CHANEL’s popular new bag collection, some money, after all, still can’t keep it


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Following the last season “the designer didn’t know what medicine was taken”, it came to it and came with a new model! Intersection

That’s right, what we want to write today is the new chanel of this season

CHANEL’s new model

This season’s new model belongs to the applause series. It can be said that it is super -level, and the high -priced denim and red gold in the second -hand market will return.

I was thinking that it would be a bad performance in the previous quarter.

Not much to say, let’s take a look at what styles worth picking ~ ⬇⬇⬇

This season


In addition to the biggest highlights I said, the third largest giant must be wine red.

Maybe it is not as high as the previous two in the middle of the ages, but it is indeed a good heart of many people.

After reading all styles, I think

No wine red style is not good -looking.

Do you see the same thing as the ancient earlier?


Great block and large metal LOGO.

This CP has only existed in the early ancient times. Thanks to the designer for finally finding that everyone loves big pattern, and it has finally returned since the previous season.

It looks like WOC, including internal structure, but it will be a little thicker than the conventional WOC. There are root metal strips on it.

Simple and foreign



There must be many people who feel that buying conventions is easy to hit the bag, and there is no special features on the back, then buy this seasonal limited special fund.


If you remember correctly, this LOGO pendant appeared from the season of the navigation. It seems that there is no sense of disobedience here.

In addition to my shoulders, I think this can also hold a few laps with a bag on my wrist. It feels very suitable for the dinner bag of the dinner. The small black skirt is wearing a camisole.

What is the advanced version of the wine?


Of course, the liquor velvet bag.

Unexpectedly, 31bag actually had liquor velvet. Who could bear it?

Didn’t I still like the red gold 31bag when I wrote the Middle Pack last time?

If you ca n’t buy it, you can buy this red velvet duck. I think it looks better than red gold.

There is a feeling of medieval journal ladies. Think about wearing lace black gloves and holding bags.


Did the picture feel come out? Intersection Intersection


When I see it at first glance, I just want wow ~

Which little cute is this? Intersection Intersection Come and let your mother hug!

Not only the most positive red gold, but even the LOGO is very special. It should have entered the public eye from the previous season.

Little cute has no style restrictions. Usually, even a black or simple white T jeans can still be used as the finishing touch.

Should it be a pocket? This is too nice on the waist!

I remember when I saw the new model on Weibo, many people ended up with this red.

This super perfect, like the deformation version of Fang Fat, wrinkled a little more Vintage.


There is also a small bag that can be installed in front of the big bag, and the content of the content is much bigger.

Worried about the sisters who are not enough to pretend to be things, look at it, and the money is here!

The big gold chain is used together with folds. It is even more cute to see that it is not rough.


If you remember correctly, it should be a new type of autumn. In fact, this package type has laid the fire to become one of the classic models.

But as a bag that can be switched at will, I feel that its balance point is well found.

This little red does not know why, it is very similar to DUMA that can be carried, inexplicable.


The metal buckle is very interesting, which is only a slightly rounded logo.


Everyone may not pay much attention to the metal buckle of the goose family is different.

In addition to seeing the small LOGO often in the middle of the middle, the classic CF is here, and other packaging styles are rarely used.

The blue will be slightly larger, and there is a black in the same paragraph. It can be said that it is instantly spike and the blue is too much.

SIZE seems to be more formal, you can carry it at work, you can memorize your leisure time, and there is no problem to meet.


You can hand well, one pack and multi -purpose.


The new member of my round cake team is about to usher, this blue is too beautiful, and the logo is also new.


In fact, I really do n’t take back a round cake, after all, I did n’t go out.


But you think about the price of the domestic counter is less than 1W, and it is only about 8K abroad. Buying a three or four is the price of normal Chanel. It is not too cheap to think so! Intersection


It is pretty good, and the change key card with some change or something is enough.


I do n’t consider the problem of mobile phones now when I buy a bag. Whoever is still at any time and walk all the way to play all the way. It is not important for me to pack the package. It is not important for me to me!


The most expensive dinner bag in autumn is only 4W+. Do you want to feel too expensive?

As a dinner package, it is really cheap. The previous styles are slightly better than 6W.

From head to toe, oh no, from metal to leather femininity, the whole bag exudes the strong atmosphere of “I am noble, so expensive me and other glamorous X goods”.


It is completely daily, but it is perfect to carry it on the car.


Low -key and expensive, the annual meeting bag is locked!

I do n’t buy pockets often, but this is really at a glance.

Many times buying a bag is not just looking at the style of the bag.


For example, the white waist bag I like in the spring model is a very ladylike style, and the chain is also thin.

Like this, if it is equipped with a fine metal chain, I feel too unfortunate.

It happens that the leather and style are relatively wild, and the hardware is very thick. It perfectly cooperates with the overall effect of the bag.


If you look closely, there are a few buckles that are made of details, and there are reds and black. I like this small detail.

Seriously, who can hold back in front of the liquor red backpack?


There are many shoulder bags this season, but since there is a perfect existence of wine red, the others are not enough.

Cowhide is durable, wine red is classic enough, and this kind of slippery style is almost impeccable.


Although I like the rhombus grid, for the backpack, the existence of the whole body diamond grid does not poke me. This is just right.

This is a new style full of Vintage.

No one will think this is a new style, it is similar to the 1988 products in the Middle -aged Store. The kind of out -of -print goods that can’t be bought now are not very loose.

It doesn’t seem like the earliest lady who has returned from abroad, with a small bag on her body, walking on the heels, curly hair, it seems very sexy, but her eyes are clear like a deer.


There are too many surprises in autumn.


What else do you say about the classic CF, of course, buy duck!

Although it seems that the counter often says that black gold is the most difficult to buy, whether I see it in the counter by myself, or it is brushed in the circle of friends, it seems that the black gold and black and silver seem to be more common. Second-rate.

The most classic granular cowhide, the milk tea is gentle, and it will definitely produce a mini CF if you get a big bag.

The height of each body has taken care of

I really can’t think of any reason to stop the hands.

Cute milk yellow is the purest in summer.

I still think that the handle is better to remove the handle, and the handle is too formal.

Think about it in summer and play with it everywhere. It is like carrying the sun on the body and wearing a white T back bag, which is a simple little cute book and cute!

Both are my favorite diamond pattern,


If I want to say what elements of the CHANEL family can end from one time, it must be this diamond pattern, without any texture to surpass.


The wine red is too good. I may think it is too vulgar with gold, and if the small grid above may be tasteful, but with this large grid, there are not many just right.


Beauty is just right.


This is almost my old life. If you don’t buy it? Intersection

Ah ah ah, how soft this is cute! Intersection Who can refuse?

This low -saturated pink with gray, and the wife and wife look good?

The softness that can be felt across the screen


Besides, think about the cold time in winter, and you can get it on your body.


This material is more suitable for starting,

Isn’t the special leather been confirmed to ban, and wool bags are getting less and less.

I remember that Quan Zhilong had carried a wool pocket before, and was fired to about 16W after his blessing. Its egg -raising brothers were almost the same style, which also rose to 7W8W.

If it is well maintained, appreciation is not impossible.


Another beautiful large checkered, foreign elephant gray.

If you are an office worker who need to commute, I will definitely buy this.


It’s not worth starting with the analysis value. I think as a cloth? Satin? 2.55 is worth starting.

After all, the material is special, and this style is basically gone, it is difficult to continue three times.

But from a rational perspective,

If it is used as a common back, this material is too difficult to maintain, and it is easy to stain with dirty things. In addition, it is also easy to skate the silk.


If you think about how difficult this kind of cloth is to clean up, it is difficult to clean up this bag.

I really don’t understand this. Even if I add such a tide -in -winding wind metal buckle with such a tide, I can’t save how it looks like a big jacket wearing a grandma.

The cloth surface material, the color is mint green, and the silver metal buckle has the first sight of the beauty.

However, as a classic CF, I do n’t recommend everyone to start with this color. The memory point is too high. You can easily remember it once, and it ’s not easy to match your clothes.

The point is that this kind of fabric, I can already imagine the appearance of the ball after five or six times.


The same green and different lives, changed a very high saturated sheepskin, how to look green.

It can only be reminiscent of the four words and honesty, and it feels stupid.

This kind of texture like filling can see me itchy.

I found that the style of the goose home this season is summarized–

Drought drought death, waterlogging.

There are too many beautiful ones, there are not many medium ones, and the rest are all ugly.

You just say that the existence of sequins and 庞 庞 can still do so much, in the 1990s?


I really don’t know what to say.

I don’t remember whether Chanel has been the most good at the softening of CHANEL before. Now I really want to take this sentence.


Of course, it is exaggerated, not to be ugly.


It seems that its age positioning seems to only be suitable for mothers’ backs, plus the pricing as a Mini CF it is 4.2W+, I just want to sing “I’m not worthy”.


The color matching is not too much, shouldn’t this soft and tiger’s bag color be cute?


I don’t think it is loved by its compatriots.


You know why the golden market is very popular in the middle of the ancient market, but I didn’t mention it. Isn’t it good to make light skin?

Seeing that I want to drink milk tea …

Bai Bai a good -looking Fang fat man style, obviously a bag that can be sold at the original price after more than ten years after buying, hey.

Many people like one. I think it’s okay. Although the denim cloth is really suitable for starting, it seems a little old -fashioned.


By the way,


Not all denim in the medieval market can be sold at high prices.


The most popular is light colors, which is more average in dark prices like this.


If the cowboy bag above is slightly old -fashioned, this … Mom is old -fashioned, and the elder generation is almost the same.

We are all young and vibrant girls (?), This has nothing to do with us.


Seriously, if I saw this one on the official website, if I saw it in what roadside boutique, I would feel that this was a list of chanel.

Compared with the previous blue one, the black is too serious, and this bag is not showing this bag.

It has a taste of veteran cadres.

At first glance, it is not bad, but it will be a little bit worse after a long time


Saying little celebrities, it feels not high -level, saying that ladies are a little round, I ca n’t tell what is not good, in short, it is a little worse.

This shape is good. Looking at this belly is quite large, you should be able to install a lot. There is a small bag in front of the bag that you can install the pocket paper towels or something.

In addition, you can hold it with your hands as a 2Way package, but is the color a little strange?


One of the most classic 2.55 in history is still black gold, so what else can be said.


One word:


It’s hard to describe the feeling of seeing it,

Say ugly, but it ’s good to say it’ s good.

It is mainly material problem, which is very like a piece cut from the knitted sweater worn in winter.

Cold fried rice has been almost the same before, anyway, I have always been very indifferent to it, and I always feel like a model that will only be sold in high imitation shops.

Is it not good -looking, but a bit worse. In addition, as a shopping bag that can be thrown west, it turned out to be a lambskin material? Intersection

I don’t know where to start talking.


This gray is too old, and it is also made of lambskin.

Is Grandma Xiang this year going to take a careful care route, just a shopping bag! Intersection

Do you still want me to provide me? Intersection Intersection

This year, it should be divided into autumn with avocado green energy.

Very beautiful yellow, except for it that I don’t like V checkered, basically there is nothing to be picky.

However, I don’t recommend this bright color to buy it as the first chanel in my life.

If you want to buy the first one, it is better to buy classic and beautiful black or red, and it is not easy to regret it.


There is an extra handle and the price has risen by 1w, and this money is too easy to earn!

Among these three colors, black is the most worthwhile and classic.

Pink and red are relatively floating, and they are not small bags. It feels weird.

I remember this type of cold fried rice. It should be 16 years or 17 years.

The response is not good, I don’t know why I will sell it again now.


Very similar to the seal of car tires?

At first glance, it is okay. After looking at a few more times, I feel emmm …

It seems that the picture is not very good. This is just added with Swarovski Crystal, Shenghui 5W+.

I just want to ask this drill, can you make up?


Le Boy is out of now, the most worth buying in all styles should be last year’s iron chain, very different,

At that time, the red iron chain trumpet seemed to be short -selling in stock, and it was difficult to find a pack.

Few people buy Le Boy in the middle of the middle, because it can not stand the test of time. Special leather or special models are okay. Seasonal limitation is always a bit of collection value.

In the words of Pippi, it will feel good at the moment, and it is easier to get tired after a long back, not to mention color.


It ’s not easy to match the clothes. If you want the versatile, you can only buy black. Then, there are so many beautiful black bags when you come back to the goose home. Why buy Le Boy, right?

CHANEL’s advice has always been, if you don’t have big -name backpacks.

I want to buy it, then I first recommend it.

But if there is, there is no need to collect one for this logo.

I really want to buy DUMA, and the price increases every year. The sooner you buy, the more cost -effective.

The furry little white is so cute, and the first cut of the wool is very comfortable.

But I’m afraid this word is a bit ugly, right?

A drawing bag that removes CHANEL LOGO is no different from the night market.

The color scheme is too ordinary. I may say it is good -looking, buy.

How many seasons are this?


Gabrielle really does not need any classic color matching, but the more popular.

So Black can make people’s eyes shine, that is, V -line patterns are very sighing.

In addition, it is a very worth buying one. Without SLP smoking girls, the sense of vision that must be very handsome can be memorized. It is an ordinary girl who wants to have a little cute handsomeness Yes.

I can! Intersection

If you can only buy one of these stray bags, it is still red gold, it makes people shine.

This chain is too thin, and there is nothing special at all!

The pink chain with wool buns is still ️, it is

This is very similar to the zebra pattern and I don’t know what is the huge Coco Logo. It is a bit unbearable.


It reminds me of GAL girls on the streets of Shibuya in the 1990s, socks, convenient for noodles, and don’t hold pink hair clips.

Is the designer who is bullied by the southerners rarely see snowflakes?

We are quite like the surroundings of snowflakes, but it does not mean that we like poor snowflakes printed on down jackets! Intersection

This is only a bit strange, how to say it is like a style that will come out of the cottage.

Just a whole bag, and then install a double C logo.

Emerald green is pretty good, that is

It’s easy to look at greasy, not well matched with clothes.

As a camera bag, it can be bought. I think it may be better if it is replaced with a little wrinkled cowhide.

The pricing of this season is strange.


Everyone knows that the most expensive bag is basically a dinner bag. Many special models will be placed in the dinner series. This year is completely different. The most expensive one seems to be only 4W+(the previous model is 9W10W).


But no matter how cheap, there is still no one who eats it after eating, yes, I am talking about this.

Xiaobai is a dinner handbag. Isn’t it very similar to the CF of the chain?


It is quite valuable to buy it, and the domestic cabinet is only 1W8+. You can use a chain DIY CF by yourself.

It saved 2W, this is not the four houses and five! Intersection

It may be that the scheme of the camera bag in spring is too dazzling. In the fall, I saw these two good hearts.

Tibetan blue is actually pretty good. Those who like low -key can also buy and buy.

Even if the denim is equipped with white edge … right …

I don’t know why this style suddenly has a fat mobile phone bag,

The slightly awkward sense of vision, the effect of the back body is unimaginable.


Like two mildew 31bag.

Let’s say one thing. The green allocation of Tibetan green is actually pretty good, but it is still too big. Where do we ordinary people control it?

Red with pink, I still shut up.

I don’t know what the designer thinks, is this helping you to prevent thieves?


The zipper is too Putong, so it is simply made into a drawing line design?

The cute little white bag is quite durable, this color, you can only buy it home.

I don’t know what positioning this style is. Its design is obviously a qualified commute bag, but

As a commuting package, this volume is not enough.

Not to mention whether the notebook can be installed, the iPad is enough, not to mention that there are other miscellaneous things.


50 yuan, no more.


A bit of Moncler’s vision?

I remember that it had been like this before.

The down jackets of the soil, with the snowflakes of the soil, the goose plum zing!

This is the kind of osmanthus in the town in the town, which can be bargained in the town.


The mobile phone bag is actually a highlight of each year. Many people think that the big bag is too expensive and small cakes.

I think it can be used to the color matching of Hongjin.

I read that many people on Xiaohongshu are buying. Although the mobile phone is getting bigger and bigger, this mobile phone bag seems to be unable to put on the phone.


But you can put the key lipstick or something, which is quite practical.

Typical good -looking and useless use types. Buying it is better to buy a coin purse and then wear a bar chain. The same effect can be at least 1W cheaper.


In contrast, the green looks pretty good. Dark blue, you do n’t look carefully at your back, no one thinks you carry Chanel.


But I personally don’t like this rectangular cross -body bag, and I look at the sense of vision of a veteran.


Black handbags are quite chicken ribs, mainly design problems, looking like a mini briefcase.

No one used to go to formal occasions. It seems that it is slightly more formal.

Another small So Black. Except for the V -line pattern I don’t like, the rest is okay. Those who like this line can start.

The stray bag seems to be raising the price every year. It seems that it is not a classic in the long run. If you are worried that you will be outdated, you can buy this one.


Simply … ugly, just one word.

Therefore, ugliness cannot be contrast. At this point of view, it seems that V -shaped patterns are not so unacceptable.

Two small round cakes, I thought about it, it seemed to be almost integrated with the second rainbow team.

It’s so cute, round.


These two are slightly inferior to the black black,

Can buy a denim cloth.

It is mainly that small bags are difficult to scratch or something, and it should not be much damage to the back of the cheap and other bags.


Three ordinary WOCs, if they put them in other seasons, especially last season, they should have seen it.

Isn’t there a saying that it is not time to be born?

However, what kind of bags are flowers into each eye. I think WOC should use cuteness to break away from playful colors. It is this cute and playful positioning duck.

SO BLACK is a bit heavy on WOC. The inlaid with the metal edge in the middle feels a bit formal. There is nothing to say about denim cloth. The soil is the word, and I can laugh at countless times.

I don’t know why the camellia WOC is going out every quarter. Is it very good?

But I watched no one on the street, and no one on Xiaohongshu was exposed. Its sales should not be as good as other styles.

Although the camellia is classic, I also like the camellia used by Grandma incense, but it is used as a print, even with cute pink, it is still old -fashioned duck.

End with only red gold, or that sentence, this season is a lot of beautiful bags.

The most worth buying is the three types of red gold, red and denim, and then consider your own budget.

For example, like this WOC, I think it is not as good as other red gold styles, not to say that it is not good -looking.

It is so many good -looking in front of it, so it is naturally not in my consideration.