The most trendy person is dragging, Ling Bo’s micro -step dance


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A pair of words is usually a dozen pieces, the most popular.


If there is a kind of human word dragging, the soft girl is hundreds of soft girls, and it is easy to blow up the fashion style. Naturally, it will naturally be born in the European royal family and Hollywood stars. Are you surprised?

if you know



, I won’t be surprised.

As Brazil’s national shoes, Havaianas has sold more than 200 million pairs each year, and has so far cumulative sales of nearly 2.5 billion pairs. It is the world’s number one person in the world. It has always been the darling of internationally renowned fashion stage such as Milan, New York, Paris.

Havaianas means “Hawaiian people” in Portuguese, and the Chinese transliterate as “Havana”. In fact, the correct name is “Havilna”. However, the Chinese people will be wrong, and “Havana” has been used to it.

In 1962, the first pair of HAVAIANAS was born in Brazil, and its design concept comes from the Japanese straw people (Zori). The creativity and special design of the grain texture on the Havaianas shoe version also originated from this.

In 1970, Havaianas’s classic copywriting began to appear, which made the wording into a trendy classic, and also made Havaianas the object of the cottage. Since 2003, Havaianas slippers have entered the “Oscar Basket” for 6 consecutive years, which has made it full of celebrities and swept the world.

What makes celebrities fall in love with Havaianas? What makes it stand at the forefront of fashion?

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