The coat is not only a hairy style, the handsome and windproof “leather coat”, becoming a fashionable trend, too much


Winter is naturally a special session of coats and down jackets. Mao woolen coat style is diverse, and each year will be new in the design of details. Nevertheless, long -lasting woolen fabrics always make people feel aesthetic fatigue.

At this time, we urgently needed a trendy element to lead the new fashion trend. You must know that the coat is not only a hairy style, but the handsome and windproof “leather coat” has already become a fashion trend. It’s really so good.

Choice of leather coat 选择

The leather coat has a variety of styles and unique fabrics. The selection of models has become the most headache. How can I choose a leather coat that suits you? The most important thing is to refer to your own style and temperament, and choose a coat style that suits your body structure.

Leather coat length

The length of the leather coat is generally below the calf. This length determines that it is not so friendly to the little girl, so in the daily match, leather coats are more suitable for women with tall and tall facial features. actually.

It is too young to support this kind of powerful aura coat, which is a little like a child who is wearing adult clothes. And if this leather coat is made of medium and long models, it is not handsome enough, so the small girl still needs to avoid this style.

Fabric of leather coat

Although leather coats are elements of leather or leather, the effects are different in the performance, because the style positioning is different at the end. Common styles include the bright noodles of patent leather, the folds of orange peels, and delicate matte, different fabric styles, and the style positioning is naturally different.


The patent leather’s shiny leather clothes are more eye -catching in style. Although it is a strong black, it is even more shining in the crowd, especially suitable for some young people to wear. Especially girls who like punk style and street wind are more suitable for leather coats with bright patent leather.

The coat with high -grade matte lightness is the most advanced atmosphere. This coat version is smooth, and the tailoring is more exquisite and neat. It is a very high -level and domineering style with the female gun of the big woman.

The dull matte fabric, the more delicate workmanship, the higher the refinement. With a little oil, it is even more handsome. Especially with the design of the shoulder pad waist, with the wearing of the Queen Fan, the gas field is high -level and cold.


The leather coat with orange peel pattern is a unique retro old process. There are also many coats today, which deliberately make this texture of this orange peel texture. The purpose is to make leather clothes more charm, not only simply handsome and handsome, but also delicate and outstanding.

A coat with orange peel texture generally chooses a relatively simple design. Because the texture of the orange peel texture is a more delicate style. The upper body effect is retro and charming, suitable for all kinds of retro -style clothing.

Skin coat

Leather coat + nine -point pants + pointed short boots

The handsome leather coat, with shiny patent leather fabric, the whole person has an eye -catching punk style, and the back rate on the street is also super high. This kind of leather coat with bright patent leather has a stronger eye -catching index, especially suitable for fashionable and modern girls.

The length of the mid -length model, with a pair of slim nine -point pants, just exposed a slender ankle. In contrast to the tall waist design of leather coats, the temperament of the whole person is more outstanding. The high -heeled shoes of the pointed heel are cool and exquisite and handsome.

Leather coat + small black pants + knight boots


The matte leather coat with gloss is high -level at first glance. If this coat is not too slim and neat, it is also suitable for a casual and handsome style. Using a loose coat version, a combination of slim -fitting small black pants forms a sense of contrasting a combination.


Little black pants are used as the inside of the coat, and we chose the way to wear it. This requires us to try to match the high -waisted design to optimize our body proportion. With a pair of thick -bottomed knight boots, handsome and windy, it has long been a more eye -catching choice.

Leather coat + high -necked bottom shirt + pointed high heel

Leather coats are generally handsome style, so the wrapping of the neckline is not so strong. More people like some handsome lapel design, so that the layering of the inside is easier to show.

With the lap leather coat and the bottom -up shirt of the combined high -necked neck, the whole person’s temperament is more outstanding. At the same time, the high -necked bottoming shirt will be warmer and more fashionable. With the pointed high -heeled shoes, the whole person’s temperament goes out.

Leather coat + suit suit + smoke boots

The particularly loose leather coat is also a tailoring of the chest expansion. This coat style is not easy to control. If you are not tall enough, you still have to avoid it. If your coat is very loose, then the inside can be thicker and better in winter.


The suit suit, you can choose thick wool fabric, the upper body texture is stronger. The blue plaid element with a retro style blends with the leather coat of the trendy element to hit a different fashion charm. Coupled with modern smoke boots, there is an indescribable fashion.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how to choose and match the leather coat in winter? I will share the fashion trend knowledge every day, hurry up and pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)






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