How is the pearl in the shell formed


Everyone knows that there are pearls in the shell, and it is very beautiful. So how does it form?

Although the shell has a very hard shell, the meat in the shell is very soft. Whenever they open the shell, the parasites and sand in the water take the opportunity to drill into its belly. These uninvited foreign bodies can make shell animals very uncomfortable. In order to protect themselves, they will secrete a “pearl quality” that wrap the parasites and sands that break in. Over time, the more pearls accumulate, and the round pearls will be formed in the end.

Because pearls cannot be evenly wrapped around the foreign body each time, the pearls formed are not necessarily round. Then the quality of the pearls secreted by the shell is limited. The more foreign objects enter, the more pearls are, but the worse the quality of the pearls, so it is not that the larger the shell, the larger the pearls.

In addition to being used as jewelry, pearls can also be made of masks and whitening skin.

Everyone is a way to identify real pearls, that is, taking two pearls and rubbing each other. If it can be pink, it is true pearls. Do you know it?