“Martin Boots” have lost their favor! “Rain boots” are popular now, showing tall and thin legs and long legs


骤降的温度,相信已经让很多小伙伴都在疯狂购置过冬装扮,就连鞋子也要换上保暖又时尚的款式,虽然雪地靴能够提供十足的保暖度,但有些笨重的效果,还是让Many girls feel disgusted. At this time, good -looking and warm boots have become the focus of everyone’s purchasing.

If you haven’t arranged winter boots yet, don’t worry first,


Don’t choose the Martin boots that have been fell out of favor. Now the “rain boots” are popular, showing high and thin legs!


I don’t know if it is affected by the fashion trend of fashion, so many fashion big names have scrambled to launch some styles that normal people cannot understand. gas.

This winter, I started to make an article on the design of the boots,

Relying on the classic flat bottom, loose boots, and the big round head design full of ugly cuteness, it forms a common “rain boots” shape with a lot of fashion.

This design can be popular, it is completely the wind of the thick -bottomed boots developed by the BV home.

With the smooth boots of Chelsea, the heels with a thick thickness of the heels, a high -thickness of the high -thickness, a high -profile boots, which has a popular fashion, becoming a must -have with the hands of people in the fashion industry.

This popular trend has made this year’s “rain boots” design be quickly loved by fashionistas.

Although the design of this “rain boots” makes it difficult for many people to accept, the performance of the two also has a length of one place. For celebrities who are walking at the forefront of fashion all year round, how can such fashion products not choose.

Zheng Shuang


I chose a pair of eye -catching red long rain boots for myself.

The texture of the rubber comes with a certain waterproof performance. No matter what weather can be worn, it continues the design of thick bottom and wide boots. It also solves the problem of leg shape and height to a certain extent. Shape a certain sense of fashion.

Such boots are also good -looking. As a male god in the hearts of many people,


The height of the face value is really perfect to make people unable to pick up. With such an excellent height, it also makes him a natural hanger.

When shooting a fashion blockbuster, he was wearing a pair of black rain boots, in the splash of water, making the waterproof characteristics of the boots obvious, but also reflecting a handsome effect. Only after wearing it can we understand that fashion atmosphere.

Tip1: Long Rain Boot

Among all designed rain boots, in fact, I personally recommend rain boots designed. Although some styles look like the kind of water shoes wearing at work, after combining with fashion elements Fashionable charm, and under the design of this long rain boots,

Basically, the Chelsea boots -type boots are used, combined with loose shaping, which will become better for the effect of leg shape.


Look1: Bright caramel -colored rain boots

If you want this kind of boots to reflect a good sense of fashion, in addition to being selected from the version, color matching can also determine its fashion effect.

Compared with the conventional rubber texture, this design with bright gloss, and that bright and playful effect, especially after combining the color matching of caramel, let the rustic boots that look like Beautiful helper.

Look2: matte contrasting rain boots


If the bright design is too eye -catching, then the matte design will be more suitable for you


Essence Without the brightness of the bright faces, it is more of a low -key atmosphere, showing the high -level temperament charm, coupled with a stylish contrasting design, in the elegant interweaving of black and brown, it also gives the boots to have the boots to have the boots to have the boots. Unique advanced charm.

LOOK3: Baby Blue Rain Boot

In addition to the classic boots color scheme, in this kind of boots with a certain ugly and adorable design, you can also choose this kind of tender and cute color matching properly,

Being able to highlight the cute point of the boots and use it to match those light -colored clothes, it will have unexpected fresh effects


And with those fashion and commute with a sense of workplace, you can also maintain your fashionable and refined image.

Tip2: Short rain boots

Although boots can have a better modification effect on the leg shape, it is necessary to talk about the degree of control, the design of the short boots is more popular.

In addition to the iconic large round head design and the sole shape with a thick sole effect, other designs of short rain boots can be said to be no different from ordinary boots.

This has improved its acceptability a lot.

Look1: Light -colored short rain boots

Generally speaking, in normal boots design, we rarely see the color color with such fresh colors. Generally, in order to improve the temperament and show fashion, the color of the boots is basically the classic color system. Otherwise , But the color matching of this baby blue is still relatively rare.


Because the rain boots have Dot’s bulky and cute point, it also causes it to control such a fresh color.

Under the shaping of this color matching, it can also be matched with those cute clothes.

LOOK2: BV Rain Boot

But to say that the shoe design is more interesting short rain boots, it is definitely the most characteristic of the rain boots of the BV family.

It is made of environmentally friendly degradable materials as a whole. It has a smooth shoe design. With the coordinated large wave soles of the big waves, and the coordination of the large round of head of the cute Q, it shaped a feeling of ugly, cute

It is more helpful to the body’s high and the ankle position is thin.


Look3: white rain boots

Although the design of the BV’s rain boots is enough, not everyone can easily control it. At this time, this white simple rain boots are more fragrant.


Under the shape of pure white, the design of the shoe type has been largely simplified, and only highlights its high performance and the effect of thin ankles.

In addition, the natural waterproof rubber material also makes this kind of boots be easy to take care of, don’t worry about the problem of not dirty.


Of course, don’t look at the popularity of rain boots now, but for people who have not yet exposed to this kind of boots, they are unwilling to accept such boots. At this time, you can first choose BV boots with a classic thick bottom design. After being used to the thick bottom design of this kind of boots, it will become easier to accept rain boots.


Looking at the popular “Rain Boot” design now, do you think the direction of fashion is still in the scope you can accept?

Well, the above is today’s sharing. Pay attention to the daily match guide, so that you no longer worry about dressing!

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