Learn Chen Yuqi in a good -looking New Year, white down jacket and jeans, fresh and sweet, very pleasing


The new year is coming immediately. At this time of resignation, everyone is busy putting new clothes and running New Year’s goods. At the time of joy, of course, we must wear beautiful. There can be less sharp domineering, a little more delicate and gentle. Less personality and coolness, a little more fresh and sweet.


If you don’t know what to wear in the New Year, you may wish to learn from Chen Yuqi’s airport to wear look. Simple white down jackets with water -washed jeans, fresh and generous, like the sweet and pleasant and pleasant of student girls. This kind of dress is really pleasing. Seeing her boyfriend, seeing parents, and girlfriends, no mistakes have been made.

Fashion small directory in this issue

1. Chen Yuqi fashion styling appreciation;


2. How to create a fresh and sweet new year dress;


Chen Yuqi fashion styling appreciation

Simple white down jacket, refreshing and playful short hooded design, also very lively and age -reducing. Chen Yuqi chose the black and gray hooded sweater as the inside, and the leisure style was clearer.

The stack of the sweater increases comfort. The hooded design will not feel bloated, but it is more fashionable and playful. Reduce the aesthetic sense of white, and more playful and lively style. The color of black and white gray, simple atmosphere, and high -level personality.

The loose white down jacket has a very strong sense of expansion. It looks like a soft feeling, and the style of the whole person becomes gentle. The loose version has a stronger tolerance, and it will not expose the strong sense of the upper body.

This loose short down jacket is the best with a slim -fitting straight pants or a sharp jeans. Straight pants look more straight and straight, and the fabric of the denim highlights the vitality of youth. If you want to be modern, the micro -pants with high waist are also good.


How to create a fresh and sweet new year dressing style?


Tip 1: White item, fresh age reduction

If you want a fresh and sweet New Year to wear, it must be a light and soft color match. The white line is the purest color reduction color. Whether it is white down jacket, coat or sweater, or small white pants, small white boots in the head can increase the playfulness of fresh age reduction.


White is pure and clean, giving people a feeling of age reduction. Especially as a coat, because it is close to the skin, it is not suitable for people with dull skin tone. At this time, you can choose the white line inward, or the white system, which will not look so dim.


Tips 2: denim single product, playful and lively

Compared to the pure and sweet of white, denim items are more playful and more playful. In daily matching, denim items are very high. Whether it is denim vest, denim jacket, or jeans, denim skirts, it is a classic item.

As a new year, I recommend everyone to choose jeans or denim skirts, because this bottom will not highlight the handsome and handsome style, it will only appropriately increase the playful and lively sense, making simple wear more pleasing.

Tip three: age reduction items, more cute

Leisure reduction items can break the visual dullness and boring, outline the fresher and playful beauty. In daily wear, naval style clothing, college style clothing, and literary style costumes, casual clothing, all comes with age -reducing style.

Chen Yuqi’s group of wear, chose a casual sweater as an inside, is also a common age reduction item. Loose, comfortable and generous, adding sweet and cute playful models.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to create a playful and sweet New Year? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)

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