Georgen wearing tight jeans is thin! It is very handsome with boots, like a rich family.


As a Ronaldo fiancee, Georgena, she was a luxury clerk before, and she had her own style in the style of dressing and dress. Before she gave birth to a baby, the necessary items in the wardrobe must be tight jeans. This kind of versatile and fashionable items have been performed by her various styles.

Georgena, who fluttered her long hair, looked very gentle. She put on a tight T -shirt and was full of girls.


Today, she prefers to wear sportswear, and her life has risen more than one grade. She always has a variety of luxury bags around her. For example, she has a lot of Hermes. A proper lady.

But she was classic before she gave birth to a baby, and it was quite worth learning.

Classic matching one: tight pants+boots+long coats

Black tight pants are thin standard items, and it is also an indispensable existence in every girl’s wardrobe.

After George put on tight pants, she was paired with a long jacket, which played the effect of covering the meat, especially the black leggings is versatile. The same color boots have a sense of extension, and the waist seal is one of the highlights of the entire shape, which outlines her small waist.

Classic match two: light blue jeans+white shirt+high -heeled sandals

This type of tight jeans is more suitable for girls with superior legs. Obviously Georgena is one of them. The color of the white surroundings in the middle of the jeans has a darker effect, making her legs slimmer.

High -waist pants with tight black T -shirts are classic choices. Many workplace women now match this relaxed dress, adding a white suit jacket to make a pair of high -heeled sandals, but they are more casual.


Classic wear three: bright down jacket+tight -fitting jeans+fine heel boots

In winter, there is no warmer item than down jackets. The fashionable bright leather fabric and short cuts highlight the youthful and lively feeling.

The ripped light blue jeans brighten the overall shape and will not be too dull. The paired with thin boots is a must -have for fashion. Georgena’s rich ladyfan, who is carrying Chanel’s handbag on the street.

Classic wear four: high -waisted jeans+leather jacket+boots

George’s body was pretty good before giving birth to a baby, and her dress would not be bleached. Most of them were mainly black and white and gray.


Short black leather jackets, high -waisted jeans, this combination extends the proportion of figure, let alone with a pair of boots, she instantly transformed into a blogger is no problem. This set of details is a highlight. You can learn directly.


Classic wearing five: tight denim shorts+strap Roman shoes+white T -shirt

In the hot summer, when Georgena chooses jeans, she will also choose tight models. It is not good to wear Roman lace -up shoes with legs. It can be seen how confident she is. Can control.


At this time, you need to do some subtraction appropriately. The choice of the upper body is as simple as possible, just a white T -shirt.

Classic wearing six: tight bandage skirt+long jacket+black short boots


The bandage skirt is the favorite item of many female stars and supermodels today. Georgena has also been controlled before, and the effect is quite good. A small high -necked bandage skirt with a black long coat and black boots look like girls. Full, her green face was too dazzling.

This kind of skirt also worn once during pregnancy, with a word with high heels.


Georgen wearing tight jeans is thin! It ’s very handsome with boots, like the rich family. Do you think George’ s tight denim trousers look good classic?