Li Yapeng’s daughter Li Yan took a swimsuit photo, wearing a cool show on the seaside, the vest line was obvious


Li Yan took a photo of the seaside and showed a generous figure, and the front and back were mature -an introduction.


On March 23, Li Yapeng and Faye Wong’s daughter, Li Yan, showed a group of photos of the seaside vacation on the Internet. In the photo, she was very sexy.

I saw Li Yan in the photo, wearing a long skirt and a very cool dress, revealing her superior collarbone and figure. A flowing long hair hanging behind her back, when the sea breeze blew, her hair added a lot of atmosphere to her.


Li Yan’s expression was indifferent, her body language was very professional, and she was a talented model. The temperament was stuck, and she was indeed the daughter of Faye Wong.

Li Yan had a congenital “cleft lip and palate”, which is commonly known as “rabbit lips”. Although she didn’t look so perfect, she was still confident and generous, and she had no pinch of the camera.


Li Yan Su Yan appeared, but the entire face did not apply the pink daisy but still dazzling.

In another photo, Li Yan was wearing a pink floral hanging neck swimsuit, and her shoulders and neck lines were very smooth. Although Li Yan looks thinner as a whole, some “career line” will make her look very “expected.”

Li Yan’s back is also very excellent, narrow shoulders, water snake waist, this figure is no one!


The first few Li Yan, the expression was indifferent, cold and annoyed, like a flower blooming proudly. However, although Li Yan, who still has no expression, has more emotions and a sense of glamorous feeling, but it is just right, it will not make people disgusted.

Li Yan was wearing a short blue tube top swimsuit, lying on the beach by the sea, holding her chin with her left hand, and holding her forehead at will.

Li Yan’s long hair is too beautiful, sparkling in the sun, very textured, and the amount of hair is really enviable.


Li Yan’s skin tone is also very white. In the sun, it is even more white, and the red skin in white makes people sigh: This is youth and vitality!

The lens is Li Yan’s excellent waist curve. The golden chain around the waist makes people feel unable to move. Just say that this vest line and this kind of fatty figure have a good figure. How many peers do they want to kill?

Regardless of whether it is lying or standing, no matter what angle, he cannot pick up the shortcomings of Li Yan’s figure. I saw her holding her head with both hands, and she was a large plot of POSE, and the lens looked up at a 45 -degree death angle, Li Yan also held it!

Li Yan’s “glamorous” temperament is beautiful, and she can’t see that she is only 15 years old.

As the second generation of Star, Li Yan had been in contact with the world of adults early, and wearing it like an adult. Parents may wear school uniforms or “regular and conservative” clothes, but Li Yan has no shadow of his peers.


As a result, many netizens have evaluated “too exposed”, saying that this style is not suitable for Li Yan.

However, some netizens believe that this is promised by Li Yapeng and Faye Wong, otherwise who took these sexy photos?


From the perspective of Faye Wong, she has never restrained her children, whether it is Dou Jingtong or Li Yan. I like tattoos and sexy dressing. There is no problem, just do it yourself. So we can see that Faye Wong and their daughters are very good, just like “sisters”.


For Li Yan, she has the right to choose the style of dressing, and she is a common match on the hot seaside, which is nothing wrong.

Like sexy, it’s not a big deal, just be responsible for your own life.

The main author of this article: Sasa


Editor -in -chief: Cai Cai