The water purifier of heating and cooling is coming out, and you will choose to continue using a water dispenser or a water purifier


The Neil clean water purifier from Shenzhen has released a direct water purifier direct drink with heating and refrigeration integration.

The birth of this water purifier stirred up a thousand waves.

Some netizens said: This is the rice bowl to grab the water dispenser!

Judging from the habit of drinking water in our domestic families, the water dispenser has occupied the status of a household drinking giant for many years.


However, the product has always been no novelty, the only two functions: heating and refrigeration.

In fact, the birth of the water dispenser is exactly the accessories of barrel water.

The birth of a water purifier has formed direct competition with barrel water from a certain perspective.

Because the OR film filtering technology adopted by the water purifier, the purified water quality is cleaner than the barrel water, and the taste is better.


The water purifier terminal is filtered, and the user personally filter the purification treatment, which is more assured.


In contrast, news such as tap water that bucket water is often reported, and unqualified sampling inspections, etc. This has repeatedly made more people not assured of barrel water.


Do you continue to use a water purifier or continue to use barrel water and water dispenser?

Let’s take a look together:


First of all, this direct drinking pure water machine released by Neil is through the five -level filter element:

PP cotton filter+activated carbon filter element

+PP cotton filter element+RO membrane reverse osmosis filter element+rear activated carbon filter.

Secondly, the heating, refrigeration, and purification function are integrated, and the water quality conditions are displayed in real time, including temperature, purification value, filter element usage, and so on.

In the end, this pure water machine can directly connect tap water, purify the tap water through the filter element, can meet the direct drinking standards and taste better. In other words, after installing this water purifier, the cost of bucket water is completely saved, and the cost of water dispenser is also saved.

Relatively speaking, the function of the water purifier is more complete and the cost is lower. Instead of the water dispenser, it is just a matter of time. In particular, the improvement rate of the water purifier in terms of product comprehensive performance is far beyond the water dispenser. So if you choose, you already know it.