What brand of warm thermal insulation cups for student insulation cups


In daily life, we often need to use insulation cups, children go to school with water, give soup to family members, etc. The role of thermal insulation cup is also very extensive. Let ’s take a look at what brand of the students’ thermal insulation cup is good.

What brand of student insulation cup is good

1. Fuguang (China’s well -known trademark, the top ten brands of thermal insulation cup, Anhui Fuguang Industrial Co., Ltd.)

学生保温杯什么牌子的好 保温杯选购技巧

2. Hua Ya (Zhang Weijian is an image spokesperson, the pursuit of a successful person)

学生保温杯什么牌子的好 保温杯选购技巧

3. Xiongtai (Top Ten Insulation Cup (Bottle) brand, Xiongtai Group, Yongkang City, Zhejiang)

Insulation cup purchase skills

See if the surface of the inner and outer biliary surface polishing is evenly consistent, whether there are injuries and scratching defective diseases;

Second, whether the welding of the mouth is smooth and consistent, whether the relationship is comfortable when drinking water;

Three look at the poor quality of plastic parts. Not only will it affect the service life, but it will also affect the hygiene of drinking water;

学生保温杯什么牌子的好 保温杯选购技巧

Fourth, see if the internal seal is tight. Whether the screw and the cup are suitable. Whether to spin the rotation freely and water leakage.

学生保温杯什么牌子的好 保温杯选购技巧

Fifth, whether it is produced by regular brand manufacturers.

The above introduces what brand of the student thermal insulation cup. I hope that everyone can buy the insulation cup that suits them.