Is it really used for the baby to use a set of pillows?


The American Society of Pediatrics shows that there is no need for pillows before the age of 1

The neonatal cervical spine cheese is not completely formed. It is not recommended to use a pillow after birth to affect the development of the spine cervical spine. After 3 months, the spine will only have a certain physiological bending

Within 3 months is the best time to adjust the head shape, 3-6 months is a golden period. If the pillow is not required within 1 year of age according to the suggestion of the American Children’s Science Association, the time of the climate and the time for the pillow is contradictory.

If you choose a pillow because you want to give your baby a bed, then don’t put hope on the pillow, adjust the head shape, don’t forget that your mother’s hands are the essence.

The setting pillow is also a pillow, there is no mysterious at all. Dig a hole in the middle, you can make a rice pillow in the middle, you can press a hole in the middle, and you can even roll it into a circle with a towel. There is also a hole in the middle

When can I sleep on the pillow?

I really want to buy it. I have to wait for a short pillow for the baby for at least three months. It can be about 1cm.

You can sleep 2 ~ 3 cm thick pillows after 1 year old. Try to choose a pillow with a wider noodles so that the child can hold it.

Is the setting pillow type really used?

No matter how you use the pillow tube!

If you pin your hopes in the set pillow and have no intention to turn over your child, then you may not be able to sleep with your satisfaction head shape. This is the chicken rib!

If you can clearly find out the reason for the migraine, and be confident to solve it, help your child turn over and change your sleeping position, and use the help of the setting pillow to assist, then it is the value of the stereotypes to exert its value!

Therefore, look at the styling pillow with the correct mentality instead of “just have a pillow”! Your hands are good guys!