The first thick jacket in autumn and winter! Buy these 3 models in the small man, keep warm but not pressing height




The national weather jumps and cools down, and many sisters have feedback too cold

Think about it,

There are tens of millions of thick outer jackets on the market.


Those they vowed to look good and high -ful coats, and we bought it back by “small short legs”, either to become a ball or a quilt.

Although the warmth is really available, I’m sorry

The whole body can be said to have nothing to do with fashion!


So I have to put it today


Dedicated to our Habitians

Arrange! Old rules, I also brought you one for you


HIN wearing a thick jacket dressing model -Miss 158CM@h 哈

Xiaohongshu ID:@小 d 小

Height 158cm Weight 40kg


I have to say that in so many bloggers who are dressed in a cool one year for beauty,@不@is really a clear stream ~


No, brush her at the beginning of the month,

I just lamented that she was so beautiful in a small skirt

As soon as the weather cools down, I opened Weibo and found that she has been the same as us.

Very “admit” wrapped in a thick jacket

Haha ~


But I found that@不过 不过’s coat style is not too much,

The favorite in the autumn is a thick suit. After cooling, I started wearing lamb hair and bread clothes.

Although there are only three simple models, it is also

It just covers different temperatures of autumn and winter




I think that every time I write and wear, there will be sisters in different regions to complain. Some say too thin and too thick. Thinking about it, these 3 models can just meet all sisters in different regions!

So today I will take

Thick suit, lamb hair and cotton clothing

All arrangements!

From the south of 25 ° C to the north of 0 ° C,

Make sure you can find the one that suits you best!


NO.1 Gas Farm Warm and warm up


At 20 ° C in the south, please lock it with it this autumn and winter!

I felt cool two days ago, I caught a small suit and put it on, but when I went to the company, I found that many young sisters were worn.


Suit jacket this year of autumn and winter fire!

I recommend a small suit jacket in autumn and winter. I don’t believe you think about it. The thick knit jacket on the Internet is really temperament, but

That’s for Gao Mei.

Once we wear a few more inside, the loose jacket will instantly look short and fat.


The small suit and the wide fabric and shoulder line can weaken the sense of expansion well

At the same time, it is thin and thin at the same time as SOEASY ~

However, because the suit comes with a formal sense, if you don’t want to wear “insurance”, then you must remember


“Dorry well” law

What does that mean? Sisters understand this comparison chart


If you want to wear good -looking suit, remember to 3 o’clock below!


① Do not buckle in suit buttons!

Open you can to neutralize the formal sense of the suit

, And exposed the stack of sweaters and shirts, there is a sense of layering and no need to worry about it ~


② Avoid too rigid on the cuffs!

You can choose the style of the cuff with design buttons, or you can also


Fold the sleeve for a while, or directly match the long sweater to expose the cuffs

In short, it is natural to implement it to the end!

③ Select a suit with an informal sense.

Like this year’s popularity

Retro grid, Chibirdi grid


There are all kinds


Creamy, earth color

, All are the key to breaking the formal sense of the suit ~ built with fashion filters, it can keep warm and fashionable!

NO.2 Soft wax girl must have a lamb hairy jacket


Below 10 ° C, fashion and warmth is enough!


After watching the thick suit above, I know that there must be a sister who wants to cry with me too thin again! Rest assured, prepare DER for sisters who are “failed in winter” in Guangdong ~

Sisters in areas below 10 ° C

Warm and thick jacket in autumn and winter -lamb hair Lalai

Still, do n’t worry about the lamb hair to keep warm, but to avoid wearing a ball, you have to spend more effort when choosing and matching. In fact, it’s very simple. Summary is two points

① Lamb hair jacket, short hairy model is the best choice

I am tired of this. We are wearing lamb hair and not mink. Do you want to grab the limelight with the aunt of the square?

And honest, this long hair style is not as warm as it looks like it


(Don’t ask me how to know




, Sisters who are afraid of cold, still choose


Short -haired model+inner cotton pinch


Style, look thin and warm ~

② The lamb hair is not bloated, and the length and width are the key!

In addition, there is a small detail here,

When choosing a lamb hairy jacket, pay attention that this wide sleeve cage and the length of covering the hips are casual.


The little man is still honest


Let’s, the length of the coat does not exceed 55cm, the sleeves do not swell, and the figure will not be expanded ~

NO.3 Autumn and Winter Life Artifacts の downlift Bread

In the north with zero temperature, you can wear it to not be fat ~


You have been urging for so long, I finally arranged today!

Remember the submission of the sisters at the beginning? The reason why she wore a quilt,


It has nothing to do with the match, but because I chose the wrong style!

You see that as long as you choose the short model, can we also easily control it ~


However, the old rules, if you want to have a higher and thinner effect, you must not forget to wear it!


① 10 pounds of upper width and narrowness!

The short model is already very high, but the cotton suit still cannot avoid swelling. So at this time, it is best to wear a close or smooth style,


With the contrast of upper width and narrowness, you can avoid fat

Oh ~


② Keep warm+thin = workmade cotton clothing

However, these premises are thin bread clothes. If it is really cold in the north, it is still preferred

Workers choose noodle clothing


In the same case, because of the wide fabric, the cost of work will be much thinner than the “Michelin” model!

③ The lightness of the neck and ankle is the key to thin!

Of course, the long style is not unable to wear it. After all, the north with the temperature below zero, the long models covering the legs can be warm enough.

But you don’t have to wrap the whole person too tightly. There is no lightness from head to toe.

The warmth of the neck and ankle is left to the turtleneck sweater and socks. These two parts remain light.

We will not be too bloated ~


Alright, this is here today’s thick coat sharing ~