How to choose plush materials in winter car seats is the most warm


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With the arrival of winter, I believe that many car owners have begun to buy car products used in winter. In the previous issue, Gecko car network made a detailed introduction on how to buy winter steering wheels. Click: How to choose a car product in winter, the leather steering wheel sleeve is the most reliable. In this issue, we will introduce how to buy car seats used in winter to introduce in detail. Interested car owners may wish to look down.

A good car seat sleeve can not only bring different ride feelings to the owners, but also protect the original car seat, warm winter, and cool summer. The knowledge in the car seat cover is not the three sentences and two sentences. First of all, let’s take a look at the materials of the car seat cover.

1. Ice silk

冬季汽车座套如何选 毛绒材质最保暖

Ice wire is also called artificial silk, sticky fiber, and sticky glue. It can be treated with cotton short velvet wood as raw materials. Among several mainstream fibers, the moisture content of ice silk is the most in line with the physiological requirements of human skin, and it has the characteristics of smooth and cool, breathable, anti -static, and colorful colors.

2. Linen

The linen is an important raw material for the hemp textile industry. Its fiber is strong and soft, and has a good color. The linen fiber is strong, it is not easy to rot in the water, and it has waterproof effects. In addition, there are the advantages of high temperature resistance, low electrostatic, and low radiation resistance. It is used as “fiber that can breathe” by people.

冬季汽车座套如何选 毛绒材质最保暖

3. Gold velvet

Golden velvet is a high -grade silk fabric. The texture is soft and elastic, soft and soft, with thick and slightly dumped fluff. It is mainly used for women’s clothing, skirts and clothing, etc., and it has the advantages of soft and comfortable feel for car seats.

4. Sandwich

冬季汽车座套如何选 毛绒材质最保暖

Sandwich is a synthetic fiber, which is mainly used for car cases, sportswear, luggage, etc. The surface is a mesh (larger circular mesh). There are layers of dense mesh below, so that the surface of the surface will not deform too much, and the fabric has been strengthened and colorful. The sandwiches of sandwiches have the advantages of good breathability, elasticity of fabrics, good abrasion resistance, strong water locking, and strong sports atmosphere. However, the so -called no material is 100 % perfect. Due to the mesh design function, sandwiches are easier to hide dust. Therefore, the set of sandwiches with sandwich materials needs to be prepared for regular care.

冬季汽车座套如何选 毛绒材质最保暖

5. Peach leather velvet

Peach leather velvet products are imitation leather fabrics developed after artificial suede products. It is a thin fabric composed of ultra -fine fibers. After dyeing and rectification, the finely grinding velvet is tidy, which makes the surface of the fabric cover a tightly covered with short velvet, like the surface of the peaches, with a novel and elegant appearance and comfortable feel.

The above is the commonly used materials for car seat sleeves. In addition to these, there are various materials such as leather, grass bamboo, and blended. According to the use category, car seat sleeves can be divided into two categories, special cars and general -purpose categories. These two seats have their own advantages in various aspects. Of course, the disadvantages are inevitable.

冬季汽车座套如何选 毛绒材质最保暖

Special car seat sleeve

The car seat cover for special cars is surrounded by car seats. It needs to be customized according to the model, so that the seat sleeve and the car seat are more integrated. Special car seat sleeve and the original car seats are very high, which can well protect the original car seats from damage. However, some special car seats need to cut a small mouth when installation to install, and the special car cover for plush materials is because the plush material is also troublesome. Therefore, there are very few special car seats for plush materials. Most of them are cotton and ice silk, linen, and linen. The worse quality uses cloth materials.

Universal seat

Most of the general -purpose seat sleeves are semi -wrapped types, which are suitable for most models. The universal seat sleeve is dedicated to the advantages of convenient installation, diversified style, easy cleaning, and non -dimensional restrictions; the disadvantage is that the fit with the original car seat will be only only available in full -wrapped special cars -specific seats. The set, and most of the universal seat sleeves are semi -wrapped, so the effect of protecting the original car seat is slightly worse than the special car.

When buying a car seat sleeve, the color of the coat and the interior and the selection of materials such as the different seasons are the car owners need to pay attention when buying.

冬季汽车座套如何选 毛绒材质最保暖

1. appearance color

Car seats are the most significant part of the interior of the car, so the choice of car seat sleeves is very important, which plays a decisive role in the decorative style of the entire car. At present, there are many styles in the market cover, so there is a considerable choice space. The owner can choose the style of the seat cover according to the personal aesthetic vision to obtain the best visual experience.

冬季汽车座套如何选 毛绒材质最保暖

2. seat sleeve material

冬季汽车座套如何选 毛绒材质最保暖

The owner should choose according to the changes in the seasons when choosing a seat suit. The seat cover such as linen and ice silk is very suitable for use in hot summer. In winter, we must pay attention to keeping warm, so it is the most suitable material to choose animal fur or artificial plush, and it will be excellent in warmth. Of course, if you are troublesome, you can also choose the materials that are common in four seasons, so you don’t need to change the seat sleeve every year.

3. Product price

Some car owners must be expensive when they buy, or they must not buy expensive ideas for buying cheap. These are wrong. Generally, the car seat sleeve is different according to the material of its products, and its price will be different. A seat cover that uses animal fur is only one or two hundred yuan. Will you believe that this is a real animal fur? So the owner cannot buy it when purchasing. Greed cheap, choose to buy rationally.

There is also a problem that requires car owners to pay attention to. The car seat cover for special cars will affect the pop -up of the airbags, but most of the owners will ignore this problem. Generally speaking, if the car seat cover for special car is not specially treated, it has an impact on the pop -up of the airbags. After a specially treated car, it will be marked with the symbol of the airbag on the front of the seat cover. General brand products will be marked. General brand products will be marked. General brand products will be marked. There will be a “Airbag” endorsement, and then you can turn the seat over and look at the sewing process on the back. If it is specially processed, the thickness of the needle will be significantly different. The sewing used will be significantly different, and the sewing that is not processed is consistent with other places. In addition, some brands of special car seats will be processed in the airbags, and the owners need to pay attention when buying.

Relatively speaking, the universal car seat cover will be much better on the problem of affecting the pop -up of the airbag. Most of the universal seat sleeves are processed in the position of the airbag, which will not affect the normal pop -up of the airbags, but the owner is in the car owner is in the airbags, but the owner is in the car owner. It is best to pay attention when buying.

Editor’s summary: Now winter is coming soon, and it is necessary to buy a coat with strong heating seats, especially models without electricity heating functions. Here, you recommend you that if you are mainly warm, you can choose a universal plush material seat cover. The plush material is still very good in winter, and the price is not expensive. If you are based on protecting the original car seat, it is recommended that you buy a special car cover for special cars. Finally, I would like to remind the owners who love smoking. Whether you choose plush or other materials, for the safety of you and the car, it is best not to smoke in the car. Otherwise Estimated.