The way you eat, expose your level


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The best way to destroy a person is to let him takeaway every day.

Some people say that the biggest difference between people is the difference in levels.

But how to judge a person’s level? Is it the disparity of status? Is it the difference in financial rights? Or the level of education ability? Different people naturally have different opinions.

But in fact, looking at a person’s level, you can’t just look at the external conditions, but also the details of life. And the way you eat can easily expose your level.


“Book of Rites” said that when men and women are eating, people want to be big.

Regarding eating, it is not what we think of the chai oil and salt. In fact, there are still great knowledge.

Eating well, not only reflects a person’s attitude towards life, but also a person’s level of life.

level one:


Catalizing meal is an irresponsible attitude towards life

Some people say that the best way to destroy a person is to take a takeaway every day.

Yes, takeaway is quietly changing the Chinese lifestyle. No matter during the day and night, as long as you click on your mobile phone, you have food.


However, you never know how dirty foods are in those beautiful takeaway boxes.

The braised pork in front of you may be the meat on the dead pig;

The noodle soup in your mouth may eat bugs and flies at any time;

Your favorite steak is likely to be artificially synthesized.

And these are what you can see. Where you can’t see, there are more things you don’t know.

In Shantou, Guangdong, when a takeaway brother was waiting for the meal, he saw such a thrilling scene:

There are meatballs in the washbasin, and the owner’s son is playing with his mobile phone while stepping on the meatballs with both feet …

If you don’t see your own eyes, you will never know how dinner in your mouth is made.

And this way of diet has pushed many people to the edge of disease or even death.

You think you can save time to save time, you can save more money for cooking;

You think that eating less meals does not matter, you can save time for eating for a while, play a more game for a while.

As everyone knows, not eating well, it is precisely the irresponsibility and maturity of yourself.

A person who doesn’t even care about his life and health, what do you want to love to love?

Hippokrad said:


“To make foods your medicine, not to make your drugs your food.


Many people think that they do n’t eat well as a manifestation of a chic life as a proof of desperate work.

But I don’t know that when people live for a lifetime, they are all healthy.

Second floor:

Putting meals as a kind of optimistic attitude towards life

There is a kind of person who not only eats carefully, eats seriously, but also turns eating into a mood, making an optimistic attitude into the rice, and making the simplest home -cooked dish.

Wang Zengqi, known as “the last scholar in China”, is such a person who treats meals as a mood.

An ordinary burning small radish, Wang Zengqi can also make tricks. The first step is to carefully select the ingredients.


He wrote in his article: “The small water radish in Beijing is only a few days a year. A few days ago, the radish was not good, less water, and the spicy taste, not sweet; after this For a few days, it has grown again, bran. “

Wang Zengqi · Painting

The ingredients should be selected, and cooking cannot be sloppy. Wang Zengqi should be carefully burned with scallops and split the sweet soup into the radish.

Wang Lao was very confident in his cooking skills, and he also made himself: “My burning little radish is famous on both sides of the Taiwan Strait!”

He is the most aware of the writers and the most written among the chefs.

Whether it is “Five flavors” or “Dry Silk”, whether it is “Food of the Land” or “Furniture of Furniture”, in the trivial matter of eating, Wang Zengqi’s optimistic attitude is hidden, and his interesting soul is hidden.

In addition to Wang Zengqi, Liang Shiqiu is also a foodie who is keen to eat. He not only loves to eat, but also eats.

He said: “The shrimp is not big, but it is not delicious when it is big. The bacon must be steamed throughout the ground, cut the slices after steaming, and fry again.”

He also said, “I appreciate raw fried beef shreds. Cleavers are shredded, and the lard is stir -fried.

It is said that only love and food cannot be disappointed,

A person’s optimistic attitude towards life is reflected in his ordinary fun in the life of a feathers.

It turns out that the most beautiful look of life is not necessarily the piano, chess, calligraphy, poetry wine, and can also be chai rice oil and salt sauce vinegar tea.

the third floor:

Putting for dinner is an open -minded life wisdom

A monk once asked the Zen master: “How do you practice recently?”

Zen master replied: “Hungry to eat and sleep.”

The monk does not understand: “Do ordinary people eat and sleep? Which practice is this practice?”

The Zen master replied: “The usual people eat a lot of meals and refuse to eat well; they think about it when they sleep, and they are unwilling to sleep well.”

It turns out that eating well and sleeping well is the best practice in life.

Many people say that Su Dongpo is the first person in Chinese history, not only because his article is well written, but also because of his open mind.

Su Dongpo was vividly adopted, but was repeatedly degraded. However, even if the fate gave him the deepest malice, he would not change the “food”.

After the Wutai Poetry Case, he was degraded in Huangzhou. At that time, he was destroyed and impoverished. Without the money to eat the mountains and sea flavor, I washed my hands and soup myself, and wrote the famous “Pork Song”: “Huangzhou is good pork, the price is as cheap as dung. The rich refuses to eat, the poor are cooked. With less water, the flames of the firewood stove are not affordable. “

Later, he was degraded to more remote Huizhou. It is a wild place, and the plague is raging. At that time, Su Dongpo was old, and the disease was involved, and the situation was quite difficult.

However, Su Dongpo was still able to find comfort in the food, and wrote proudly: “Three hundred litchi in the sun, and never resigned as Lingnan people.”

In this word, you can’t see his pain and complaints at all, as if it is a travel gourmet, where to go and eat.

Those people who are jealous of Su Dongpo’s talents, every time they think that degrading him to a remote place, he can set him to death.


However, I did not expect that Su Dongpo had dinner and live a good life everywhere. Although the place where he went was more difficult than one, he could get more and more happier.


It turns out that in a simple little thing for eating well, a person’s life is hidden, and a person’s highest life wisdom is also hidden.

No matter how much fate is, no matter how much suffering in life, people who can eat well have an open -minded heart to accept the imperfections of life and maintain their love for life. And this is the highest level of life.

How do you eat


Exposure your level

As the saying goes: “Small things can see the true chapter.” Don’t underestimate the trivial matter of eating. Unconsciously, it has exposed your level.

No matter what the reason is not to eat well, it exposes this person’s disrespect to health and is not responsible for life. And those who eat well at all times not only know the preciousness of health, but also know the wisdom of life.

I hope we can eat well from now on. because:

One dish and soup in the plate conveys a healthy and optimistic attitude;

The family’s smile is full of warmth and happiness of family warmth;


The taste of food is full of people in the fireworks in the fireworks;

Gradually you will find out,

The happiness of life is actually very simple. Whether it is red red sauce or porridge side dishes,

Enjoying the happiness of gourmet gifts is the best health in the bland life and the greatest blessing.


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