“Spike Group” Avenue to Jian BICYC riding gloves 29 yuan


From a security perspective, wearing cycling gloves is a very serious thing. When riding a car, if there is no gloves for shock absorption protection, it is easy to make the palms be worn and severely damage the joints. When riding for a long time, the shock absorption system can reduce the soreness of the hands. In addition, glove palms and anti -slip function can effectively control the handlebars. The active safety and passive safety of cycling gloves effectively protect your hands.

「秒杀团」大道至简 bicyc骑行手套秒杀价29元

BICYC sleeve

What I recommend this issue is the cycling gloves of BICYC’s house. The time -limited bargaining only costs 29 yuan! Intersection Intersection BICYC This semi -finger riding glove is created by the Meiqi Heart Selection Team × BICYC. This is also the third strong combination of the two sides. After testing the previous sleeves and cycling pants, we have been well received, so we decided to decide Then launch a cycling glove.

「秒杀团」大道至简 bicyc骑行手套秒杀价29元

Gloves real shot

「秒杀团」大道至简 bicyc骑行手套秒杀价29元

In a group of fish and dragons mixed ride glove markets, this simple and professional cycling glove is cost -effective! The gloves of other categories are full of exaggerated wind, and the bleoves are very heavy, which is not suitable for hot summer. The BICYC sleeve sleeve of this spike abandon all the false designs and fills all the most important and practical product details! And the price of this activity only costs 29 yuan, which is stabilized in terms of cost performance.

「秒杀团」大道至简 bicyc骑行手套秒杀价29元

The so -called some treasure explosion

Let’s take a look at more product details

The back of the hand uses the Lycra fabric splicing mesh to provide excellent ventilation and breathable performance to ensure the dryness of the hand during the cycling process.

Lycra fabric design, double -spelling cut

The gloves are designed with no magic stickers, the flexibility of the fabric is used to achieve tightness, more fit in the back of the hand, increasing the comfort of wearing, fast and convenient to wear and take off.

「秒杀团」大道至简 bicyc骑行手套秒杀价29元

No magic sticker

Simple BICYC silicone logo, with all black paint, the versatile style can be matched with any cycling.

Simple and elegant

「秒杀团」大道至简 bicyc骑行手套秒杀价29元

The palm part is used to use a type of sponge palm pad to better fit the handlebars. Maybe riders will ask, isn’t it better for silicone palm pads?

「秒杀团」大道至简 bicyc骑行手套秒杀价29元

In fact, in the case where the band or set is soft enough, in fact, the cavernous palm pad or the palm -no -packed pad will be more comfortable than the silicone palm pad. According to the years of cycling experience of the editors, although the silicone palm pads make you feel cool at the beginning, after a long time of oppression, it will feel like it. Sponge palm pads can provide exact buffer and support effects, and there will be no feeling of rampant. Therefore, the editors basically choose gloves without palm pads or sponge palm pads.

「秒杀团」大道至简 bicyc骑行手套秒杀价29元

BICYC palm pad and large silicone palm pad comparison

「秒杀团」大道至简 bicyc骑行手套秒杀价29元

There is a pull ring on the two fingers in the middle, which is very convenient to take off gloves

「秒杀团」大道至简 bicyc骑行手套秒杀价29元

It is more convenient to attach a pull -off and take off

According to the actual measurement of the editor, the glove weight is lighter, and the back of the hand is good. The light and light fabric is very breathable and suitable for summer, but it is a pity that it is a little regret to sew a towel cloth, but still staying at the event, I left a pair of themselves.

「秒杀团」大道至简 bicyc骑行手套秒杀价29元

The half -finger gloves of this spike group are only 29 yuan! Can’t buy a loss, you can’t buy it! It is more cost -effective to buy with BICYC cuff! The combination of gloves+sleeves is only 59 yuan, which is equivalent to only 30 yuan for the sleeve cover, which is more cost -effective than the last sleeve case spike activity!

BICYC Explosion Sleeve

Activity time: May 20th 10: 00-24: 00

Participation method: As long as we join our spike group before the start of the spike activity, receive the spike coupon in the group, and buy it! The discount is only valid on the day of the second kill event, and the daily price is resumed in expire.

At 10 am on Wednesday, faster than anyone’s hand speed! Too late to explain, and immediately add the chief of the spike regiment WeChat to pull you into the group.