The practice of caring cup cake


The delicious love words of Valentine’s Day: a cup is sweet and happy, and it is said that “everyone who loves dessert loves life gently” Cupcake is also called Fairy Cake abroad. Under the strong blessing of dessert stores, it has become a popular fashion leader in the dessert industry. It is an indispensable protagonist in the party and banquet. In this day of love in the whole city, in the days of pink bubbles in the air, how can the little fairy do not make a cup of cup cup cups with a cup of sweet and greasy, gentle to the entrance? Today, this Valentine’s Day limited amount cup cake hidden a carelessness of love -cut visible heart -shaped sandwich, so that the little fairies can show the cooking skills while capturing TA’s heart in one fell swoop, and then put it later. Each day is performed into a happy 520 prelude.

By Baking Youxueyuan



2 eggs


Gan sugar 60g

Low gluten flour 70g

Red song powder 5G


Butter 23g

Milk 36g


Fresh cream 150g

Gan sugar 12g


A few strawberries

Practice step

1. 1. First do sandwiches and love parts. Put butter and milk into small bowls and melt the water (can also be heated by a microwave oven)

2. 2. 2. The egg white is beaten until the bubbles become white, add 1/3 sugar, continue to pass at a high speed

3, 3, the remaining sugar is added twice and sent to dry foam (lift the eggbeater, show a small sharp corner)


4, 4. Add egg yolk and stir well


5, 5. S screening into flour, red song powder, stir well


6, 6. Add the mixture of butter and milk and mix until the batter is shiny

7, 7. Drip the batter into the mold of the oil paper

8. After the oven, the heating mode of the lower tube in advance, and the preheating of 165 ° C, put the mold on the grill, put it in the middle layer of the oven, bake for 25 minutes.

9, 9. After cutting the cake into a piece, cut out 12 love shapes. The shape can be based on your preferences. On the left is the mold cut and the right side is cut with scissors.

10. Make a cup cake part now. Repeat the 2-8 steps to make the cup part, but there is no red song powder, and the others are the same. Put the cup batter into the mold 6 points, and then put a piece of love cake in the middle


11, 11. Select the regular mode of the oven, 170 degrees, put the mold on the grill, put it in the middle layer of the oven, and bake for 22 minutes. Remove and let cool.

12. Squeeze radiant cream on the cake and decorate your favorite fruits.



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