The difference between the fabric of the custom T -shirt Modal and Laika


In summer, people like to wear T -shirts. The fabrics of T -shirts generally choose to wear comfortable and sweat and breathable. Both Modal and Lyca are commonly used fabrics for custom T -shirts, and many people can’t distinguish between the two fabrics.


Lycra fabric has many similarities with Modal’s characteristics, which can easily confuse people. Some people think that Modal is a cotton Rica, and some manufacturers often mix Modal Laika together to name a certain product. In fact, this view is wrong. Modal and Lycra fabric have many different characteristics.

Lycra fabric is also known as “pull” (Laica’s Cantonese pronunciation) in Cantonese region, which is called “spandex cloth” in the Mainland. The spandex has great elasticity, and good response after stretching is its biggest advantage.


Modal fiber is made of wooden slurry produced from European shrub forests. After special spinning technology, it is a cellulose fiber and belongs to pure artificial fibers. Modal has the softness of cotton, the luster of silk, the smoothness of hemp, and its water absorption and breathability than cotton.


The biggest difference between the two fabrics can make clothes alone, while Lycra must blend with other fibers. Model is more suitable for underwear fabrics because it is softer, breathable, personal and 100%pure. Lyca’s elasticity is stronger than Modal, so Rica is mostly used for relatively strong clothing such as body clothes, gymnastics, and swimsuits.