Four times a year! The “brand” gas stove purchased by Yueyang a citizen is actually counterfeit goods


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On March 25, 2020, I bought two Schurgal brand stoves in five faces in Thailand, Yueyang Tower District. However, during the use process, I found that there was a quality problem in the furnace, and it has been repaired 4 times. Later, I called Xunda after sale, and after -sales staff came to check it out and said it was a fake. I report this situation to the merchant, but the business attitude is very poor. I hope that the relevant departments will coordinate and deal with it, change the product or give compensation. (Ms. Mao)

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The client: repair 4 times a year

After receiving a complaint call from the 12345 public service hotline, the reporter of the Yueyang Evening News all -media helper immediately rushed to the Yueyang Schola Kitchen Electric after -sales service center on Yunmeng Road.

At the scene, the parties Ms. Mao and Mr. Li were preparing for the identification with two “Schndry” gas stoves.

“Originally, I went to the brand of Schuset, but the gas stove was used to use it only 4 times for one year. This is obviously a problem with quality.”

Ms. Mao told the help of the reporter that last year, her husband and Mr. Li bought two “Schndrom” gas stoves and 2,000 tubels. At that time, the price was a total of 1,500 yuan of gas stoves and water heaters, and the unit price of gas stove was 500 yuan. Since the gas stove purchased by Mr. Li has not yet been unpacked and has not occurred, the gas stove she purchased has occurred one after another during use.


The maintenance personnel found through the salesperson in the first three times, but when the quality problem occurred in the fourth time, she realized that something was wrong, so she contacted Xunda after -sales staff by herself.

After the after -sales staff came to the door, it was initially confirmed that the gas stove was not the product of the Schndry brand.

Afterwards, she communicated with the merchant many times, but did not reach an agreement. This time, she and Mr. Li took the purchased gas stove and wanted to further confirm whether the products he purchased belonged to Schndry’s production and sales.


Schndry after -sales: It is initially believed

To determine whether the gas stove belongs to Schndrom brand products,

The after -sales manager of Hunan Sales Co., Ltd. Yueyang Branch of Hunan Group, Mr. Guo, took out the genuine Schndry Gas Stove with the gas stove brought by Ms. Mao and Mr. Li for comparison.


Comparison with the gas stove by the genuine product with the genuine product

“At first glance, this product is not produced and sold by our company. It is very different from the company’s products. Even high imitation goods are not considered.”

According to Mr. Guo, from the perspective of the appearance of the packaging, the two are very different. The information printed on the “Schndry” gas stove purchased by the parties and LOGOs are old information and trademarks before the company’s reform in 2015. The class information has not been produced; the logo posted on the packaging is also different from the Schndrom products produced by the company, and the product packaging purchased by the parties does not have the QR code due to the genuine product.

From the perspective of the stove itself, the biggest feature of Schndry’s products is that the furnace head is completely different from the furnace head of Schndry products, and the company has never produced such stove heads.

At the same time, there are no steel prints on this product, and the genuine Schndry gas stove will be made of steel printing on the furnace body. This is the most important anti -counterfeiting logo

Essence “After a series of inspections, the product can be initially determined that the product is non -Schurker.”

Regulatory authorities: will investigate the source of the case

After preliminary identification of the product, the reporter helped the reporter to follow the law enforcement officer of the Market Supervision Bureau of the Yueyang Building District to understand the situation.


“The facade used to rent it to others. These two stoves were bought in the hands of the tenants. We later took the store back to operate themselves.”

The person in charge of the store said that he took back his own business and re -registered business license on July 1, 2020, but before the shop was operated by tenants, his wife only worked in the shop.

Ms. Mao and Mr. Li’s two “Schndry” gas stoves were purchased from the mobile trafficking of small trucks at the time of driving cars. At that time, I did not know the true and false. At that time, the staff in the store, his wife only looked at the store.

Law enforcement officers inspected the store’s business license, purchase voucher and other related information on the spot, and carried out mediation work on the person in charge of the store and the parties. The person in charge of the law was persuaded that the person in charge of the store agreed to refund the unused gas stove in full, and the other used to use depreciation refunds. However, the two sides had different prices of gas stoves. Ms. Mao believed that the price of gas stoves at that time was 500 yuan/set, and the person in charge of the store believed that the price per unit was only about 380 yuan. Ms. Mao took out the purchase voucher at the time. The help of the reporter saw the receipt. Only the total price of one gas stove and a water heater was 1,500 yuan, and there was no unit price of various products.

The law enforcement officer of the Supervisory Institute will refund the merchant to the complainant

Regarding the requirements of Ms. Mao and Mr. Li who wanted to return and refund the payment of 500 yuan, the person in charge of the store agreed to return the refund by the person in charge of the law.


“Based on the inspection of the brand after -sales staff, the two gas stove products are preliminarily judged, and we will file a case to investigate the source.”

The relevant person in charge of the Supervision Office of the Market Supervision Bureau of the Yueyang Building District said that in recent years, the institute has carried out inspections and rectification actions on the Thai and market Scholars brand, and counterfeit and shoddy products have been significantly reduced compared to before. In the later paragraph, the institute will continue to strengthen inspection of gas equipment in the market and regulate market order.

Source: Yueyang Evening News all -media reporter Chen Chixin intern Liu Ziyan