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将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

1. Case open box display

将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

When I received my hand, I found that Magez Case for iPad Pro2021 has been greatly upgraded than the 2020 packaging!

将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

The 20 models are very simple cowhide paper, and 21 models are upgraded to a more aggressive white background+product diagram form. It is completely different from the color printing and packaging style of many protective shell brands. Essence

将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

Looking back on the back of the iPad Pro 11 -inch Pitaka Magez Case protective case, you can see the entire aramid fiber material. You can feel the delicate woven texture of the aramid fiber material with your hands.

It feels better than any iPad Pro protective case I have used, and the lightness is also available.

△ 21 models and 20 comparisons, the left side is the new product △

You can see obvious details! Intersection

将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

The charging port was very happy to see the separation design. I was worried that the connection was very fragile at each charging. I also made suggestions with P Jun. I didn’t expect to upgrade it! Intersection

将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

△ Interface details △

将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

2. Magez Stand

Magez Stand’s box is a word, handsome!

After disassembling, the handsome Pitaka logo, and the eye -catching wireless charging area!

△ List of accessories △

将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

△ The bottom charging port and wiring details △ △

△ Pretend to be a good view △ △

将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

△ Handsome back △

△ After putting the ipad, comfortable visual angle △

△ List of the back △

将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

△ Wireless charging base △

When wireless charging, you can see

There is still the atmosphere light on the bottom, and it is very good to understand the charging state

, Full details.

将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

Although it is unavoidable to take up the area because of support, because it supports wireless charging, the device is made on the base meaning. This area can be effectively used.

The bracket naturally has the function of adjusting the angle of conventional display brackets. You can adjust the upper and lower angles, or you can rotate the horizontal screen with arbitrarily.

3. Summary

将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

In general, the quality of this set of accessories is excellent, especially the protective case. Pitaka, the Magez Case for iPad Pro, is basically the best I can see.

For those who use the wonderful keyboard for some time, it is definitely a artifact. It is excellent in various aspects such as thickness, weight, design, protection, touch, and moisturizing, and it is worth buying.

Support 360 degrees unlimited rotation and up and down angle adjustment.

将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

When rotating to the right angle, there will be a click feedback and feedback feel, and the details will be full.

将近1000元的iPad Pro壳和支架,到底是什么体验?

Finally, ending my office position, thank you for output the iPad protective case and bracket that made consumers love!