Tang Yan Luo Jin Sa dog food, the basic coat can also be worn as a “couple outfit”, the ten fingers are tightly sweet


In the autumn and winter coats, the coat has always been a high status. The reason why it is so popular is naturally related to good -looking and practical. Simple and neat coats are not only very high -level in the field, but also the effect of thinning meat is also first -class. The big one is very secure to wear. As the weather changes the thickness, it can meet the needs of autumn and winter.


If the style of the coat is basic, there is also the potential to wear it as a couple. Recently, Tang Yan and Luo Jin combined dog food, and the basic coat can also be worn into “couples”

The combination of handsome men and beautiful women to maximize the charm of the coat. The coat not only looks good in your own match, but also echo with his boyfriend. It has different couples with different couples, and its versatility has been proven again.

Not all coats can be worn into couples. The design sense is too different, and naturally there is a possibility of water and fire.

If you want to wear a sense of matching, it will be simpler to keep the style as simple as possible. The shape of Tang Yan and Luo Jin is a good example of simple models.

They are all long -term models, and their waist is also designed with straight tube. Although the color is different, it is very

The unified design style, coupled with the sweet interaction of the two fingers tightly, easily wear a look.

When it comes to the high -level sense of coat, it also has a great relationship with the design.

There is no fancy and outdated embellishment, naturally more classic and elegant. As long as the fabric of the coat has a texture, the version is exquisite, and the simplest bottoming shirt and leggings are full of high -level temperament. If you want to wear a coat, look at it for a long time, and also recommend more basic coats.


If you want to wear fashion and sexy, it can be achieved in the matching.

In the coat of Tang Yan and Luo Jin, she used accessories such as sunglasses and hats. Not only is it rich in matching details, but also more layered. Both of them chose pure black inside, which also made the couple feel stronger.

Tang Yan’s purple -red decorative skin color, the version is slightly slim, more feminine. And Luo Jin’s gray is more loose, coupled with loose black pants, handsome and chic performance. Wanting to wear a couple, it is worth learning from.


Looking back at Tang Yan’s airport shape, there are many such basic coats. In addition to the design of a suit lapel very classic, some


The mid -length model of the stand -up collar also has a good effect on thinning and improving temperament. The middle and long models are more casual, even more fashionable.

For some pear -shaped and slightly fat bodies, this kind of loose and loose style of the lower body is just used to cover the meat. The length is also not pressed, and the recommended length of the gas field can be improved.

How to wear a sense of fashion for basic coats can be achieved in color and inside. For example, changing to a lighter and vibrant color, to avoid pure black inside, to some high collar and print, all are very good choices.


As long as the color contrast between coats and inside is too exaggerated, the possibility of fancy vulgarity can be reduced. Tang Yan’s meat pink coat, the turtleneck flower wire sweater was full of sweetness, and the long skirts on the lower body were stacked, which also enriched the layered sense of the coat.

On the basis of maintaining the simple version, the coat is properly commented, which is also a classic and tasteful personality. If the solid color model cannot satisfy the heart that wants personality, coloring is a good choice.


It is also necessary to avoid too exaggerated contrasting colors. The black+gray mix like Tang Yan not only fashion but also maintains the high sense of coat. If you want more personality, you can use the bags or inside or shoes. Tang Yan’s leopard bag is a lot of points.

Except for coats, many coats that are not couples can wear couples. for example

More street pilot jackets are the same warm and practical. Although there are no coats, it is also simple to wear a couple.

Following the coat style similar, try to ensure the same color system as much as possible, you can wear a clear couple. Tang Yan and Luo Jin’s pink and black are also full of sweetness. Use the method of dressing dog food, get up quickly!

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Tang Yan Luo Jin Sa dog food, the basic coat can also be worn as a “couple outfit”, the ten fingers are tightly sweet