Jeans+knitted cardigan ~ It is one of the standard autumn, there is a kind of intimacy of the young lady next door


Real knit cardigan is more free and more free than the knead sweater. It is more fashionable with jeans. There is a kind of intimacy of the young lady next door. Let’s take a look at the operation of the following young ladies.

Tie a seat belt, hang the gear ~


↑ Wide -leg jeans+pattern T -shirt+short cardigan+small white shoes+fisherman hat ~


White echo, the pattern brightens, increases the sense of picture, roll up the sleeve ~

Green short cardigan,

Vitality and clean.

② ↑ Baseball cap, logot shirts, tight -fitting jeans, small white shoes, etc. are combined with the combination of casual and fashionable items ~ are the standard of young and fashionable.

Bless a beige cardigan,

It’s a bit lazy, comfortable and kind, and grounded!

↑ ↑ Panasonic tightness, short up and down, sleeves and plackets to increase the sense of picture, Martin boots blessing, adding a bit of fashion.

Playful and fashionable!


④ ↑ Blue placket color matching and jeans and shoes echoed the color of the shoe, lifted the pants … given people a sense of vision of the spring breeze, handsome and charming!

⑤ Baseball caps, inside, small white shoes echoing is clean and tidy ~ wear a water pink cardigan,

Minimal but not simplify!


⑥ ↑ The placket is clearly treated, the wine is inside, the black foot pants, the red bag ~ mature, stable, intellectual, elegant and generous.


Knone cardigan is very common in autumn. The temperature must be temperature and demeanor. Add a little fashionable atmosphere with jeans.

There is a sense of intimacy of the younger sister next door.


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