When the palace is very hard, the general woman can’t do it.


Many of my friends feel that “three thousand concubines” only virtual means, is an exaggeration, but in reality not. In many dynasties, the number of women in the harem is far from “3,000” numbers.

For example, Tang Taizong Li Shimin’s hometown, the number of palace women is more than 10,000 people, and every day, the scene of the palace is really called “Motor Become, People Hills”. Li Shimin is still the most extensive. He has a six thousand post-ladies women in the hometown of Lilongji, which is the most common in history. It can be said that in addition to the front of the emperor’s daily prescription, the harem is completely “women’s world.”

So, how does a woman in this small world live?

After leaving the palace, you can simply divide two categories:

One type is a class of female guides;

One class is an ordinary palace woman with no grade.

Like the pyramid, the status is in the bottom of the palace, accounting for most, a small number of palace women can be promoted to “Miya”, among the management of management. Although the “Miye” hand holds the power of the management of the palace, they are only the lowest level in the management, and any 嫔 有 has the right to call these palace officials. The reason why the “Miya official” is completely the ruler in order to maintain the normal operation of the Hai Palace, the “Miya” is very limited.

In the management system in the hometown, the ruler of the past will refer to the “front court”. We know that the level of “front court” is divided into nine products, and the “Hou Ting” is also the same. my country’s archaeological circles have unearthed four epitaps in the Tang Dynasty tombs of Xi’an Zaoyuan. The owner of these epitaps is the four Tang Dynasty women’s officials. Of course, not every palace girl is eligible to enjoy the epitaph after death, only the higher status has this opportunity.

The “Miye” mentioned above, usually six products to nine products, and the remaining five products are Queen and 嫔嫔. Of course, some elderly women will be promoted to five products and enjoy the treatment of equal talents. At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the hometown level system has changed several changes, but the overall system did not change much.

Different from “front court” officials, “Hou Ting” is only responsible for the “one acre three-point land” of the palace, so they have to be responsible for the work relatively detailed, such as candles in the palace, key, bedding and other daily necessities There is a special person. After all, the female officials in the class is only a very small number. Most of the palace women are the palace of the status. They are engaged in the heavy physical labor, and it is difficult to see the high-level hierarchy. Little poor. Some palace women have been working hard in the latter, and they have not seen the emperor.

Talking to the hierarchical system of the palace, he has to talk about the source of the palace, after all, the origin of the palace directly affects the identity status after entering the palace.

So, what channels have passed by the palace?

Most palace women are called through the “nature”. The specific form of “select” is similar to the current draft programs, usually with sea elections, primary elections, check, etc., each dynasty is slightly different, but in general, the same is small. The demand of the palace to the palace is very strict, and the palace will accept a series of assessments such as physical, appearance, and virtue before entering the palace.

According to the difference in origin, the status of the palace in the hometown is also very different:

Some palace women are implicated because of their families, they are all sent to the palace. They are often the most striking work in the hometown;

Some palace women have craftsmanship and other craftsmanship, they will become “professional talents” in the hometown, which is arranged to the corresponding position;

Some palace women are local heaven, they are good, and their moral quality is very high. These palace women have the greatest opportunity for women’s officials;

There is also a small number of palace women are local officials, affiliated countries or princeshes, and the princes have been to the palace. They are often talented and more easily become 嫔嫔. However, these palace women who have passed into the palace are often more dangerous. If the costumes don’t have the heart, these palace women will become the trails that have lurking around the emperor. For example, the Princess Taiping has been inserting the eyeliner in the way, but because Li Longji is alert, the Princess Taiping has been hit and failed.

To put it, the duties of the palace and the “front court” are almost the same, the minister’s work is to take care of Jiangshan for the emperor, and the palace woman is taking the emperor for the emperor. As long as the emperor who lives in the palace, the princess, the princess is satisfied, and their work is completed. Don’t look at the main master of the palace, but the work of the palace is not allowed. In order to meet the various life needs of the master, the palace women need to bear the most heavy work.

The work range of the palace woman covers the “clothing, food, lives, and line” of the masters. In addition, there are also some palace women who specialize in providing performance services for the master, they are all good at juggling, dance, musical instruments, singing talents. From the surface, the performance of the emperor is a relaxed job every day. This is relatively, compared to the palace girls engaged in physical labor, although the gong girl engaged in performance, but caught up with the emperor or the mood Ok, these palace women have to be able to perform throughout the day, staying up late.


From Tang poetry, we can figure out more of the palace women responsible for performing, and there is such text in “One Hundreds of Palace Words”:

Penglai Zhengshang pressure gold, red sun, Bi Haitao.

Leisure the five-door northwest, Huang Yellow new Paste bed is high.

The front of the temple is in the class, and the summons are quite quite.

Going to the Qinghua Dragon, sneaked in Nanshan.

The dragon smoke is warm and purple, and the donggenesis is in the wind.

The five-headed Pavilion is out of the class, and the curtain is in half a day.

The white jade window dramatically, and the cherry is new.

The temple of the temple, the golden edge, only the words come to Xie Sheng.

The inner people have the royal flowers and embroidered sitting.

Before the red candle, it is herbal, and the palatin is out of the gate.

After the thousands of cattle gave up, the jade case was rooted.

Everyday comes in Jin Feng paper, there is not much book in the temple.

Yan Yingxuan to Chaola, Jiang Yan, all the beds.

The emperor leaves the exam, the palace people have a tea soup.


I didn’t open the nine off, and the gold painting Huanglong five colors.

Until the Yintai tangled, the Saints three temples.

The young man is relied on, and I personally 烟 画 阁.

Teach the Month Hons Write the chart, and the long will make a screen.

Danfeng house opened, and the five clouds were coming next day.

The horse is in front of the horse, and the sky is almost the southern suburbs.

Before the building, he looked at Xuanzhu, and he danced.

The sunshine is high, and the flying fairy is fighting for golden chicken.

Jixian Temple is full of books, and the survey is the same.

Suddenly coming in, don’t lock in jade letter.

The secret of the secret is the long, the purple micro Palace is burn incense.

Bai Mausoleum Daqing, the halogen book is too often.

The newly toned white horse is afraid of the whip, and the row is shipped.

Introduce the public, and submit the ball name.

For the first to fight for the first, don’t play back before the temple.

The inner people sing the turtle, and the emperor sheath returned to the jade building.

The new shirt is like a yellow, and the silver belt is rigor.

I always ride the jade roll, the green manguar is fragrant.

Robust leaves embroidered, Jinfeng silver gorge.

Each time dance is divided into two-way, the Ten Pacific is in the word.

The fishing palace is locked in the palace, and the first quarter is never passed.

Nowadays, the pool will be accommodated, and the ghost chicken is more.

The temple is in the middle of the day before tomorrow, even the night Qiong Lin Zhu Dance.

The report of the company, and the number of gold locks were submitted.

Five more gold cars, take a look at the palace.

Take the horse, the temple is first reported in the home.

The northeastern part of the city is looking at the cloud building, and the pearl curtain is half a hook.

The riding person is in the long run, and the fever is in the store.

The born palace is a red makeup, and the new bow is given.

Giving wine in the horse, the man is grateing from the king.

New autumn white rabbit is greater than punches, red ear frost is sleeping.

The emperor did not teach people to shoot, and the jade covered it to the horseshoe.

The inner eagle is releasing red, and the fight will fight out.

It is still in the Qing Yun, but a pair of golden claws.

Returning the head of the flag, splashing water and rheumatus on both sides.

Chi East is striving to the West Bank, first come to the first book.

Flying in front of the lamp into the jade sepore, not embossed, the middle of the night.

Look at the middle of China Rangeri, and emptiness from the plate.


The red light is sleeping in the spring cloud, and the cloud is more straight to the sky.

The golden rain is walking, and the two lift the faint skirt.

I went on the boots and tubes, and the pets came to the temple.

The rectification of clothes is all, and the dance head is a third sound.

琵琶 first, Six, the small tube is close.

In the middle of the night, the beauty is singing, and there is a phoenix building.

The spring pool is warm and less style, and the flowers in the flowers are singing.

Violet Swordnam New Sample Festival, the East Palace is more fishing.

Thirteen beginners, the disciples were reserved.

Yesterday, the teacher has entered, and the house palace is combing.

The red bodies are put on the chest and moved to the head.

For force alone, the Phoenix fly down.

The spring breeze blows the thrill, and it is not afraid of the cold.

It is said that you can walk horses, and the group has passed away.

The millet belt ivory cone is inserted into the red jade branch.

The hunt is also attacked, and the rabbit is returned.

The clouds are all trial, and the general figure is generally.

The temple is coming to the top, I want to give the king.

The lights are filled with the lights every night, and the silver smoke is in the bottom of the fire.

Listening to Jun Wang, on the spot, the goal is at home.

Due to the return of cherry, it was worn in the past three years.

The inner and middle school came, and the golden flowers were got on.

I want to welcome the emperor to see the flowers, but the golden order is repent.

I am afraid to see the old courtyard, I will return to the string.

Old courtyards are unbearable, and they are close to the building.

I have a new thing in the beautiful people, and the six palace has not seen a moment.

Self-praise and dance, people, hate, and have never responsible.

In the middle of the night hall, the lichen curtain is new.

Borgery is nowhere to think about, rotate the golden steps.

Handling the mountains, washing musk in front of the mirror.

The bee must be plenty of wings, and the floating head seems to have wind.

One time throws it, the gold bars are all over full.

The uncle report is to the door, and you should call you songs at night.

The bead curtain is sleeping under the room, and the moon has passed the golden steps.

When the royal kitchen does not eat, every time, every look is blooming.

Singapore is like a disease, and the splicing curtain teaches female.

The jungle washing windproof basin, and the red towel entered the temple door.

The new abstracts of the crowd have been pushed before.

Royal pool water spring is good, and it is diverted everywhere.

The mortuary king knows the moon, calling people to accompany the cement.

Move it to the headside of the female music, the new flowerwood taste.

Dragonfly handle, and the center is a pair.

New sunny grass is green, and the mountain snow is getting angry.

Today, I will return to the school, and I will leave the Spring Gate.

The two floors exchange the bead curtain, and the Lieutenant Ming Dynasty set home.

The same gold pan five thousand faces, and the red pastry peony flowers.

Let’s send a spring to the home and record a flower.

During the time, the red candles were burned, and they won’t get on the bus.

Home often loves old clothes, empty red comb does not make up.

Down the lower skirt is brought about, and it is non-timing to see the king.

Don’t teach songs, you can’t go out, and you have an overhead of the king.

Three doctoral remnants, and rope a chapter of Xuanhua.

The first battle in the line dance, the doctor is also bullied.

I am sneak that the chord is smashed, and I am in a hurry.

The private seams of Huang Hao She comb, want to get Jin Xianguanli.

Nearly been known by the king, receiving the case.

When the river is closed, the jade land is golden.

The bath hall has been placed outside, the princess family metabolic.

I didn’t bear a honesty, and I arrived outside the house.

Seeking the orchestra, sing Yizhang, singing Yizhang.

Dongfeng splash and rain, and the spring mud sweeper.

When I took the horse, I was Royal Road, and the Han Yang Palace was mainly entering the chicken ball.


The wind curtain water hibiscus, four hooks in the water.

Skating is not returning to the golden temple, the autumn river woven female night makeup red.

The Shengren Birthday Ming Dynasty is, privately teach people inner supervision.

Self-write golden flower red list, the front of the phoenix shirt.

Summer Zhaoyang does not stop Lu, and the well is aquatic.

There is no call in the inner medium, and the Tro king is doing a call.

In the first autumn inscription, the temple is a day.

The sound of the SMD spread, and the door is open.

The jade gallery three layers, and the Gao Gao Green is empty.

The dance of the dance is blowing, and returning to a comb.

The leaves of the leaves are made of birds, and the pomegranate flowers are more laughter.

The middle of the mid-nectassy, ​​picked up from him to redeemed.

Xiao Hall is a powder, and you can see it.

In order to move in the same day, we will continue to street Xueso peony.

The inner people continue to report, and the Juns will appear.

Everywhere, the spring is in the spring court.

The patrol is slow, and the dark number is more.

Seeing the pear garden in tomorrow, first must be a song.

Golden in the golden snow, refined the four flowers of roller.

One side of the book, the official sent and the ministers.

No Mingdong is on the door, and the sound is coming from the back hall.

Aun, there are opposite side, and I watched Soma.

The palace people laughed and didn’t know how to sweep the law.

If you ask for your money, you still seem to have no.

Xiaoyu, I will learn to learn, see the king of the king.

Dear jade bed towards the mirror, the golden hall is not teaching.

There is a cigarette in the Japanese Horizon, and the sound is long and the sound is nine days.

In the middle of the squad, the inner people were willing to wash money.

The floral flowers are not in total, and the first month is half red.

For the cherry, look at the courage, and go into the garden.

The temple is laid in the two-side building, and the cold food palace will play.

Half walked to fight for worship, the upper shed first thank you.

The front day of Taiyi came to the Yangtze Rise.

I gave a red and red, and Xie En did not play flowers.

Royal New Glory, step by step gold.

The palace is always joy, and there is a new book in the hospital.


Who taught the tongue, rape in the hands.

The language is more feelingful, and the number is the king.

Sitting in a gambling cherry, causing pug jade wrist.

Each of the sinks of the sink, and the bureau is tired.

The Zhi Temple is in the Red Tower, and the song will lead the city.

The squatter temple is standing, and the handstand is bamboo bamboo bow.

The spring breeze institute is falling, and the gold lock is not open.

More built the songs and makeup halls, the Ming Dynasty, the first drawing.

Dance to sweat the rose, the upper top floor is holding the jade ladder.

Bashed into the hospital, the golden flower pot was spilled.

Essence is not tomorrow, and the Zhaoyang flower tree is followed.

In the cold food, the people are playing in the middle of the library, and the library is scattered with money.

The crowd biased the king smile and steals the gold box pen.

Broken Brandonia, rotate as a beautiful man.

Take the palace to sing all the words, and you have no one knows.

The middle of the building is good, don’t ask from beginners.

The young building of the Qinglou is long, and it is always written into the teacher.

There are many teams in the spring temple, each of your friends.

The water in the water is flowers, and it will also be affected.

Tempa, others are all right, and the sleeves are tulugan.

The jade changed to temper, and the red Luo Site is called.

Dairy hat, two pavilions in front of the curtain.

The window windows are equivalent, with a bead curtain.

Although the king does not come to the accommodation, the long-term long is the fragrance.

The rain is full of cold curtains, and the wind is new.

The inner people are afraid of autumn clothes, they can’t live in the shade.

Jinwu entered the name, and the Zhu Yi four teams were drawn.

The barrels of the courtyard are like a white day, and the incense is sitting on the fire.

The tree head of the tree is red, a piece of Xifei.

Since the peach blossom, the wrong teachers hate five more wind.

The Golden Temple is the head of Ziqi, and the cactus is on the palm of the husband.

Taiping Son of Wong Ying, five-color cloud car driving six dragons.

I am screaming on the squat on the sky.

Yuan is my king gold medal, and the sea flask is going to fight.

Down to Jin Yu, the inner people followed.

But I will pass the dragon army before, and I teach the duck pool.

Painting the Tianhe Carved the cattle, Yushuo Jinzhai bridge head.

I wear a needle in the palace every year, giving a cheerful building.

Spring is coming to sleep, and it is too lazy to be a junyuan North Tour.

Temporarily sit on the jade step, the money won two or three.

Walking in the long door, you can’t tell the old court.

I only afraid of him, I am going to be home.

缣 罗 缣 索 轻 轻,,,,,,,,,,,,, 红 红 红

The shirt came over again, and the Ming Dynasty was in the garden.

Play chess and jade fingers, the back is in danger.

First take the corner of the head, and the upper three gold phrase half is hanging.

There is a lot of women in the Haiqian Palace, and I laughed in the garden.

Dance butterfly falls, and the spring breeze should also be difficult.

Like the gold white handle, Qingfei leaves painting.

It’s not a new sample, I want to enter the breeze to the royal bed.

For the fragrant fragrance, the water, the water, the mountain, the new mountain.

It is not allowed to pass in the inside, and it has been written with people.

After the medicine and baby, send the cloud pulp, and the high hall is cold.

Every time I go to the middle of the day, I ride around the corridor.

“Dance to sweat, rose, upstairs, help the jade ladder.” The palace girl just finished is sweating, the clothes are soaked by sweat, and the monsters who have watched the performance upstairs need to help others Walk down the stairs. In Tang poetry, there is a sentence of “Mindlight on the light of the light”. From this poem, we can see this scene: When the night is quiet, the sleeping hall in the deep palace has turned off the lights, those responsible for the master The palace is still ironing clothes.

In addition to the work in weekdays, the palace women need to receive education, “keep up with the times”. They need to learn, including art, culture, and various common skills. Unlike other dynasties, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty very much attention to the “quality education” of the palace, and there is a “palace girl” in the Haiyong of the Tang Dynasty, including the “domestic teacher” of the professor of palace female songs. Therefore, the average quality of the Tang Dynasty palace is the highest in the palace girl, and we often see the talented colleagues from the literature in the Tang Dynasty.

Shangguan is an example:

Shangguan is born, her grandfather is in the same manner. However, because Shangguan is involved in the political style, it was killed in the murder of the political style, and the women of Shangguan and other Shangguan’s family were not entered into the palace, became a palace. When Shangguan Yu was brought into the palace, he was less than ten years old. From the moment of her into the palace, her life was firmly sticky with the palace. However, it is because the Tang Dynasty attaches great importance to the quality education of the palace. Shangguan is a chance to learn, which also makes her become the most petty of Wu Zetian.

Of course, “Miye” like this is a rare in a hundred years. Most of the palace women can only be in depression and loneliness, and they are trapped in the deep palace in the deep palace. In one sentence, it is to summarize “worry-free food, spiritual empty virtual”. When people are lonely, they will always find some entertainment activities as a pastime, and the palace is no exception. In the palace, Miyong women can conduct some entertainment activities in their leisure time, and to disclose loneliness.

In an ancient hoodie, there is a kind of entertainment project called “participating in the army”, the form is a bit like the current opponents, the two palace women are talking about, and the other is holding, self-satisfied. Some folk entertainment projects, the palace women will play in the palace wall, such as fighting hundred flowers, throwing embroidered balls, swinging. Although these entertainment activities cannot truly dispelling the loneliness of the palace, they are more than not.

The scope of the palace is strictly limited in “庭” unless they are given a special task, they must not take a half of the palace. The life of the palace is boring, day after day, they gradually go old in duplicate work. Waiting to youth, there is no strength to serve the harem, and the palace women can only keep the blue light ancient Buddha but have been residual, or the cold ruthless emperor is arranged to the Muling Mausoleum. However, some dynasties will appear “Out of the Palace”, and the emperor will release some palace women and open source.

The quantity of the palace is full of personal preferences, and the emperor of the palace is naturally put more. For example, Tang Taizong and Tang Gaozu will put a lot of older or sick palace women every year, and Tang Xuanzong is relatively small. Some palace women who have been returned home will also have the opportunity to harvest happiness. In the late Tang Dynasty, a young reading man went to Changan. On a certain day, he walked on the river outside the palace. Seeing a maple leaf as a drift, after picking up the leaves, Luo saw the first sentence:

“Where is the water flow, the deep palace is perfect.

Attentive brink, go to the world. “

Luoke thinks of the verses on the leaves are very beautiful. He feels very charming, putting this leaf into his own book box, properly keeping it.

A few years later, Xuanzong Emperor Decided, amnesty the world, and released some palace women. Under the arrangement of the family, he married a palace woman. On a day, the wife of 卢 无 中 中 红 箱 箱 箱 片 片 片 片 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红 红After watching the verse on the leaves, the palace woman couldn’t help but feel: “This is the verse I questioned on the leaves. I didn’t expect to be kept in Luo.” At first, everyone thought that the palace was joking, and later passed the control slippery, found The palace of the palace is like a red leaf. For a time, the love of Luoke and the palace is coming to a good story, it is “Red Yoy Poetry”.

Of course, there are very few marriage marriages that are difficult to say that this palace is too lucky.


[“One hundred palace words”, “New Tang Book”]