Flagship children’s telephone watch Little genius phone watch Z3 evaluation


【PConline Evaluation】

Regarding children’s telephone watches, PConline has made a lot of evaluation, and more and more children are using it. I believe everyone is very familiar with such products. The children’s telephone watches on the market are dazzling, but those who are really suitable for children can become very few benchmarks. And what kind of performance will we have this little genius phone watch Z3 now? Take a look.

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

Exterior design

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

The editor just opened the packaging, and the most impressive is this dial. Fang Fang Zhengzheng’s appearance is paired with a huge dial. This design is much higher than the children’s watches on the market. This dial uses a 1.41 -inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 320*360 and the pixel density reaches 342 PPI. And according to the characteristics of AMOLED, the blue light value of this screen is very low. With the sharp and clear screen, this screen can really make children use with confidence.

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

1.41 -inch AMOLED screen

In terms of fuselage design, Founder’s tough appearance is matched with a solid case, allowing children to play in an environment without any fear without worrying about falling or boring the watch. The workmanship of strict silk also means that Z3 has a good waterproof ability.

You can see the charging contact, power switch, and SIM card. The SIM card seat is very tight and needs to be easily opened by the adopted tools.

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

There are two types of color schemes in the small genius phone watch Z3, which are officially called mint green and coral powder. Individual aesthetic feels that this light elegance has a lively color scheme, which is very suitable for boys and girls to wear daily.

Summary of the appearance, the design of the Z3 is very strong and solid, getting rid of the cheapness brought by the low and young design of ordinary children’s telephone watches on the market. This is a very well -designed product.

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

Wearing experience

Watches are good or not, you have to get started to experience it. After wearing it, first feel that the weight of 55G is completely acceptable, and there will be no sense of burden. The strap uses the soft glue material of Dao Coronen TPSIV, and the skin’s touch is very soft. The unique coating also makes the skin feel very comfortable.

The zone adjustment is very large, and you can find a suitable way to wear a suitable way from adults to adults. With the design of Shuangli and Shuang buckle, it can be worn more firmly on the hands, and the children who skin no matter how can they easily break away from the watch.

There are two hollow designs on both sides of the strap, which sweat and drainage.

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

Function Experience -Swimming Class Waterproof+4G Network

1. Swimming waterproof

In terms of children’s daily life, one of the most important functions is waterproof, and waterproof watches are simply unbearable. Children often make watches inadvertently when they wash their hands or play with water. If the children’s telephone watch that is not deep waterproof is very bad -the water will be broken in the water. The waterproof performance of this Z3 can be said to be very good -swimming -grade waterproof. The industry’s highest IPX8 waterproof ability can still be used in 2 meters deep water depth. For daily life, children wearing watches to wash their hands, go to swimming pools and even swimming by the sea, and there is no problem.

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

Here, a small waterproof knowledge is popular: Because the scope of application of the IPX8 standard is very large, it is continuously soaked from 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes, until the depth of infinite water and infinite time, and the performance is not affected. It can be called IPX8. So not all IPX8 can support swimming.

Therefore, in summary: IPX8 does not mean supporting swimming, but supporting swimming must support IPX8.

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

From the public information, swimming -grade waterproof, the entire industry is now only a small genius phone watch Z3.

For its waterproofing principle, Z3 uses special waterproof techniques and other parts of the speaker, which can allow air to pass without allowing water molecules to pass. This can be achieved when wet water. After the actual experience, in the state of wet water, it can still be passed, but the sound and quality are not so good. As long as the water is dried gently or the paper towel absorbs water, or it evaporates naturally, it will return to normal.

However, it should be noted that according to the manual, do not use a hair dryer after soaking in the instructions. This will make its waterproof effect failure.


旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

As well as

4G network+call

Most of the ordinary children’s watches on the market use GSM networks to call. And Z3 benefits from the Snapdragon WEAR 2100 processor designed for intelligent wearable devices. The LTE baseband integrated by the processor provides Z3 to provide TD-LTE and FDD-LTE communication capabilities to support mobile Unicom’s 4G call. After the measurement, the clearness of the call is very good, and there will be no disruptive signals such as intermittent calls, and the speed of chatting is fast.

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

3. Precise positioning and good signals

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

Next we test positioning and signal testing. We have adopted three places, namely the positioning and signal capabilities of the three scenes of the city, the field, and the underwater scene.

In the urban area, the editor is even sitting in the office. The Z3 can be well positioned in the area of ​​our office building and shows a static state.

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

I tried to move in the company’s basement, and the watch could still be positioned very accurately in the position I was walking. At this time, the GPS signal and 4G signal are still normal. Therefore, not only in the urban area, but even in the complex environment, it can still be positioned well and perform well.

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

In addition, the small genius phone watch Z3 also supports the indoor positioning function of airports, shopping malls, high -speed rail stations and other public places. Although it is a test version, the availability is already very high.

Next, we went to the South China Botanical Garden to test the ability to position watches in the wild. South China Botanical Garden has a very rich vegetation and very broad. I believe it will not be difficult for Z3.

This time we simulated the scene. The editor took a mobile phone to find a long -term positioning, and we set up navigation through real -time positioning. As a result, it was very easy to find the location of the watch, and the child was sitting on the branch 10 meters away from the bridge.

The accuracy of Z3 surprised me, and the deviation was very small. The actual positioning is more accurate than the data of the APP reality. So in the wild, there is no pressure for Z3.

Below we tested whether the performance of the underwater Z3 can still be positioned and accepted. We put the Z3 into the water cup and locate the watch in the water cup.

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

You can see that the positioning ability is not sloppy. Then we called the watch again, and the watch could receive the phone and connect.

From this series of tests, it can be seen that the positioning of the Z3 watch and the ability to accept signal is really good. Whether in the complex office in the urban and urban areas, the lush vegetation field, and underwater, the capture ability of the positioning signal is very good. This is due to the credit of this Snapdragon Wear2100 smart chip. The blessing of GPS and 4G positioning technology makes the positioning ability of this Z3 is not inferior to smartphones. Positioning is the most basic level of children’s watches and one of the best levels of Z3.

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

In addition, I was still surprised to discover the call and positioning of abroad in the small genius’ mobile app. But for objective reasons, we failed to test this feature. But since Xiaotian can launch this feature in the APP, it means that this function is very mature.

Support to go abroad call and positioning abroad

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

4. Endurance/fast charge

As a children’s telephone watch that supports 4G networks, the standby time of the small genius phone watch Z3 is indeed not short. In the state of full charging, the data traffic is inserted with a 4G card, and the pure standby can last for 2 and a half days. If you still feel not enough, then you can make this watch full of blood anytime, anywhere.

The charging time has been measured, from entering the state of power -saving only the call function (that is, 10%of the battery capacity is left). In the process of 100%, it takes only 55 minutes. In just 55 minutes, this watch can be full of blood, and this fast charge score is very satisfied.

5. Other special features

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

This watch also has a lot of features. The function of a page in the APP shows that it is disabled, class protection, rejection of strangers, holiday guardianship, timing opening, automatic connection, step counting, and other practical functions. And there are more advanced, such as watch connecting WIFI networks, reserved power can allow the watch to maintain only the call function when the watch is low, and the watch loss function of the watch. I won’t try it here. In short, these are one of the very rich features of the small genius phone watch Z3, which can make children or parents more convenient daily use.

A variety of characteristic functions

A real flagship children’s phone watch

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

There are too many such children’s watches on the market, but most of the keywords on a certain treasure are searching for counterfeit products that are not charged, and most of them are children’s telephone watches with small genius. The status in the minds of consumers and industry people.

旗舰级的儿童电话手表 小天才电话手表Z3评测

This telephone watch Z3 is a new product of a small genius. It has simple and solid design style, flagship workmanship, and a comfortable wearing experience, plus exclusive waterproof technology, going abroad, abroad, indoor positioning, and eye -catching. Fast charging, 4G network and other functions, at the same time solid positioning ability makes people feel very assured. This has made it a benchmark of no controversy.

In short, the small genius phone watch Z3 is a market that is really dominant product. If you want to buy a smartphone, the iPhone is the banner, then you need to buy a children’s phone watch now, and the small genius phone watch Z3 is undoubtedly a benchmark.