1688 yuan Shenkeng hotel with double early also sent a secret ticket, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai luxury hotel price is big, come to the room | 55


Shanghai “Five-Year Shopping Festival” opened the city’s shopping big carnival, and the increase in consumption is obvious. Tonight (6th), Ctrip opens “BOSS live” Shanghai special event, promotes Shanghai regional high-star hotel products in a live broadcast, and creates new feelings for Shanghai consumers, give the biggest discount.

Previously, Ctrip joint founder Liang Jianzhang opened “BOSS live broadcast”, with pre-sale innovation, all unprecedented good price, super professional experience, quickly ignited the fire after the fire, becoming a lot of tourism enthusiasts must see every week programme. “BOSS live broadcast” also uses the sale, single-store scene, etc. “BOSS live broadcast” has exceeded 200 million yuan in 7 live bands so far.

Today is the home of Shanghai, “BOSS live broadcast” is upgraded again, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai three giants gather together


Peace Hotel, Shenzhen Pit Hotel, Bai Yue, Suning Bao Rijia, Jiapel, Anyu, Hyatt

The big giant of the Shanghai luxury circle is fighting today. Looking at a price, um, it is a level of blood to release the earth.

Market price

¥ 3420

BOSS special offer


¥ 1688

It is very suitable for the whole family to live, because it is very relaxed, the hotel is beautiful, and the child is not tired.

Breakfast is also very rich, and the elderly children can find themselves to eat.

I bought a deep pit today, it is really cost-effective, and the hotel has given you a fracture. Usually the theme of the theme of the theme of the room is 2000+, now

1 night room + 1 afternoon tea + 2 big 1 small deep pit secret ticket, a total of 2000,


Not only the room is discounted, but the afternoon tea and tickets are white.

, Then valid until the end of July! This is cheap, not blood loss!



Shanghai Peace Hotel

¥ 2854

Also, if you just want to eat, we also offer

Dragon Phoenix Hall’s country banquet, two people’s dishes, only sell ¥ 796


Shanghai Bai Yue Hotel


¥ 3275

¥ 1599

Always expensive, Bai Yue, this price is now!

1 night fees +1 悦 Xuan double dinner, a total of ¥ 1599.

What is the concept, usually, the basic room rate of Baoyue is more than this money, and the average consumption of Yuexuan is ¥ 500 + / person, now

It is equivalent to send you a free tyrant,

That is a famous Yuexuan in Shanghai!

This is still not counted

Free luxury night view!

Usually watch the scenery on the Global Financial Center is to collect money, tickets are more than 100, but you can live in the hotel for free. You talk about it, is it stable to earn!


Shanghai Suning Baolijia Hotel


“Anjia” with the same paragraph Lago double afternoon tea

Free to upgrade to luxury Jiangjing, May 31


¥ 3351

Red all over the “male gathering hotel”, or don’t live, go to the next night to become a dead flour!


The geographical location is super good,

Going out is the Suzhou River, next to the outer white cross bridge,

The essence of the old Shanghai style is here.

It is also a veritable

“Dado Star Harper”

Numerous superstars have been situated here, such as Feller.

“Anjia” has seen it, and it is also here.

The fragrance of the hotel is super good, and when you enter the door is a sweet breath, give you a kind

Vacation in Las Vegas

a feeling of.

The second batch of hotels, all are

Value fighter fighter

It is clear that it can be talled on the brand to eat, but it is necessary to use the price and strength circle powder.

1, Shanghai Jianye, Jiapei Hotel

¥ 2584


¥ 1699

3, Shanghai Zhujiajiao Afei Hotel

¥ 3862

¥ 2188

Going out is the ancient town of Zhujiajiao.

With the elderly and children come over!


The whole hotel is full of ancient tastes, and the floor tile is said to be the same as the Forbidden City.

35 rooms are all single-family villas,

Feel your own lives of “Ming Dynasty Qi Gui”.


Good toiletries love! horse! official!


Self-contained independent courtyard,

Inside the birds, you can call your breakfast, while you eat the sun. Hotels every day

Taiji morning practice, parents absolutely like it.


That is 2500+ room rates in Australia, now


Just spend 1 night, you can live for 1 night, also send breakfast, send a meal, send a spa, which is equivalent to playing all the bags.

An below has never lacks the source, and today can take out such a price, and it is rare.

Shanghai Xintiandi Anshida Hotel

5, Shanghai Hongqiao Kangdi Hotel

6, Shanghai Aardi Hotel

Supreme and Yue Room 1 night + 2 big 1 small buffet breakfast + daily restaurant double package + double afternoon tea + double germline detection + 300 yuan SPA voucher

¥ 4185

¥ 1268


This is absolutely selling.

To say the ceremony, Arni is really invincible in Shanghai.

There is 15 options for the sleeping pillow!

Beauty and peace of sleep have. The room is more, you can smell the faint essential oil fragrance, anxiety is instantaneous.

The floor is nano-energy floor, and the bare feet are well health.

The bedside lamp is a very precious salt light, and the bathroom has Chinese medicine grass bag can be bubbled bath, the bathtub is big amazing!

And each room is equipped

Private housekeeper

, There will be someone to add the aromatherapy! Feel yourself

“Stay in the Queen’s Sanatorium”


So good Aardi, this price is also very sincere!

Just ¥ 1268, breakfast afternoon tea plus a meal all-inclusive

, Live inside, eat and drink, drink, and relax yourself, you don’t have to worry ~

7, Chongming Jinmao Kaiyue Hotel

Hyatt Room 2 Night [including 2 Breakfast] + Double Chongming Featured Package

¥ 2198

¥ 899

Your dog doesn’t have to be empty again!

8, Crown Holiday Inn Shanghai Xiayang Lake

Superior room two nights + double buffet breakfast

1, Wuxi Fuhua Bay

拈花 客 大 / Twin Room 2 nights [Breakfast] + 拈 拈湾 Tickets 2 + afternoon tea +9/30

¥ 1504

The ancient gods, the lights in the south of the streets

,a kind

“Live in the ancient martial arts drama”

a feeling of. This is particularly suitable for tired urban white-collar workers, after all, Flower Bay

Relying on the lake, with the Lingshan Big Buddha, it is a “clean”

The strong Zen can instantly heal you. The small town is particularly big, and it will not be bored for two or three days.

The style is similar to Nara, Japan.

The room is very spacious,


The bed is very soft, WiFi is very fast,

Even the toiletries are ancient wind design, the taste is invincible.

2, Greentown · Hangzhou Rose Park Resort

Rose hose 2 nights [including breakfast] + outdoor activities package (manor animal feeding, fishing, kite) + chef selection double package

The rear garden of the hotel is the biggest surprise! There is a large turf to fly a kite.

Also raised

Peacock, black swan, koi, can feed,

Really “live in a fairy tale”, super suitable forum!

Valid until the end of the year! Plus 200 yuan per night!

3. Qiandao Lake Kaiyuan Resort


Advanced garden scenery 2 nights [including breakfast] + 6/30 free losses lake view room + Qiaodao secret ticket 2

¥ 1454

¥ 688

What are you waiting for? Hurry “”!


Market price

Market price

Market price

Market price

Market price

Market price

Market price

Market price

Market price

BOSS special offer

BOSS special offer


BOSS special offer

BOSS special offer

BOSS special offer

BOSS special offer

BOSS special offer


BOSS special offer

BOSS special offer

¥ 1688

¥ 1688


¥ 899