Even a big belly is the most fashionable pregnant woman


The first impression of a pregnant woman is the appearance of a big belly, no! Pregnant women also need to be fashionable. Look at the fashion entertainment industry one by one to get pregnant, but it is the same when the beauty is not pregnant. In addition to maintaining the full control of the diet, it is even more entrusted to the stylish maternal costume. Blessing, it makes you look a hundred times more energetic, even if you have a big belly, it is extremely charming, and it is even more brilliant ~

Korean version of long -sleeved autumn pregnant women skirt

The doll collar design is very young. Even the big belly must be young. The ruffled side design of the cuffs is very sweet. The mid -length skirt is very fashionable. The belt design on the waist is still beautiful after giving birth to the child.

Long -sleeved doll collar medium long dress

The lace design of the lace, pregnant women can also be so delicate, the lace processing is very delicate and beautiful, the long -sleeved design is both sunny, comfortable and casual, and more lazy and casual. It is more convenient to wear and take off. The loose -shaped versions can be worn to the third trimester.


Two -piece sleeve -free vest sweater

The loose sweater small vest is matched with exquisite shirts. The loose version is most suitable for pregnant women. The V -neck design modifies the face shape. It is very comfortable with a pair of leggings.

Fashionable long -sleeved top skirt pregnant woman dress

Such a cute pregnant woman’s costume is not even pregnant, even if it is not pregnant, the college style is full of temperament, pure white white shirts are pure and pure, the collar lapel design is classic and versatile, with lace -up bow design, sweet and cute Loose, easily cover the pregnant belly, and be a happy little pregnant woman!


Fashion new autumn cotton long -sleeved suit

The very cute Donald Duck print pattern, full of childlike, imported cotton fabrics, environmentally friendly soft, skin -friendly and breathable, the top of the top is more intimate, you can still wear it after giving birth, the cute pattern on the pants, It is also very delicate, and the loose belt on the waist is designed for pregnant women.


Black striped T -shirt+strap pants suit

Each pregnant woman has a strap pants. The loose version is most suitable for pregnant women. It is very comfortable to wear. The design of the strap can be adjusted. It is adjusted according to personal needs. It is simple and fashionable. The sense of design is generous and elegant.

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