregnancy, no edema, no depression, and easily over pregnancy.

The conditioning method she suggested is simply speaking

1. Avoid cold, raw food (salad, sashimi) and ice products. Eat a small amount of fruits in the morning.

2. Do not eat vegetables and fruits after 4 pm, because cold, it is not easy to edema.

3. Drink warm ginger juice every day. After peeling the ginger and cutting small pieces, use the juicer and water to mix into the juice, remove the residue, boil the ginger juice, and cool it after cooling. Go to a spoonful of ginger juice+yellow sugar +100 hot boiling water every morning

4. Eat high -quality protein every day, and the cooking time does not exceed 15 minutes, so as not to become inferior protein. Eating fish in an appropriate amount, because it may contain excess hormones. If you are allergic to dairy products (ice cream, yogurt, cheese, etc.) and soybean products (dried tofu, tofu, everywhere, increased taste, etc.).

Unfortunately, I saw this book for 3 months.

If you see this book earlier, you will comply with her method to regulate your physique and warm the palace from the beginning of pregnancy.

02. The weight gain during pregnancy does not exceed 8 kg.

This view is important! Teacher Wang He, the coach of my pregnancy yoga, also told me that do not increase weight by more than 10 kilograms during pregnancy.

Many women feel that they can eat the sea and drink, and their weight increases 50 pounds or even 100 pounds. It’s terrible, this is very ignorant and irresponsible to your body and health.

No need at all!

Experts suggest weight gain schedule:

3 months in the early stages of pregnancy: no weight gain

13-24 weeks: 1 kg per month

25-36 weeks: 1.5 kg per month

03. Taboo, you can’t get angry!

Avoid all foods that get angry:

Fruit: lychee, longan, cherry, durian, etc.

Seasoning: spicy, garlic, leek, onion, sesame oil, sand tea, curry, etc.

High -temperature fried nuts: sesame, peanuts, almonds, etc.

Seafood: Shrimp, shrimp and other crustacean seafood

Others: brown sugar ginger mother tea, even eggs and egg products (intestinal fire)

The best cooking method is to preheat the pot first, pour the oil, and stir -fry the food in warm pan.

04. Pay attention to replenishing collagen, protein, calcium citrate, etc.

Source of high -quality protein: meat -based. Lamb, pork, muscles, fish, seafood can be recommended in order. Do not cook for more than 15 minutes.

Source of glue: trotters, chicken feet, beef tendon, sea cucumber, flower gum, etc. Plastic pumping can be cooked for more than 15 minutes.

At different stages, she has different measurement tips. The more pregnancy, the greater the demand for these elements.

3 months in the early stages of pregnancy: take a sufficient amount of high-quality protein per day, (height -110)*3.75 = the number of meat.

13-24 weeks: add 50%high-quality protein per day, supplement 3 times a week (anti-stretch marks), calcium citrate (1000 mg/time) 4 times a day, start stretch marks massage

25-36 weeks: 320g of high-quality protein per day, adding glue 5 times a week, calcium citrate 4 times a day (1000 mg/time)

Some people on the Internet think her point is a bit too strict. Hey, the various disputes in the nutritional academic community have never stopped. A bunch of authority says a completely contrary view, but I have been used to it. I am used to it.

I feel that as a front -line actual combat, she knows what she is talking about. She has a good customer result endorsement, and also gives a clear guidance from a nutritional perspective.

It is really difficult for her suggestion 100%, but there is a principled large framework in her head, and it is also a good choice to move closer to it.

Sincerely recommend it to everyone, try to condition your body from preparing for pregnancy.