Thick and tidy tail trench coat dress


I made a little stretching during customization! Intersection The fabric is thicker than the previous military green retro long trench coat ~ there is a super -quality oblique mechanism on the surface. The big -name khaki that will never be out of time, does not pick skin tone, and is easy to match with clothes. In front of it, it is a classic Burberry windbreaker style, double -breasted, shoulder chapter, duplex front chest, cuffs, a lot of. On the side, there is a long front and back, and there is a very beautiful arc transition. So super modify the figure, visually stretch your legs! Looking at the back, I did a lot of folds from the waist section, and the effect of hip -lifting, and the monk turned into a dress. The side of the side was particularly long and the curve of women. This is a version that can satisfy you at the same time.


When visiting VintageMarket, a Chinese girl came up to ask me what brand was

So this trench coat is more expensive than ordinary trench coat styles. In fact, do you know that you use four meters furniture, but the style is very good!

In the details, there are several exquisite plum holes embroidered on the belt. It is a high -grade urea buckle used to adjust the fat and thin buttons. There are beautiful patterns on the surface. It is a thick and anti -split double -colored diagonal lines in the lubrica! All the details are definitely high -end atmospheric people who wear it on it will also improve their temperament!