Wireless remote control switch socket, high -tech makes life more convenient!


The development of science and technology not only brings great changes and innovations to industrial production, but also brings a lot of improvements to people’s lives. Many people have a certain understanding of wireless remote control, and it is gradually widely used in various public places, such as some hotels, warehouses, etc. Wireless remote control can facilitate people on different occasions and remote control of various facilities. Therefore, we must introduce you to the knowledge about wireless remote control switch sockets.

First of all, before understanding the principle of wireless remote control switch sockets, we need to clarify its functions. It uses radio frequency recognition technology in design and production, and will not cause any impact and interference with other products with other products. At the same time, high -confidentiality, low energy consumption, large storage volume, and convenient use of convenient use can allow lamps to work at the same time or single. Switching and remote control do not require supporting purchases, which can be freely selected, so that the anti -interference ability is also very strong. In addition to the above aspects, its advantages are simple in installation. It does not need to be connected to the zero line, nor does it need to make any changes to the lighting appliances. It can be directly inserted into the original switch. If the power supply is disconnected, the switch will automatically shut down, will not waste the power supply, and can control all the remote control switches of almost the family. There are a variety of styles in design. Consumers can buy them according to their preferences, which are convenient and simple to use.

It is mainly composed of the transmitter and the receiver, and the transmitter controls the radio frequency signal to emit wireless signals. The receiver encodes the received signal in decoding, and then corresponds to the control button to form a normal circuit and is gradually widely used in industrial and life. According to the transmission control instruction signal, the carrier of the transmission control instruction can be divided into, radio remote control, ultrasonic remote control, and infrared remote control. Different signal coding methods can be divided into, pulse coding and frequency coding. Different the number of time transmission instructions can be divided into, single and multi -way remote control. The lightning protection design has also improved its safety performance. The internal design has a fast protective tube, effectively preventing lightning strikes, and anti -waves. The deletion function of its own can be changed to the input error code, and it has a correct control to the light.

The above is the general introduction and summary of the principles, functions, and classification of wireless remote control switch sockets. After reading it, we can also have a clearer understanding of it. With the gradual application of various intelligent appliances in life, people’s lives are becoming more and more convenient, but we also need to pay attention to safe use in use to prevent unnecessary trouble.