The theory of control is to apply the principle of control to more areas, and artificial intelligence technology will also form theory


Yesterday, Mr. Fan Zhongqi raised a question about the automation and digital annual selection of the annual selection of the Gongzhong. This problem once confused me, but I felt that I had figured it out. So I want to share my point of view.

Teacher Fan has conducted research on professionals in the field of automation:

Do you know Wina? Have you read the theory of control

Intersection [Systematic theory, control theory, and information theory are the three major theories that emerged in the late 1940s, laying the foundation for modern multiple disciplines, the creation of Winner, Wiener defined the noun Cybernetics]

The result is indeed unexpected:

(1) Most automated experts do not know Wina, nor have they read the theory of control


(2) Some well -known experts (such as Lu Yongyu) are understanding the theory of control, but he does not teach students to control theory

Why do automated experts do not understand the theory of control and do not understand Wina?

My college major is a major in automation. I have studied university for 4 years. I did not introduce Weinen in the textbooks, nor did they introduce the theory of control.

Not only did I not understand in the school, my first job was in the library of a research institute. At that time, the graduate students who planned to take an automated were basically read the books that the graduate students should read automated in the library. In fact, there is no introduction of control theory and Wina.

Later, to communicate with a person who didn’t know much about automation, she always equated the theory of control with automation. After reading the “Control theory” seriously, I reached the following conclusions.

The theory of control and control is different, belonging to two types of sciences

Control theory, simply speaking, using mathematical principles to find the stable state of closed -loop control and maintain a stable state

The theory of control is for engineering, which belongs to engineering subjects


The mature control theory of control in the control field will be further abstracted and applied to more fields. The theory of control is a theory, which belongs to the theoretical discipline

The full name of the control theory written by Wina is:


Control theory -about the science of control and communication in animals and machines

The theory of control is to use mathematical methods to find closed -loop control stable parameters, and the theory of control is to further abstract the theory of closed -loop control and apply it to the fields of nerves and communication.

Therefore, automated engineers do not understand control theory, and can also become control experts, and they can also design a stable control system. There is no problem without learning control theory

Learn to control the experience of neuroscience, requires new theories to promote the development of cognitive science

The next paragraph is my personal judgment on the future trend.

The foundation proposed by the theory of control is based on the experience of automated engineering, summarized the control theory, and further abstracted.

The purpose of automation is to liberate the physical labor of people, and the abstract control theory has promoted the development of the human body.

The purpose of artificial intelligence is to liberate the brain labor of people. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, a theoretical system of artificial intelligence has formed. In the future, there will be a science that further abstracts the theoretical system of artificial intelligence. Guide the development of cognitive science.

The development of cognitive science may reveal the mystery of human learning ability, and the mystery of human learning will greatly enhance the ability of human learning. Let children easily master new knowledge and have new cognitive ability.