A kind of pants that are very popular recently, called “skirt pants”, is more foreign than skirts, and it is beautiful to wear it in summer.


The popular items in the fashion circle can really be said to be changing. This month’s popular items may change next month, and recently a kind of pants are also popular. Fashionable young ladies, wear and become beautiful early!

For many girls who don’t like to wear skirts, this pants that have been popular recently can show your woman’s side, but also meet your requirements for wearing pants. Oh, it is just right to wear it in summer!

What is skirt?

What is the skirt? I believe many people are curious. In fact, the skirts are named after style, that is, a pair of pants has the characteristics of skirts, and also has the advantages of both pants. Two different fashion elements collide together, which is very foreign and fashionable. There is an effect of one clothes and two, and it has been popular recently to wear its concave shape!


Style of skirt

1. suit skirt

For girls of office groups, trousers can be said to have basically wearing pants every day. How can we enhance its sense of fashion? You can start from the style. The recently popular suit skirt pants GET has a concave shape, full of fashion, and at the same time in line with workplace!


2. Bachelon skirt


Now it is the sultry summer season. The young ladies and sisters who wear pants are too hot, but do not want to wear skirts. This ballad skirt is just welfare. It is very refreshing and fashionable, and this version of the design of skirts is designed with skirts. , Don’t pick your legs at all, you can easily control whether you are tall and thin!

3. Chest

The classic and stylish grid elements are incorporated into a dress of skirts to make the original monotonous items increase the sense of fashion, which instantly improves a lot of highlights. Long -legged curve, so as to achieve the effect of being thinner!

How to match the skirts?

Look1, white T -shirt+grid skirt pants ‍‍

In fact, there are many styles of skirt pants, but basically they are wide pants and feet design. It is very friendly to girls with thick legs. The disadvantage is that it is easy to be short, so pay more attention in the version. It is recommended to choose high waist models. Skirts!

White T -shirt is already an indispensable item in summer. How can we enhance its sense of fashion? This is to rely on matching skills, and what is suitable for the next matching. This plaid skirt that is very popular recently is very fashionable and beautiful!


Look2, Fang Ling Short Jacket+Polka Dot Skirts ‍

What skirts are suitable for summer? It is very good with a vacation style. It is good to wear a flavor of summer. This wave dot skirt is in line with this requirement, and it is still a light apricot color. It is very refreshing in summer. Oh! Bleak

Originally, it was very popular with retro style this year. This short shirt with square collar was very suitable. It was also looming to expose your clavicle curve. It is sexy and feminine. It is very feminine. There is a feeling of vacation. Going to the beach in the summer is just right!

Look3, white shirt+chiffon skirt pants ‍‍

The white shirt is originally a versatile item, but its highlights are not high, so when choosing a single item, try to choose more outstanding items. This chiffon skirt is very good. Western style, wearing a ladylike temperament like this!


White shirts are some items that are relative to professional commute winds, but after combining with casual skirts, they have changed the style of the entire shape. It feels, with white canvas shoes, the temperament of the girl next door is so tender!

Well, I will share with you here today. A kind of pants that are very popular recently, called “skirt pants”, is more foreign than skirts. It is beautiful to wear it in summer. If you like it, remember

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