Covering the area is small, dust removal is also efficient! This mobile welding smoke purifier has won the favor of many factories


Looking at, this efficient and easy -to -use mobile welding smoke purifier has made countless welding workshops “heartbroken”

With the rapid development of my country’s economy, the market has appeared on the market

more and more

When choosing a work unit, in addition to paying attention to wages and daily benefits, everyone has begun to have higher requirements for the working environment.

Taking the position of welders as an example, although the current salary from the factory is getting higher and higher, it still cannot stop the emergence of personnel from the job. A professional talent forum has interviewed relevant personnel and found that the most fundamental reason for the resignation of this post is that the welded environment is poor and the smoke is too heavy. Workers are afraid that they will get occupational diseases after a long time.

So is there a better way to make the welded work environment better? From a professional perspective, it is to install the corresponding welding smoke purifier!


Moving smoke purifiers like the figure above are more appropriate. Many small and medium factories like to purchase such welding purifiers.

Then the question is. Compared with other types of welding smoke purifiers on the market, what advantages have this mobile welding smoke purifier have so that the factory is excited when they see it? Intersection

The reason is as follows:

On the one hand, this mobile welding cigarette purifier has a small area, a wide range of applications, and comes with its own

Single double vacuum arm

Design, it can hover above the welding point at 360 degrees; the universal wheel design equipped can make it free



The ground travel walks in the welding workshop to meet the dust removal needs of most welded stations.

On the other hand, this mobile welding smoke purifier, built -in high -efficiency fan and imported filter element, dust removal


It is first -class and basically meets most of the volume of welding smoke dust removal treatment; its cost cost is low, and the purchase cost is relatively economical, so it is favored by many small and medium factories.


This mobile

The reason why the welding smoke purifier is popular is easy and economical! For small and medium factories that are used to spending money on the blade, seeing such a welding smoke purifier naturally buy it! For the front -line employees who have been polluted in the workshop for a long time, it is better to have such a welding smoke purifier with high dust removal efficiency.

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